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Off to the airport and headed to the Netherlands. Bags are packed and we're trying to travel light. One of us will be carrying 2 packs! Looking forward to this adventure. ... read more

After having our "midnight snack" at last night we slept for another full night. The clothes we rinsed out were all dry, so onto breakfast, albeit in yesterdays clothes. Lol. Food court we went to yesterday does not open till 11.00 so we were recommended the local IHOP. Had the bottomless coffee (blah) I had the turkey bacon & egg white scrambled eggs (a couple of things ticked off my bucket list of American foods) They were yum. The blueberry flavoured maple syrup was yucky. Consulted the map and started walking..... spied a gorgeous building in the distance and it turns out it was the Los Angeles library. Had a wander around inside, it has a beautiful dome with murals depicting California's history. The lift was lined with old manual library reference cards. Walked onto ... read more

North America » United States » California May 17th 2019

Early morning Uber ride to Airport where we had 2nd breakfast and then we come to check in....Our 2 larger bags were over 28kg so it was cheaper to buy a new suitcase than to pay excess fees. New suitcase purchased, contents distributed and proceed to check in. Bit of confusion with barcodes on luggage, assistant took a bit of time to sort it out, all good. Flight was very full so no spare seat but leg room not too bad for Glenn. Shitty media program that kept cutting out so that was a bit frustrating. 14 hours later we arrive at L.A. Spent a bit of time at border security as queues were long. Finally to bagge claim................ Our 4 pieces of luggage are nowhere to be seen. Apparently we were not the only ones... ... read more

Watches are not just accessories but also an extension of your everyday fashion statement while you traveling. A watch can tell a lot about your personality and your choice. There are many brands and many types of watches available in the market. An occasion also sometimes decides the watch you should wear. If it is an official event-then it is always better to go with formal watches. For sporty events wear a watch that can stand the wear and tear of the days. Opting for a waterproof watch is the best for any occasion as spills see neither time nor place and happen only at a moment's distraction. How to Choose the Best Watch for Yourself Choosing the watch that is best suitable for you and the occasions that you will be participating in requires you ... read more

Some facts about rose' wines, and brut rose' sparkling wines: France leads global production of rosé with over 193 million gallons produced in 2015, according to the Organization of Vine and Wine (OIV) and the Provence Wine Council (CIVP). France is not only the largest producer, but also the largest consumer by volume and the largest exporter of rosé wines! Spain (123.2 million gallons), the U.S. (96.2 million gallons), and Italy (58 million gallons) are the other leading rosé producers. I put white zin in this email as well: Many significant wine related events happened globally in 1973, but the creation of white zinfandel wasn’t among them. California’s Sutter Home actually introduced white zin the year before–in 1972. It wasn’t until 1975, however, that white zinfandel became the sweetish wine it is today. In that year, ... read more
Scharffenberger rocks!
Lanson is one of my favorites.
Moet is a fav too!

I have been a sparkling wine/champagne drinker for about ten years. I love both, have visited both, and hope you will try some sparkling on your next occasion. The popular story is that a Benedictine monk named Dom Pérignon invented sparkling wine. He was trying to eliminate the unwanted bubbles that occurred sometimes in wine and turned the bottles into ticking time bombs. He found that the uniquely shaped, thicker bottles used by the English to transport wine could also withstand the pressure of the gas. So he didn't invent champagne (many say an English scientist first recorded the method), but he did help make it the drink we know today. Champagne is made from the juice of three grapes: Pinot Noir, Chardonnay and Pinot Meunier. Chardonnay adds lightness, Pinot Meunier contributes fruitiness while Pinot Noir ... read more
Chandon in Yountville is a great visit.
A cremant is a good change of pace!

North America » United States » California » Los Angeles April 30th 2019

Hello folks. This is a little late being posted but it is the story of our return from the cruise. Spoiler Alert – we did get home. The ship docked in Los Angeles about 5:00 AM. We weren’t up at that time, but we had officially completed 10,030 miles of cruising. We did not get up until 7:00 because our departure from the ship was late in the morning, but we had to vacate the cabin by 8:00 so they could start cleaning for the new passenger who would come aboard later in the day. So we put our remaining items in the roller bag and backpack and we went to the Horizon Court for breakfast. Many people had early departures from the ship, so they had come and gone through the breakfast buffet. It wasn’t ... read more

Now this is just crazy! What is wrong with us? I am guilty of this too! Number of minutes each day, sixty one, that women in the United States spend eating and drinking. (American men spend slightly more time). The U.S. was dead last among the 30 major countries surveyed in the Organization for Economic Co-Operation & Development’s Time-Use Database. The French spend more than twice as long—eating and drinking for a good 130 minutes each day. Obviously, this is not the case in many countries, like many European and South American countries. Eating tends to be very social, family time, and a great chance to catch up on each person's activities. Busy, hectic countries England, Japan, and China tend to have even quicker meals than here in the U.S. Adding alcohol to the meal obviously ... read more
Funny meals, laugh and relax!
A romantic meal is slower?

After about sixty years of air travel, airports, and airplanes, I have seen many crazy things. Here are just a few: Poor hygiene-well, first of all, most men do NOT wash their hands after using the men's room. That in itself is as disgusting as it gets. But some other culprits will clip their toe nails on board, file their nails, clean their ears, or place their stinky feet on the back of my seat!!! Or how about the amateur dental hygienists on board who must floss their teeth after EVERY meal?? Don't even get me started on dandruff, acne pickers, and nose hair trimmers. Pet stuff-you can guess what happens when a "therapy" dog has to poop while on the plane, even in first class. Not fun!!! Worse yet, how about a pet snake? Yes, ... read more
Always necessary.
Kim chee on a plane?  NEVER!!!

North America » United States » California » Napa Valley April 22nd 2019

California bubbly can’t be called Champagne, because Champagne is a geographic designation — it’s a region in northeast France. But most sparkling wine in California is made in the “Champagne method,” known across the pond as the méthode Champenoise. What makes the Champagne method (also sometimes called the “traditional method”) different from other methods of making fizzy wine? Essentially, this process is characterized by a secondary fermentation that occurs in the bottle. A wine is bottled after its primary fermentation, and then, over the course of several years, a series of complicated events — including little yeast additions, extensive aging, very careful rotations of the bottles, and a final addition of sugary wine — is inflicted on each bottle individually. The result tends to be a rich variety of flavors and ... read more
Love their brut rose'
Sparkly sampler is my fav tasting

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