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2015, 2-1 Jennie's Juris Doctor Graduation Jennie's Juris Doctor (J.D.) Graduation 5-1-2015... read more

My first time setting foot in the USA and it's in the beautiful San Francisco! I stayed with my cousins Sheena and Tricia at Sheena's boyfriend Jeff's house with all his cousins. (Yes- just like Full House, except full of Asians haha) I loved this city for all it's stunning houses (of course- I'm Miss Architect). Row after row of amazingly ornate and colourful and happy town houses. The #1 highlight of the weekend was biking over the Golden Gate Bridge to Sausalito. Other highlights were the drive down the zig-zagged Lombard Street, a ride on the Cable Car, and eating a lot of good food!... read more
Cable Car
Biking to the bridge

The Golden Gate Bridge is definitely San Francisco's most famous landmark and popular tourist destination. Although Twin Peaks offers an amazing view of this wonder of the modern world, there is nothing like actually crossing this beautiful bridge and experiencing the amazing view for itself. You can cross the bridge 3 different ways: drive through it, ride a bike or walk. Driving: the bridge is about 2 miles long so the drive won’t last too long and perhaps won't give you enough time to apprecite the beauty of the bridge as well as enjoy an amazing view from it. You also have to pay Toll fee (only coming to the city, not leaving) which is about $7 if you prepay online or $10 if you pay afterwards (no cash lanes). Riding a bike: in my opinion, ... read more
The Golden Gate Bridge

This was my first time flying with Frontier Airlines. I signed up for email distribution list on their website ( and in January received notification about a 2 day sale with $49 fares. I live in Houston, TX and they had 3 destinations from my departure city for this price - Phoenix (AZ), Denver (CO) and San Francisco (CA) with multiple dates from February through May. My husband and I quickly decided that we wanted to check out San Francisco and I searched for 2 tickets: although some dates were excluded (if I am not mistaken, blackout dates applied in March during Spring Break and some weekends had slightly higher prices), I was able to find 2 nonstop flights for $49 each way leaving Houston on Saturday morning and coming back on Wednesday afternoon in April. ... read more

North America » United States » California » Los Angeles April 27th 2015

The time has come, the walrus said........... well, whatever he said, I have changed it to: the time has come for me to be home, to stand on something that does not move, shake, shudder or roll, fly or float. The train, the Ocean Starlight, slowly rumbled down the tracks, going down some good switchbacks on a very steep hill and past some stunning ocean views - even seeing a whale. I recognise some of the places along the way from other times I have been out here. Lunch was great, the wine refreshing, chatting with Becky fun, as always.... the views are ever changing - from vineyards to strawberry fields dotted with brightly clothed people bent ove,r filling baskets, to very worn out farm homes where one can see that scratching out a living has ... read more

North America » United States » California » Avalon April 24th 2015

“Do not go where the path may lead, go instead where there is no path and leave a trail.” — Ralph Waldo Emerson Pre-note: I'm not saying that this experience cured my fear, but I am saying that I took one small step to overcome my fear. I finally understood that my fears could stop me from actually living my life. Maybe I selected the time to face my fear because of the events that happened over the course of a year. Then again, I had always wanted to do something that would make my heart jump. Bobby's birthday seemed to start out like any ordinary occasion with the usual planning and research on the internet. We had both experienced Catalina Island in various ways. Mostly by travelling on a friend's boat, relaxing at a ... read more

North America » United States » California » Fullerton April 22nd 2015

Hi all The adventure has started and not without a few hiccups. Left my satchel at the restaurant we ate at prior to going to the airport. This contained passports, flight details, shuttle service and hotels booked. Luckily it was recovered and the journey began. Flights courtesy of Virgin were good as we were in Business. They supply you with PJ’s which are quite comfortable and saves you from coming off the plane looking like a crinkle cut potato chip. The food and service was excellent, probably the best airline food I have had. Even though we had lay flat beds both Gaynor and I had trouble sleeping, but 1st world problems aside we landed in LA at 7am and contacted our shuttle who duly delivered us to our Hotel in Fullerton. It’s about a 45 ... read more

North America » United States » California » Los Angeles April 20th 2015

We set off on the 6am Virgin flight from Melbourne via Brisbane to LA flying Virgin comfortably, with Virgin Pyjamas, champagne and tasty food. Highlight was four hostesses singing Happy Birthday to Greg and presenting him with a bottle of champagne (win for me, eh girls). arrived in LA at 7am the same day we had left, giving Greg a 37 hour birthday. With bad things happening in threes we thought we were safe with 1. me nearly leaving my handbag on a train, then 2. Greg leaving the bag with the tickets, passports etc at the Arbory, the bar along the Yarra where Owen works (luckily some nice person handed it in and we were able to retrieve it), and 3. my glasses breaking in half on the flight over.. so imagine...I'm on holiday, and ... read more

North America » United States » California April 19th 2015

April 16, 2015 Hello from beautiful San Diego! What a day we've had! I was up in time to see the lights of San Diego while a tiny sliver of moon was still visible. It was an awesome sunrise. Today we took a trolley to Balboa Park. Loved the trolley ride through town. Once at Balboa Park we had to decide what we wanted most to see as there is too much to see and do in the 5 hours we had. First stop was the Japanese Friendship Garden. The best part of the garden was the koi pond. I would love to have one but we have already tried a pond at home and it was a disaster. But I sure did enjoy this one. Next up was the rose garden where Mom and I ... read more
Mom in the Skywalker Lounge
Another sculpture on the boat

North America » United States » California April 16th 2015

April 15, 2015 We are in Long Beach/Los Angeles! The ship is docked in Long Beach and Mom and I went on a bus excursion into Los Angeles. The bus took us on a tour of all the highlights of Los Angeles, and we stopped at the Chinese Theater, Olivera Street and the Farmers Market. It was a half day tour so we didn't get to stay at each stop for long. And we were nervous to venture too far from the bus as neither Mom nor I have an advanced sense of direction and get lost easily. We wanted to make sure we could find the bus again and find it on time. We certainly didn't want to get left in Los Angeles. We talked to one guy after dinner that was late returning to ... read more
Mom by "The Dancing Doorway", this is her dance pose.
Hercules vs Vampires - a must see movie!
Mom in the bus

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