Christine Ecker


Christine Ecker

We are a family of 6 from New Hampshire taking our first trip all the way across country in our van. Kids ages 9,11,13,15. Wish us luck!

North America » United States » Indiana » Evansville July 25th 2012

Normal 0 We have survived another Mayhan/Gregory Reunion! Our 35th year! We are so very blessed to have such a wonderful family to get together with every year. The week was filled with swimming at the pool, putt-putt, horse races in KY, riverboat casino (thanks Dad and Stella for watching the kids!), Donut Bank donuts every morning (the very best donut in the whole world! – no donuts ‘til next year ;), visiting with the Seilers (we missed you Uncle Leo and Janice!), feeding the ducks, fishing (they were practically jumping out of the pond this year!), playing cards – hearts and euchre, lots of eating and visiting and laughing!... read more
Bob and Freddy and their fish
Even Mike caught one!

North America » United States » Missouri » Saint Louis July 20th 2012

Short drive to the Gateway Arch in St. Louis. A bit of a wait for our turn to ride up to the top of the arch, but made good use of our time in the gift shop and display area. We rode up to the top in a very, VERY small car that is rigged like a Ferris wheel chair so that is stays upright as it makes it’s way to the top of the curved arch. There is a small viewing area at the top of the arch with windows to look out. It is pretty neat up there and you can see quite a lot of the city. The Gateway Arch is really very much a symbol like Ellis Island in that many of the travelers going west passed through St. Louis. I had ... read more
Freddy ringing the Train whistle
Waiting for the pod to ride to the top
Yes, we all fit in one pod!

North America » United States » Kansas July 19th 2012

Today is a traveling day with no sight seeing except out the window. Fourteen hours through Kansas and Missouri, staying just outside St. Louis. It was hotter in Kansas than in Death Valley at 110-deg! Don’t know how they do it!... read more

North America » United States » Colorado » Boulder July 18th 2012

After a great night's rest and relaxing morning, we head off to a local park to go tubing down the creek. They have made it a kayak path, and the rapids are not too high. Luckily, the mild winter kept the creek low and slower moving so we were able to go down more rapids on a longer run than usually is safe. The kids had a blast! So much fun! Bella took a good spill and earned some good scraps and bruises, Eddie bloodied an ankle, but over all, not too many spills and nothing serious. All were smiling about the day. We ate a picnic in the park and headed back to the house to clean up. Again, Freddy is definitely wanting a brother after hanging with Eddie and Ryan! The evening finds us ... read more
Eddie Voss
Jimmy and Freddy tubing
Jimmy Voss

Today is our drive to Boulder, Co to stay with my brother, Jimmy and his family. Ten hours of driving, but what a beautiful drive! It is a clear day and the Rockies are gorgeous! We start out trying to find some place to view the wild mustangs, but find out that the only place would require some off roading and a whole day. We don't have a day and this car, trusty as it has been, bottoms out coming out of the hotels it's so loaded! So, no wild mustangs for us. Next time we will try to catch them in Wyoming (did you catch that "next time" reference!?!) Next best thing (and possibly even better!) is horseback riding through the Rockies! We find a place in Leadville that is not far out of our ... read more
Off we go!
Still going!
View of the Rockies

We are driving to Arches National Park and we are running late as usual and Audra pulls us over and says "Hey, this is the turn for Goblin Valley - We HAVE to go to Goblin Valley!" So, what do we do? Go to Goblin Valley! It was a pretty cool place - like lots of giant mushrooms and (for those of you familiar with Super Mario Brothers, Mushroom!) The kids could run around and through them. I guess a sci-fi movie, Galaxy something or another, was filmed there. What a fantastic place to play hide and seek! I we lived here, the next birthday party would be held there! Off to Arches National Park. One after another, just another fabulous park! So very interesting and different than anything we have ever seen. The colors of ... read more

North America » United States » Utah » Bryce Canyon July 15th 2012

Met up with Audra just outside of Bryce Canyon in southern Utah and rode over to the park. After our usual passport stamps in the visitor’s center, we drove to the Sunset point to begin the Queen/Navajo trail. It was partially overcast and the colors were a bit muted at first. The look from the rim was astounding – never have we seen these kinds of rock formations! Hoodoos everywhere! The colors on the rocks are really cool and when the sun peeks out they absolutely glow! This is Audra’s favorite place on earth and I can see why. The reds/oranges/yellows are amazing. The path down is no problem and we see a lot. As we hit the switchbacks to go up, the skies open up and it POURS!!! We made it up in record time! ... read more
Bryce Canyon
Alix at Bryce
Aunt Audra and the kids

Hoover Dam is first on the list today. We had signed up for the dam tour, but when we got there, the elevators were broken so no tours running. Bummer! We watched the movie and saw an extra powerpoint about the dam they were running instead of the tours, then walked the top. It was extra impressive because it had super views of the Pat Tillman Memorial Bridge – an awesome structure in and of itself. It is hard to imagine the work that went into building either the dam or the bridge. We drove over the dam into Arizona, but had to turn back and go over it again because that road to the highway is closed now.Now off to the Grand Canyon about 4 hrs away. Arrived at the Grand Canyon close to ... read more
Pat Tillman Memorial Bridge
Looking down from the top
From the top looking out

North America » United States » Nevada » Las Vegas July 13th 2012

Death Valley and the surrounding areas – beautiful in an eerie sort of way. You wonder who would choose to live/work there! We spoke to a family yesterday at Yosemite who had just come from Death Valley the day before and it was 131-deg! The record is only 134-deg! They said it was like literally being in an oven. Unfortunately, we missed the heat by a day. It is only a bit over 104-deg today – practically chilly for the area! OK, not exactly chilly.Even the breeze was hot! It was actually hotter in Sacramento at 105-deg. We reached 230 ft below sea level – not many places where you can do that without getting wet! Really hard to believe that people and animals live here. We really just drove through, stopping for a few ... read more
Death Valley - get it???
Death Valley
Death Valley

Off to Yosemite today – about 4hr drive to the gate. Yosemite is HUGE! and AWESOME! We stopped at the visitor’s center to plan our stay. We saw El Capitain, Bridal Falls, Half Dome and the monstrous rock walls lining the valley! So impressive! Pictures can't relate the impact you feel when standing in the valley looking all around. No climbers on the walls – it was afternoon by this time and too hot. The magnitude of this park is what is so impressive! The views were amazing! We drove the Yosemite Valley loop and then down to the south end to see Mariposa Grove which holds the giant Sequoias. We walked the grove and saw the Grizzly Giant – UNBELIEVABLE! 96ft circumferance and 209ft tall. Truly a Giant! Also in that grove were the first ... read more
Yosemite valley
Yosemite Valley
Overlook to the valley

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