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Here in the Valley, and other "hot" spots around the world, there are some wise things you can do to keep the temperature inside of your parked car a little cooler. Here are some ideas and facts (from Popular Science) to back this up: A study in Pediatrics found that cracking the window 5 centimeters lowered the temperature in a car by about 28°F on a 98°F day . The interior air was still hot—it reached a stifling 122°F—but that’s still better than the 150°F they measured with the windows fully closed. Another study found a smaller drop in temperature on a cooler day, so the actual change in temperature will vary depending on the outside... read more
Not pretty!
What can we do?
That is HOT, HOT, HOT!!!!

After leaving our hotel room in Fort Bragg, my husband and I decided to continue on down the coastal highway to San Francisco, California. This was a place we'd always dreamed of visiting and I'm so thrilled that it did not disappoint. We arrived in the city just before sundown. We stayed at La Luna Inn, a quaint little boutique hotel right on Lombard Street. We were excited to book this particular stay, because we'd heard all about the infamous curves of the street and wanted to see it firsthand for ourselves! After checking in and unloading, we walked down to Fisherman's Wharf. There were merchants setting up shop all the way around the wharf, each selling his own version of steaming clam chowder. Some were in styrofoam bowls, and some were in bread bowls. Some ... read more
Ostrich Land
Cannery Row
Pink Ladies in San Francisco

While the entire trip of our journey from Seattle to Los Angeles was spectacular and unlike anything we'd ever seen before, I have to say that I feel we saved the best for last! We entered Santa Barbara unsure of what to expect. Yet, it blew us away with its beauty, history and culture. After checking into our boutique hotel, we made a beeline to La Super-Rica, a taqueria just outside the city that we'd read about for months. Apparently, famous chef Julia Child was a major fan of the establishment, known for its innovative and delicious tamales, which are also incredibly fresh and authentic. We both got chicken tamales with Verde sauce and we were pleased to find that there wasn't a major crowd. Until that point, I'd always maintained that the best meal I'd ... read more
Hollywood Sign
Chinese Theatre
Hollywood Boulevard

When it comes to feelings about the desert, there really is no indecision. You are either in or out. There is no in-between. Some see it as a wasteland, hot, arid and forbidding. Sand, sky and scrub. Certainly not worth visiting, much less living in. Others see it as everything they have ever dreamed of. A perfectly blank canvas where they can create any story their imagination can render. A vast landscape of endless opportunity whose only limit is one's own vision. The latter are the people who made Palm Springs. Utilizing what they had, the first visionaries took advantage of the hot dry air and natural thermal baths. Imagining cures for a host of conditions amongst the cactus, smoke trees and palms they built curative spas designed to give sufferers hope. People came from all ... read more
Caliente Tropic Hotel
Palm Springs
Pink Doors

With the recent air travel issues, I wonder how many of you have been on diverted flights? You can guess that I have been on my share of them over the years. I will just recap the worst ones. Internationally, we were diverted from Taipei to Hong Kong due to fog. We had to stay the night in HK, but decided to switch our flight home to Singapore Airlines, the gold standard of flights. We got to spend the day in the Singapore lounge, with all kinds of great food, a shower, and many entertainment options. We got home a day later, did not have access to our luggage, but got to have the Singapore Airlines first class treatment. Perhaps the most frustrating diverted flight occurred close to home. We were on our way home from ... read more
A little off course?
Strike one!

Spent half the day trying to find parking spots so we could get out and see the beautiful landscape. Many tourists just hung out their car windows taking photos without stopping. ... read more

11,096 miles and 50 days later, I arrived home. It was a wonderful trip with lots of great experiences. I stayed in 33 different hotels and with family or friends in 3 different locations The last part of the drive was very exciting.....especially coming into California, driving through the Tahoe area, driving over the San Francisco Oakland Bay Bridge, driving down the coast from Gaviota south, and then driving into our cul-du-sac with Emily standing in our driveway. While in SF, I stopped to see the newest member of the Munowitch family. Eli Munowitch was born on May 12th to the proud parents, Monica and Jeff. He has the same birthday as his cousin Paul.... read more

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Stopped at this mission on our way towards Yosemite. ... read more

North America » United States » California » Monterey May 31st 2018

Spent a beautiful day checking out Monterey and spent a couple nights in Salinas at our friends amazing hillside home with a view of the ocean. ... read more

Da bin ich also wieder: Back on the road. Nach 10 Tagen San Diego und 4 Tagen Los Angeles, verlasse ich morgen das Land der Traumblasen, Luftschlösser und scheinbar unendlichen Möglichkeiten. Ich war nie ein großer Fan von den Staaten, geschweige denn Großstädten, versuche mich aber dennoch von den schönen Seiten überzeugen zu lassen. So schwierig es für manche unter euch auch sein mag fernab von unserer westlichen Zivilisation ohne Handyempfang, Internet, Trinkwasser, warme Duschen und Autos zu leben - nicht zuletzt auch mit einer völlig anderen Kultur, Mentalität und Sprache - so schwer ist es für mich mich in dieser High-End aufpolierten konsumgesteuerten Mega-Metropole zurechtzufinden. Ich verstehe deren Sprache und doch verstehe ich nichts von alldem was sie hier vermittelt. SAN DIEGO dafür bekannt die Stadt mit alljährlich perfektem Wetter z... read more
Vista California
Am ersten Tag hab ich mich noch über Suppe und Tee gefreut
Im Tonstudio mit Cam

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