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Saturday - mooching in the morning Woke up fairly early - Helen and Rob had already gone to work, so we were left to our own devices and decided to take the Honda (CRV) into Winter Park to look at the local shops and practice driving on the right whilst we were in still in a quiet(ish) area. The drive into town went OK, if you don't count not being able to start the vehicle in the first place (clutch in!), missing a turning and realising a little too late what the function of the turning lane was.. We wandered around the touristy shops for a while, long enough for the kids to buy croc shoe-like charm bracelets and a replica yellow snowball (hmm). Lots of nice statues here - cowboys, frontiersmen, bison, deer and (huge) ... read more
Howdy Coyboy
Rodeo OAP

Off for a walk Whilst Helen was at work this morning the rest of us drove off to Devil's Thumb Park (at around 10,000 feet). On the way we encountered some lumberjacks and were held up for a few minutes whilst they effortlessly moved three trees from out of the middle of the road with a big grabby crane thing (that's the technical term for it!). There we tracked Moose (there's a moose loose aboot this hoose) by following tracks and scats (that's poo to you guys back home) but unfortunately we didn't get to see any moose just a couple of chipmunks. Nice landscape and beautiful views though. Kids were soon flagging after waking quite early (4.30am for Jack) so we turned back before getting to where there was purported to be a waterfall. Jack ... read more
Ellie and Jack

Yesterday Off out for a walk along St Louis Creek near Fraser, where all the Lodgepole Pine trees are either dead or dying thanks to a little beetle called the Pine Beetle. This little blighter is responsible for the death of nearly 90% of the Lodgepole pines in the rocky mountains. It makes the mountains look a little more brown than we imagined - apparently the spread is so rapid because the trees are growing so close to each other. A good forest fire would do the trick, but the human inhabitants aren't keen on the idea. It was a nice walk though - sunny, peaceful glades, clear water flowing past - and an onslaught of gigantic mosquitoes which attacked all of us apart from Jack, who didn't stay in one place long enough to become ... read more
Family photo
Jack Trampolining

Car, Coach, Train, Plane... and we arrive at Denver International Airport. It's sunny and around 80F and we've just missed a mega hailstorm. Rob's there to meet us and we pile into his car and start the 2 hour drive to Winter Park/Fraser where we are staying with Rob and Helen for 5 nights (what have they let themselves in for?). Lowlight of the drive: Passing the Purina Dog Food factory which was polluting the atmosphere with a really delightful dog food stink. Yum. Highlight(s) of the drive: Following Clear Creek and seeing the gold mines, a waterfall, avalanche paths, and amazing hairpin bends. A bit of socialising and then collapsing into bed: had a comfy but interrupted sleep - mainly due to Jack shouting "what's that noise? It's freakin' me out!" when he heard the ... read more

Once again we headed up into the mountains for some camping and hiking in Rocky Mountain National Park. After we got our camp site set up, we took a hike up to see a few of the glacial lakes we had seen last time. The trail was completely unfrozen this time, which made the hiking easier, but the scenery was still just as magnificent. On day two we decided to hike up Flattop mountain. At 12,324 ft, it was the highest peak we'd ever climbed. The trail was about as long, and had about as much vertical gain as Mt. Washington, but it seemed much less strenuous, which was a huge relief. Our final day in the park was the 4th of July. We wanted to go on a short hike before we left, but the ... read more
Dream Lake
Dream lake from Above

Our RV site at the Mountain Views RV Park in Creede was right on the Rio Grande River, which allowed us to watch the twice-daily parade of river rafters as well as men and women fly fishing from boats. While Alan caught a few small trout from the river using a conventional rod/reel, the highlight of our trip was a fly-fishing trip to a mountain creek in the Wiminuche Wilderness Area. We first learned how to cast the fly rod in the campground. The next day, our guide Robert, accompanied by his canine companion Willow, picked us up early for the drive into the Rio Grande National Forest. At the trailhead, we donned waders, boots, vests, and assorted gear for the day-long excursion. We hiked in for about an hour through the forest, made several precarious ... read more
Alan's catch of the day
Alan trying his luck with the fly rod
Diane trying not to fall in

Creede Elevation 8,862; Mineral County Population ~ 900 We arrived in Creede June 1st to clear blue skies, with chilly daytime temperatures and overnight freezing. Since much of the country was sweltering or being flooded, we didn’t complain too much. The weather did warm up nicely during the month. Creede is an old silver mining town whose heyday was the late 1800’s. Quite a few colorful Western characters spent time here over the years. Silver was mined until the mid 1970’s, and a mining company plans new exploration this year. Evidence of old abandoned silver mines remain in the hills around town, and a popular driving tour has mileposts marking historical mining locations. There is not even one traffic light in town, and the pace of life is relaxed and definitely Western! Creede has a very ... read more
Rio Grande Headwaters
Copper Creek Trail
Creede Area View

Today’s hike was such a good time, and by far the best hike I’ve done since being out here in Boulder. About 1 hour Northwest of Boulder is the Bear Lake trailhead, where I started my hike. To be honest I was a little surprised to see snow on the ground when I arrived at 9am; considering I was in shorts and a tee-shirt. Oh well never mind I will see how it goes. I marched off down the trail where 25 yards later I’m faced with a trail sign pointing off into the snow-covered forest. After staring at what does not look like a trail I figured it was best if I consulted with the park rangers and returned to the trailhead. He reassured me that was in fact the trail and there are only ... read more

With all of our spare time out here, we decided to spend some time camping in nearby Rocky Mountain National Park. The park is about 45 minutes from Boulder, but it feels so much more remote. We stayed at an amazing campsite in a glacial valley, with views of snow covered peaks on two sides of us. We are definitely planning on returning to the park soon.... read more
Reflection in Dream Lake
Cub Lake

As we turn our trailer Eastward, we must collect our thoughts about this journey, and especially what is has meant to the kids. But that will take time. When Max was hiking in Bryce Canyon he told us that his eyes had been hungry before the trip, and at Bryce they felt full. We wish that every family we know can find a way to sleep under the stars like nomads sometime. Zoya and Max are writing away. Preparing for presentations to their classes in NY will be a good gathering and processing time. Some photos here reflect recent experiences in Utah, the UK and Colorado. To catch you up: The show (Woody Sez) went beautifully in Brighton, which is a marvellous seaside English town. The kids and Olga took a day trip to London and ... read more
Max's Castle
Max of Arc
Zoya Takes a Pottery Lesson

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