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A l'approche de cet énième parc, la route s'enfonce dans une zone très désertique, les cactus cédant la place à la roche. Et pour cause nous arrivions à Death Valley, l'un des endroits les plus chauds de la planète. Quand nous sommes arrivés à destination en fin d'après-midi, il faisait plus de de 48°C ! Nous nous sommes tout de suite rendus au "Visitor Centre", centre d'accueil présent dans tous les parcs. Il fallait voir la tête du ranger quand nous lui avons annoncé que nous voulions camper à Death Valley ! Il nous a indiqué un camping davantage dans les hauteurs pour obtenir plus de fraîcheur. Après une heure de route en moyenne montagne, nous avons atteint un camping d'une trentaine d'emplacements, au confort très rudimentaire. Seuls 2 autres couples y étaient déjà installés. Impossible ... read more
En excursion dans le "Devil's Golf Course"
Le champ de sel cristallisé ("Devil's Golf Course")
Les lames de rasoir ;) ("Devil's Golf Course")

Le symbole de Yosemite Park est une chute d'eau impressionnante de 80 mètres le long d'une haute falaise. Nous quittions enfin les zones arides pour ce parc qui s'apparente à ceux de l'ouest canadien. Ils se caractérisent par des forêts de pins, des vallées verdoyantes et par de grandes falaises, propices pour l'escalade. Quel changement après notre traversée du désert ! Notre emplacement était paradisiaque : une petite rivière coulait au milieu d'une clairière. Notre camping était une fois de plus dépourvu de douches, nous nous sommes donc lavés dans ce petit court d'eau à la dur ! Les randonnées dans Yosemite Park étaient moins spectaculaires que dans les parcs précédents, mais nettement plus rafraîchissantes.... read more
Yosemite Falls
Les belles forêts de pins
De belles falaises donnent envie de pratiquer de l'escalade

North America » United States » California » San Francisco August 26th 2015

A San Francisco, nous avons été accueilli par un contact CouchSurfing de Anna. Nous n'étions pas exactement à SF, mais plus précisément à Oakland, l'une des villes voisines. Cette banlieue est assez populaire, et c'est vrai que nous avons débarqué dans une résidence qui faisait un peu ghetto. Darius était le nom de notre hôte. Tout sourire, il guettait notre arrivée en haut de la cour alors que nous venions d'entrer. Il nous a fait visiter son petit appartement assez modeste mais cosy. Ce californien d'une trentaine d'année vit en colloc avec Byron, étudiant. Comme nous l'avions présagé, il nous a fait vider entièrement notre voiture au moment de décharger, en nous faisant comprendre que la nuit les rues pouvaient être dangereuses. Darius s'est montré tout de suite super accueillant, et il nous a fait faire ... read more
Lombard street, rue où se déroule la course poursuite en voiture dans le film "Bullit", avec Steve McQueen
Au restaurant avec nos hôtes : Byron à gauche et Darius à droite
La baie de San Francisco

North America » United States » California » Fresno August 24th 2015

Hey intrepid followers, we have been home from our China and South America adventures for almost 4 months and we're getting itchy feet ;-) After taking a break in Mexico, and visiting family and friends we headed back home to Phoenix. Since we no longer had anything holding us to Phoenix, we debated about where to move that might have a little better climate and finally settled on moving back to California. So we put our condo up for sale, bought a home in Fresno, California and moved here a month ago. The adventures continue. We've only been here a month but are finding a lot of fun things to do (in addition to house remodeling of course). So over the next few weeks I hope you'll join us as we explore the Central Valley of ... read more
Memorial to Japanese at Simonian Farms

North America » United States » California August 22nd 2015

I just finished packing and I'm currently putting some new music on my iPod so I'll have something to listen to on my flight. I'm starting to feel a little nervous, mainly because I don't think I can actually communicate in Korean yet?? I've been studying a lot, but still... It feels really weird writing this stuff down, but I guess I'll get used to it.... read more

North America » United States » California » San Diego August 21st 2015

I apologize to my numerous fans that this blog has not been posted more often. I have simply been too busy and/or tired to post! This is our last day in San Diego. We will be leaving San Diego by plane around 2:45 PM today. Today, we plan on just hanging around the house. I haven't been able to walk the property here or see the citrus trees, but I look forward to seeing the Wrights' residence before I leave. So, I last posted on Sunday. I forgot to mention that while we were kayaking that there were fish jumping out of the water. We believe they are mullet fish. We saw some between 6-12 inches jump completely out of the water. I thought for sure that one would hit me and I would capsize ... read more

North America » United States » California » Sunnyvale August 21st 2015

Today we have only 360 odd miles to get to Roshan's place. We set off after a leisurely breakfast at the Best Western in Barstow which claims to be on Historic Route 66 on it's sign. There have been a few places since our dinner at the Picket Fence Cafe that we have encountered Route 66. R has been talking about driving it from end to end sometime and got an idea of parts of it on this trip. We left the Mojave desert landscape and drove past orange, almond and pistachio groves, (both mature and newly planted), okra fields and grape vines. Saw a truck carrying open trailer bin of tomatoes. And drove by bare, dry fields with signs protesting the government's management of water. We can see the drought condition here, it's dry and ... read more
cacti near Needles,CA

The final leg of our trip saw us in San Francisco.Our San Francisco itinerary included: 21 Aug - evening arrived in SF. It was amazing coming down the 101 under a perfect blue sky and 90F degree weather to crest a rolling hill and see off in the distance the famous August fog bank of SF. The drive over the Golden Gate Bridge behind us we valeted the car and checked into our hotel. After a long day of driving and car charging we had a lovely Indian dinner and then called it a night.22 Aug - We started off with a walk down to the old ferry building for breakfast and the market stalls. After a worrying ... read more
Golden Gate - the first sight
Golden Gate
Golden Gate

North America » United States » California » San Francisco August 20th 2015

Okay. I am back home in my own personal Zenhut (Dragon's Lair??) and my trip is over. As the train approached Emeryville, the city skyline of San Francisco came into hazy view across the Bay. I found myself surprisingly happy to see Downtown. We will see how I feel when I arrive there for work tomorrow. I had a great time on my trip, and mostly just wanted to post pictures that had not made the blog yet. But first, a quick recap of the trip: Spent almost two full days on Amtrak trains. Had a great experience and found the staff to be very helpful. I will take another train trip someday. Maybe not this long. ;-) Sat on my early generation Kindle. It will never be the same. RIP. I saw a no hitter... ... read more
Bridges over Pugent Sound 2
Han Solo - did you have to ask?
Darth Vader likes the Seahawks

North America » United States » California » Barstow August 20th 2015

Still Sedona: R didn't get to eat cactus salad because the restaurant where he had eaten it before had poor reviews now. AZ is on standard time, breakfast was not till 7 am, we woke up at 5 am local time, got ready, went to uptown Sedona and enjoyed the vistas in the cool morning air. R showed me some buildings that still were like they were 20 years ago - wooden structures, low with porches. The renovated and newer ones now are red stucco and brick, still low. Would be crazy to build any taller, as they would obstruct the magnificent red rock buttes surrounding the town. They are what make Sedona an attraction. I could see how he thought on his first visit, that it had potential as a major tourist attraction with enough ... read more

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