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San Francisco If you're going to San Francisco, be sure to wear some flowers in your hair... read more
Golden Gate Bridge
Golden Gate Bridge
San Francisco / Golden Gate Bridge

North America » United States » California » Malibu April 11th 2015

Highway 1 - Pacific Coast Highway in 12 Stunden entlang der Küste von Los Angeles nach San Francisco.... read more
Mein Gefährt: Hyundai Elantra
Pacific Coast Highway
Pacific Coast

Los Angeles Eine Zeitreise! Ich bin in Los Angeles gelandet, noch bevor ich in Tokyo abgeflogen bin. Allerdings war ich danach total fertig und hab den halben Tag im Bett verbracht. Das ist das Problem bei Zeitreisen - erst wieder nix gewonnen.... read more

North America » United States » California April 7th 2015

I'm not sure if there are other Asian nations more obsessed with Hollywood than the Philippines. We try to talk like them, dress like them, look like them, and live like them. Inasmuch as living in a poor tropical country would permit. If there were only two places I could see in the United States, it would be Los Angeles and New York because those cities are the setting of most of the movies and series that I watched growing up. Prior to my trip, me and my colleagues talked about what they would do when they get the chance to visit the US. Most of the responses were something like: I'm going to reenact that scene from Pretty Woman when Julia Roberts said "Big mistake. Big. HUGE" to a store clerk while shopping in Rodeo ... read more
Golden Gate
Hollywood Sign
Redwoods National Park

March 9, 2015 My room mate left work and came and picked me up at the Metro link since I missed the train. When she arrived I asked her if she had my spare key and she told me that it was at home. We thought I should give her mine and there would be no problem. Of course, by the time we got to the airport all that was forgotten and she drove away. I went through security and into the lobby and was boarding the airplane before I realized I still had it in my bag. My car is keyless entry and is necessary to start it but I was not sure about keeping it running. I called her while having visions of her stuck at the airport by the curb. She answered and ... read more
Thailand airport
Hotel in Bangkok

North America » United States » California March 31st 2015

Our bags are packed. Our itinerary is set: only a few places and lots of time to explore new and old friends/musuems/churches/architecture. Our “new” home will be lived in and well taken care of with neighbors and friends coming to stay. Family and friends will meet us in Rome and Florence. We have made a few arrangements for fun, food and festivities. And we have pored over travel books and online to find the museums and palazzos we want to visit newly. We are ready to go!... read more

North America » United States » California » Monterey March 26th 2015

The great thing about the human memory is the fact that the bad memories tend to fade over time, leaving just the good ones. I've always thought that's why people in our parents' generation tend to claim that their baby slept through the night the day she came home from the hospital, or that their toddler never had tantrums. Of course that's not true, but they have probably forgotten those parts of raising children in favor of the good memories: the snuggles, their first steps, watching them sleep peacefully etc. It's probably a good thing it works this way because if not, most couples would decide to stop at only one child and the human race would have long died out! Anyway, part I of this blog was about the bad times, the nights. I'm now ... read more
Watch out, Kyla!

North America » United States » California » Monterey March 25th 2015

Kyla's first trip as a baby was an adventurous backpacking/scuba diving trip to Indonesia for three weeks when she was 10 months old. Now that we have two little rugrats, traveling seems to be 100% more daunting so we decided that little Jakey's first trip would be just a short skip and hop up the California coast to Monterey and Santa Cruz. As the title of this blog implies, there were good times, bad times, and inevitably when traveling with an infant and a toddler, some downright exhausting times. The good times were during the day, but I'll come to that later. It's nice to end on a positive note. I'll start with the bad times. These were at night, and as any parent reading this will guess, these coincide with the downright exhausting times too! ... read more
Good morning!
Happy to have made it through the first night relatively unscathed!
One happy family...kind of!

North America » United States » California » El Centro March 25th 2015

SALVATION MOUNTAIN If you find yourself in need of spiritual comfort you would perhaps be best off to locate the head clerk of a gospel mill, throw some loose change into the poor box, and pay heed to his sermon. If, however, you are facing hard times, find yourself without prospects, and have the bad luck to be stranded in Niland, CA head east on Main Street to Slab City and visit Salvation Mountain. A poor sinner named Leonard Knight found himself in similar circumstances in 1984. He felt called upon by the Good Lord to start in painting a hillside in bright colors with water based exterior latex paint. Leonard kept right on painting the hillside, and several vehicles, for the next 30 years. It became his life’s work, but it could not have been ... read more

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