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North America » United States » California » Lodi March 1st 2015

In September 2011 we went on a road trip, planning to stop at interesting places along the way. One very interesting spot was the city of Lodi in California. "Just about a year ago, I set out on the road... Seekin' my fame and fortune... lookin' for a pot of gold... Things got bad, and things got worse... I guess you will know the tune... Oh Lord, I'm stuck in Lodi again" For those of you who are not familiar with this song, it was made popular in the 1970's by a rock band called Creedence Clearwater Revival (who also happens to be one of my all time favorite groups). After hearing this song many times on the radio back home in Yangon, Myanmar (known as Rangoon, Burma at that time) I have always wanted to ... read more
Lodi, California
Lodi, California
Lodi, California

North America » United States » California » San Francisco February 28th 2015

I went to San Francisco! The end. But really, I'm having writer's block with the added distraction of a new trip to plan. Before I get into those juicy details, I'll do my best with the tales from my latest trip. The morning after the Superbowl, still buzzing from the high of a glorious win, Christy and I packed up Fireball (our new name for her little red Honda Fit) and ventured north to San Francisco. We stopped for gas and food and pictures in front of Andersen's Pea Soup, but otherwise the drive was smooth and uneventful. Our host for the week was none other than Brian**, the "stranger" I met on my flight back to San Diego from my visit home. Thus, we found ourselves couchsurfing in a three-bedroom, two-bath, apartment smack in the ... read more
The Golden Gate Bridge
Hilly SF
San Francisco

North America » United States » California » Santa Clarita February 28th 2015

In September 2011 we rented a car from Hertz, and went for a week long road trip. Our starting point was Santa Clarita in Los Angeles county, the city where my daughter and family live. This entry is about our travels and stops in these two Western states of the US. California to Oregon We were planning to leave my daughter's house early in the morning, but couldn't do so as the Hertz people told us to wait until they called us to pick up the car at their office in downtown Santa Clarita. They called us only around 10 am, and one of their employees came to fetch us. After completing all the paperwork at the Hertz office we took our rental car back to my daughter's house to load our luggage. We didn't have ... read more
Santa Clarita, California
Oxnard, California
Southern California

North America » United States » California » San Francisco » Mission February 26th 2015

The journey from Portland, Oregon, to the Bay Area is further than I had expected: more than 630 miles if you take the briefest route possible along the boring I-5. That's Land's End to John O'Goats plus a few detours for cheap coffee and Ginsters Pasties. We hired a big American SUV (Toyota Rav 4) for two days, enough time to visit some iconic landmarks en route - or so I thought. After stopping overnight in a motel whose rooms reminded me of that scene in the film of No Country For Old Men where Llewelyn stashes the cash and almost making it to Crater Lake (the off-road route was a dead end and the on-road route was closed due to snow), we parked up in a supermarket car park in Arcata, north California, and tried ... read more
Hard at work.
How to recognise different trees from quite a long way away. No 7: The Redwood.
Radiant smiles.

North America » United States » California » Clearlake February 24th 2015

We have just recently moved to California and are keen to explore also the not so commonly visited parts of California. One of these areas is the Clear Lake area, about 2.5 hours (a bit more than 100 miles) north of the San Francisco Bay Area. The lake is the largest naturally occurring freshwater lake in California. Sadly, the water levels have sunk by a few meters due to the drought. We drove around the lake, starting at the southern end, and made a quick stop in Lucerne. Expectations were high, since we are from Switzerland and have spent a lot of time in Lucerne, Switzerland (which by the way is definitely worth a visit). Unfortunately there was not much to be seen in Lucerne, CA and the only cafe we found there was closed… So ... read more
Lake view in Lakeport

North America » United States » California » Los Angeles February 24th 2015

SHHH...MY BEST BUDDY IS MY iPHONE...txting is preferable to conversation. I first noticed it in Java. Go to a restaurant and the tables are full...but silent. No conversation during meals...the only sound waiters clattering plates...patrons silent. In shopping centre conversation. In trains packed with conversation. Everyone looking into their mobile phones...txting...or whispering into these tablets of anti-socialism. Even saw the drivers of mopeds txting! I saw the film Timbuktu during the Sydney Film Festival last year...morning session. Walking back to the railway station I wished I had my camera. George Street was packed with people but I only noticed the lots of young people sitting in doorways...on steps...on any form of seating...heads down...absorbed in their private conversation...all much too busy txting. ... read more

North America » United States » California » Blythe February 19th 2015

BLYTHE INTAGLIOS No journey through the river country would be complete without a visit to the Blythe Intaglios. They are about 15 miles north of Blythe on the west side of Highway 95 west of the river. An intaglio is a place where the desert varnish has been scraped away as a geoglyph exposing the underlying clay bed which is lighter in color. Petroglyphs are small pictures chipped from rock surfaces. Geoglyphs are much larger and best seen from the air. The Blythe Intaglios were discovered by a pilot flying to Blythe from Las Vegas in 1932. The largest of the geoglyphs measures 171 feet. They occur at three distinct locations featuring human and animal forms. In Mohave/Quechan lore the human figure represents Mastamho, creator of the earth and all life. The animal form is a ... read more

North America » United States » California » Temecula February 15th 2015

The days during our travels seem to fly by which is no excuse for not keeping in touch with all of you more often. So I’m setting a goal of blogging every two weeks during the rest of our trip. And if I don’t you can hold me to it. We enjoyed our 12 days in Tuscon at Catalina State Park watching the sunset light up the lovely mountains and of course getting in several good hikes. We got to see nephew Gary and family one more time It was so fun sharing memories of times when Gary would stay with us as a young one. We enjoyed the sun reflecting on the mountains of Catalina State Park where we stayed. Some say “when the mountains turn pink it’s time to drink.” That’s fine for the ... read more
Terry at Grand Arch Canyonland2

North America » United States » California » San Francisco February 15th 2015

So I have no clue what that pic was. Trying again. Hmmmm....... read more

North America » United States » California » San Francisco February 15th 2015

Oh my goodness, now it's upside down. Oh, well. Had a good laugh when I saw that. Enjoy! Lol... read more

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