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North America » United States » California » San Luis Obispo December 3rd 2008

Avila Beach, late afternoon of the same day. I leave my new found friend behind, this old and mentally deranged old native american who claimed he belonged to the sioux nation, living in his old cr*ppy tent in Los Osos National Reserve. His raving and his old battered "peach pipe", his toothless gums and wrinkled old man's face, wrinkles that might go back several dozens of years but surely not to these times when the Sioux Nation was still great and powerful and battled general Custer successfully, with the red skinned man still being real warriors and not beaten yet by the white man's secret weapon, King Alcohol. Slowly my mind calms down, the guilt complex he left simmering in my mind moving to the back of my skull, I'm reaching San Luis Obispo. A lively ... read more

North America » United States » California » San Luis Obispo December 2nd 2008

Los Osos State Reserve, 03-11-2002. After yet another night on the leopard frog invested campground in Morro Bay I decided this morning on a one day excursion to San Luis Obispo. Yeah, h*rny leopard frogs chasing each other noicily all night intend on s*x. I won't complain about their nighttime physical activities, it's after all not something I encounter back home in is part of what I have come out here for. It's not very far from Morro Bay to San Luis Obispo following the Cabrillo Highway through Los Osos State Reserve, an area of low hills and pine trees, a few spare eucalepthus trees and low bushes. Despite the name - "los osos" means "the bears" in spanish - there is not a single bear in sight, probably all busy having a nap or ... read more

North America » United States » California » San Luis Obispo December 1st 2008

Morro Bay, Morro Strand State Beach, campground. 02-11-2002. My sleep was disturbed all night by the noisy bark of giant Leopard Frogs. They must have been all over the campground and when I had to go out of my tent to the campground's toilet I had to watch my step, I had to carefully manouever through huge frog bodies, frogs that had very little interest in my nightly pee-pee activities but instead were busy chasing each other for mating. I felt like I was in the middle of a nighttime Leopard Frog orgy. Sitting outside my little tent last night sipping californian Red Wine, I enjoyed the sounds of the ocean's waves rolling in onto the beach. Tranquility ruled most of the evening despite this being the time of Haloween. Only one small band of dressed ... read more

North America » United States » California » San Luis Obispo September 8th 2008

Alllll Byyyyy Myyyy Seee-i-eeeellllf The last week with Randa-Roo was AMAZING! As with all good things, though, it had to end. We said our soggy goodbyes at the Oakland Airport and did our very best to remain composed...failing miserably. The drive toward Fremont, CA where I was to get my brakes checked immediatly after was strange. Losing the Lewis to my Clark was like suddenly wearing a prosthetic hook for a hand. No turning back, I'm really in this. After the wonderful Les Schwab crew stayed late to ensure I had safe brakes, I forged south to Pigeon Point Lighthouse Hostel. The drive west on Highway 84 was something close to spiritual. Windows down, Silverchair blasting and me singin at the top of my un-tuned lungs as I wound though the Redwoods catching intermittent wafts of ... read more
Pigeon Point Lighthouse
Along Highway 1
Indulding in my of them

Here are some sample images of my work... ... read more

Saturday 16th Aug As we didn't get in till 1.45am we slept in till 10 and the first thing Gra did was check his footie teams progress on the internet. It was the first day of the new season and he was anxious about the result. Thank goodness they won 1-0, with Torres scoring. Having been thrown out of the hotel at 11am, we drove into San Luis Obispo for food and an internet connection .After a diner breakie of eggs forentine (my new fav): sauteed spinach and mushrooms on poached eggs with benedict sauce on English muffins - yummy. Next stop Hearst Castle. This was a lavish castle built by William Hearst, who enjoyed entertaining and decorating his home with expensive and exquisite furnishings. He also owned a considerable amount of land that spanned from ... read more
the pool from above
water feature at Hearst castle
Hearst Castle

Now sing the title to the tune of 12 days of Christmas....! Crap I know but amused us...!! We thought we would have breakfast at our hotel this morning before we left as we had a 50% off voucher, glad we waited till the last day, it was pretty mediocre really - (Excuse the arrogance, have got used to being spoilt with all this American food!) We hadn't even driven out the car park and came across our first bit of 'road rage' over here. To be fair we was blocking the exit but only for all off about 30 seconds. This Chinese taxi driver was slaming his horn and making fist signs at nige (he was about 65/70) Nige shouted back 'I'm going, I'm going' this made the cabbie step out the car and come ... read more
Start of Route 1
Foggy Golden Gate
Still Foggy

Sí, menudo nombrecito... Después de jugármela una mañana más, ¿que por qué me la juego? Pues sencillamente, porque cada día que tengo que levantarme para hacer algún tipo de traslado a otro lugar vivo al límite sin despertador, móvil u otro aparato que me toda una aventura cuando abro el ojo y miro el reloj del ipod con la esperanza de no haberme dormido...y de momento lo he cumplido... Esperemos que no ocurra ningún contratiempo para el vuelo de vuelta (lo tengo a las 6 de a mañana) y ahí si que tendré que tomar medidas o aunque haga falta me quedo sin dormir y me acuesto en los mostradores de facturación. Sin problemas llegué a la estación Greyhound antes de la hora programada (madrugar es lo mío), con el tiempo justo para tomar un ... read more

Driving us to the greyhound station was Heather’s final good gesture, we were headed to San Luis Obispo on a scarcely populated bus. We met a guy who told us all about SLO and the goings on at CalPoly, the only reason the town is more than a dot on a map. We hoped to see him out on the town that weekend, but unfortunately we didn’t. Another aussie on the bus’ ears pricked up when he heard our accents, he was in town to see a couple of friends he’d met in Cambodia and once again was keen to see us later on downtown. Julie picked us up at the Greyhound station and took us back to her apartment on campus. Lucky for us there was a free BBQ so I filled up as much ... read more
Bubblegum Alley
workin it

It's been two weeks since we returned from our trip, long enough for discussions of highlights to take place and long-term memories to settle in (while mentally deleting most of the "special family moments"). Each of us has put together a "Top 10" list, which I will include in this entry for your entertainment... I've also included some of our favorite photos from the trip, although we have yet to comb through the hundreds the four of us took! But, in addition, I must touch on my reflections on traveling as a family for three weeks in slightly different but not completely foreign cultures. Our goals in going to these particular locations was to expose Chris and Drew to some of the highlights of western civilization, to help them put major historical events in context, to ... read more
London at Night
Diagram on Omaha Beach
Eiffel Tower

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