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North America » United States » California » Ventura July 17th 2011

Well, it's been one year since our epic journey - California to New Orleans with stops in Arizona, Texas, Tennessee, Missouri, Kansas, Utah and Neveda. So many times in the past year, we have recounted just how amazing that trip was and clearly led into a very exciting year for us both! We bought our first house and moved in at Christmastime 2010. It is fantastico! A two-story with travertine tiles, a beautiful kitchen island and a yard that we just finished having landscaped. We have spent so much time (and so much money!) on making it ours. This summer vacation 2011 couldn't come at a better moment. Five days ago my mom was diagnosed with breast cancer, but one of her earliest demands to Jim and I was that we were not, under any circumstances, ... read more

North America » United States » California » Ventura June 26th 2011

Today we left Morro bay at about 10am after an all you can eat waffle breakfast that was included at the motel :) verrry yummy! It was my first day of driving today so was pretty nervous as I hopped into the car....pulled out of the driveway and almost hit a car who was zooming past as I was just edging there!! Not a great start! But then once I got going I was fine. It was hard to constantly be trying to stay on the left hand side of the lane so we didnt move into the lane next to us on the right cos its such a diff feeling being on the other side of the car! As we were driving we decided to stop in at Santa barbara - which we knew was ... read more

North America » United States » California » Ventura April 18th 2011

Today I went Geocaching in LA. I found 2 squirrels, heaps of interesting birds and a little league game, but no geocaches. The little league game was played by 10 year olds. They came out to the pitch just like proffessionals, took their stance, had their name called out across the loud speaker with a proffessional commentry. The referee was padded up, swept the plate and used dramatic hand gestures, It was like on the movies...our way is so down-home compared to theirs. I saw a family in the park setting up for a big birthday with a huge pinata. Looked like fun. I stood in line for almost an hour to hire a car. Had a sales person who just wasn't interested in anything but upsizing me to a bigger car, more insurance. I didn't ... read more
Penny goes shopping
Solvang 2

North America » United States » California » Ventura August 28th 2010

It's been almost one week since we returned and the most consistent comment from anyone has been "so then what happened? Your blog left us hanging!" Before I tie this incredible trip up, let me recap the last blissful days of our journey. I left off as we arrived in Escalante, Utah. Easily becoming one of our favorite places, this town is small and surrounded by the most amazing mountains and petrified sandstone formations. The vast majority of our visit this year was during a thunderstorm - seems to be the story of our trip, huh? But we welcomed the rain and the thunder and lightening. We both felt tired and appreciated two quiet days to unwind and reminisce about our travels. The house is owned by a couple who live next door - a bit ... read more
The Storm that Chased Us
Salad Fixins Fresh from the Garden
This is what Bliss Looks Like

North America » United States » California » Ventura July 23rd 2010

A few more minutes to update my travel blog and I am off to bed. We are all packed and ready to go tomorrow morning with a "drive away" time of 4am. Last minute items are lined up to get packed, otherwise, everything is folded neatly into suitcases, a duffle bag and a wheelie cooler. We are both having a really challenging time unwinding from work and getting into travel mode. I know that will change significantly once we hit the open road! Jim has created a beautiful adventure for us. Planned to the smallest detail, "the spreadsheet" is a work of art. Color coded outlining every stop along the way, it is our itinerary for the next month. Thanks Honey! I know this will be a trip of a life time and I am so ... read more

North America » United States » California » Ventura July 21st 2010

Tuesday night and all errands are complete. One load of laundry and a lot of packing to go. We will be away at 4am on Friday morning for the trip of a life time. First stop is Tucson, Arizona. While the immigration policy prevents me from wanting to spend too much money there, the resort we will stay at will be a perfect place to decompress, relax and get into "road trip" state of mind. My colleagues at work have been absolutely lovely and so supportive as I have been wrapping everything up. I have taken a vow of no email and I can already feel the symptoms of withdrawal. I am 100% certain that everything will be just fine in my absence and I will return refreshed, re-energized and with a clearer perspective of my ... read more

North America » United States » California » Ventura July 14th 2010

We left Williams, AZ and headed for California. The weather was perfect the entire trip. Blue skies and open road. We stopped in Seligman for gas...$3.29 a gallon!! Yeah it hurt. Anyway, Arizona is beautiful and we saw some awesome rock formations. Rocks appeared to be stacked on top of each other and looked like they could fall over anytime. Entering California! Lots of desert for awhile with funky looking cacti. Then out of nowhere...snow capped mountains appeared. Big mountains!! I was impressed. And the scenery just got better from there. We stopped in Barstow at a Travel Center for gas...still $3.29. Then we got on the 15 headed for Los Angeles. Great the battery in my camera just died. No pics of LA for me. Highway 15 goes through some mountains and everywhere you look ... read more
Palm Trees
Headed to the Ocean

North America » United States » California » Ventura June 18th 2010

We are about five weeks out from our trip of a lifetime. Part sabbatical and part vacation, this trip promises to be a transformative adventure! I am visiting eight presidential libraries and covering 5,700 miles. A lot of firsts ahead! Arizona, Texas, NOLA, Tennessee, Missouri, Kansas, Colorado, Utah and Nevada. What a trip! What I am most looking forward to: the wide, open road; the hot Texas sun; bats in Austin; the legacies of very different presidents, spanning great philosophical ground; dusting powdered sugar off after beignets in NOLA; the heart of the French Quarter; visiting Graceland; red rock country. What I am least looking forward to: spending any money in Arizona (lamest immigration law, ever!); doing laundry in dusty little nowhere towns; lugging all our gear in and out of hotels.... read more

North America » United States » California » Ventura June 10th 2010

hey all, just wanted to let you all know, even though you probably already knew, that i am home. After two plane rides I arrived last night, greeted by my mom, dad, nanny and pa. Thank you all for coming! we went to in-in-out and feasted on burgers- so nice :) sorry for the late reply but i spent the whole day with my mom running errands and such. Well this is my last blog... If you get desperate for a bekah update just email me, i will answer gladly. oh i do have a different number now, it is 805-766-7740. I have everyone's number on my computer but it will take a bit to get them transferred over. ok im off to sleep, I am quite tired. love you all, look forward to seeing you ... read more

North America » United States » California » Ventura March 3rd 2010

Travel Blog After spending a nice few days dodging raindrops on the California coast just north of LA (hold-up in a funky-good motel in downtown Santa Barbara) we decided to explore going out to the islands that we kept seeing across bay. There are five islands, about an hours boat ride from Ventura CA, that have been a national park since 1980, the Channel Islands. Promoted as North America’s Galapagos we thought it was worth taking a look! The forecast finally presented 3 clear days so we made plans, which wasn’t easy because the storms have been rolling in off the Pacific pretty regularly. Access to the islands is very controlled, much like the trips we take to Cumberland Island GA (also a National Park). The weather cleared, and with reservations in hand and backpacks loaded ... read more
Santa Barbara Beach
Hiking at Santa Cruz
Rare Island Fox

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