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If you did not already know, the Napa Vine Trial is a 47-mile walking and cycling trail, linking Vallejo with Calistoga, basically the entire Napa Valley. I have ridden portions of this trail several times, There are still sections that need development. Background: In 2008, the Napa Valley Vintners, the Napa Valley Grapegrowers and the Land Trust founded the Vine Trail Coalition. The Napa Valley Vine Trail will be a 47-mile walking & biking trail system to physically, artistically and culturally connect the entire Napa Valley from Calistoga to the Vallejo Ferry and the greater Bay Area.Beginning near the Ferry Terminal in historic Vallejo (thus linking with the greater Bay Area), the Vine Trail will continue north for 47 miles, through the world-renowned vineyards and towns of Napa Valley, to its northern gateway ... read more
The 4 person champs!!!!
Morning vines

Travelzoo had some interesting information about San Diego's Little Italy. It has increasingly become one of my favorite places in the city. Let's see why. I think you will be pleasantly surprised. The Saturday street market is one of my favorite events here. But any day is a good day here. Thanks to waves of Sicilian and Ligurian immigrants who began building up San Diego’s tuna fishing industry in the 19th century, Italian culture figures prominently into the local mix, too. And as you might guess, url=!;%ecid!;%eaid!Little Italy is the best place to find the vestiges. But as you might not guess, it’s also one of the best places to go f... read more
Love my oysters
USS Midway

I answer this question in the affirmative, a big YES! From Ann Jones of Shermans Travel: A 2021 url= in the journal of Tourism Analysis shows that frequent travelers are happier with their lives than people who don't travel at all. The study results indicate that respondents attaching personal importance to touri... read more
Happy travel
Morning vines

As you know, when I travel around this great world of ours, I always am asked, "Where are you from?" I say California, or San Francisco, and they go crazy, almost bonkers!!! Why? It is a state, and city EVERYone wants to visit. They know the City is a special place. I started visiting on a regular basis back in 1961, as a lowly freshman on an honor society trip. My how things have changed!!! Numero Uno of course, the food is fabulous, whether seafood, farm to table, "California" cuisine, and nouveau food truck. Second, is the wine, whether Napa, Sonoma, Lodi, Central Coast, or Temecula. Third, is the geographic diversity, the Pacific Ocean and the Sierras. What else can I possibly tell them? First, the fog, since the City has its own microclimate. We have ... read more
The Painted Ladies

One of the few remaining icons of old San Francisco, is John's Grill. I first became familiar with it, when my waiter , John Konstin, at Jack's on Sacramento Street bought John's in the 70s. Here is some interesting background. Nestled in a building two blocks from Union Square and not far from San Francisco’s big convention center and major hotels, John’s Grill has been hosting celebrities from all over the world for more than 100 years. It was created in 1908, only two years after San Francisco’s devastating earthquake. Indeed, John’s Grill was the first downtown restaurant to open after the quake. It quickly became a bustling anchor in the city’s multi-faceted life – hosting a beguiling and lively mixture of politicians, cops, journalists, entertainers, lawyers, business leaders and the just plain curious who wanted ... read more
Inside John's Grill
And some history

North America » United States » California » Marin June 29th 2021

Day 1: Daycare was closed this week and we will attempt camping again! It’s redemption. Redemption from December when we finally decided to get out after being in lockdown, only to find our campsite closing just days before our arrival because of the rise in COVID cases. Redemption from March when the campsites opened back up, made it through the first day, only to have crazy storm pop up from nowhere and drenched everything we had inside and outside of the tent! It rained sideways that it seeped into the tent and wet our shoes and anything that was at the edges of the tent. Unfortunately, Y had crept up to the edge and he was drenched when he finally wiggled and woke us up in the morning. We had no choice but to pack up ... read more
The Point Bonita Trail
The Point Bonita Trail
Prepping the tent

These might be some Monterey area facts you did not know: Fort Ord is a mecca for mountain biking with more than 83 miles of trails. Gray whales put on a show between December and April, while humpbacks and blue whales fill out the rest of the year. This year is the 50th anniversary (2017) of the famous Monterey Pop Festival. October 7 is Poodle Day here, with a parade, cocktail party, and off leash beach play. There are 94 seabird species that live in or near the bay. Largest sea bass caught here was 500 pounds. No more sardine fishing allowed until June, 2018. Thirty marine mammals live in or near the bay. An average adult humpback whale weighs 53 tons! A sea otter has a million hairs per square inch, the densest in the ... read more
The 18th green at Pebble Beach
Flowers at Spanish Bay

On our way to the island of Maui! In order to travel to Hawaii we all had to get COVID tests 72 hours before leaving and register our results on a travel Hawaii website. We were picked up first at 5:30am by David's driver Neftali in his Suburban, which was just big enough to fit the 7 of us (Our family and Jerry and Nancy) and our 3 suitcases, 5 backpacks, carry-on beach bag, stroller, and a carseat. A quick stop at McDonald's for breakfast before stopping by Jerry's house and we were off to the airport! Checkin went fine but we struggled to get special wristbands for when we landed in Hawaii, but that ended up being quick so it was not a big deal. The flight was great as Nathan and Rosie watched movies ... read more
Wrestle time
Whaler's Village beach views

I find that over 1 year has passed since my last blog. I suppose that most have been like us, holed up at home, living our lives in a new strange way. We had 2 trips planned to Europe and several where we started out for Canada but found that we had to postpone each one and then postpone again. We started to forget what we’d originally planned. We delayed plans that involved flying, started driving for destinations only to return home mid-route. My mom came to stay then went back to my brother’s house, returned to our house and then passed away, fortunately not from Covid. For the trip on which we are embarking on now, Trip 1, we had planned to go to Italy and stay for a month. I wanted to stay 2 ... read more
Ready to hit it

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