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North America » United States » California » San Francisco February 16th 2018

A dream start to our trip. The taxi is early and traffic is light. Similarly with the airport bus and there’s no queue at check in. What is going on? 17 minutes after we were due at Heathrow, we’re sitting in the departure lounge. The only hitch so far has been breaking 2 nails getting my case onto the luggage belt. I knew it was too good to last. Once on board the cabin manager announces that there are 3 nut allergy sufferers so can passengers please refrain from eating nuts. So imagine my surprise when tea is served and consists of a Nutty Nougat Bar. Virgin Airlines have literally turned my nightmares into a reality. I am, in the words of Bowie, sitting in a tin car far above the earth, surrounded by literally hundreds ... read more

North America » United States » California » San Francisco November 23rd 2017

During my working and traveling career, United Airlines was my "go to" airline. They were not necessarily the best, but flew to many of the places my work would take me. At the time, TWA had a better upgrade program (meaning FREE) and many "red eye" flights to the east coast. Like most of you who fly for business, I ended up with United, probably over a million miles since the mid 1970's. But I have spent those miles over the years. I often took my family to Hawaii, using miles for airline tickets, and hotel reward points for suites and condos. As these loyalty programs continue to devalue my miles, I have used them up, mostly for upgrades to Business or First Class on longer flights to Europe and Asia. Currently, I still accumulate miles ... read more
Are you in the 73%??
Difficult to keep track!
Ask George Clooney???

4 attachments (836 KB) Download all Save all to OneDrive - Personal I read a great article today about ten things that suck about airports. I found it on a website I have started to read and use called Godsavethepoints. After all, is flying not about collecting all the frequent flyer miles you can before you die? Not really, I firmly believe in using them once yo... read more
I love upstairs in the 747, very quiet.
This says it all!!!!

North America » United States » California » San Francisco » North Beach November 13th 2017

Cloudy - 58°F Our alarm goes off at 7 and, although I can’t see outside of our inside stateroom or “tomb” as we call it, I can assume we are docked in San Francisco. There’s no detectable vessel movement or faint hint of engine vibration, signs that our ship is at rest. Unfortunately, a state of rest is reserved for the ship, not us. We have to be out of our room for the last time in just one hour. Our suitcases were sent out last night and all we have are the clothes we left out for today, toothbrushes, medicine, documents and other items to be hand-carried off. We’re ready to go by 7:45am and, after leaving a small gratuity for our stateroom steward, we’re off to the Lido for breakfast. While it’s pretty busy ... read more

North America » United States » California » San Francisco November 9th 2017

Tiden går fort när man har roligt och vår roadtrip i västra USA är nu avslutad, totalt 4070 km körda. Den sista veckan spenderade vi utmed kusten och här kommer en sammanfattning av den senaste veckans höjdpunkter. San Francisco var toppen! Bara att gå runt på stan och se alla mysiga hus, de gamla spårvagnarna och den berömda gatan Lombard street var en upplevelse. Promenaden genom stan tog oss ner till Pier 39 och Fishermans wharf. Där kunde man lätt spendera ett antal timmar med att gå runt i alla roliga affärer. Vi var bland annat inne i en affär med bara sockar, en magi-affär, en affär för vänsterhänta och en affär med massa olika logiska spel och pussel. Den senare var verkligen en affär för Stefan och vi spenderade säkert en och en halv timma ... read more
Spårvagn i SF
Butik i SF
Ocean beach, SF

North America » United States » California » San Francisco October 31st 2017

This trip was unlike any other that I’ve taken. From animals, to people, to nature, and everything in between. There was a little bit of some things, and a lot of others, which made this trip so unique. WARNING: Some of the write ups and/or photos in future postings may be disturbing to some, or are not appropriate to look at while at work. Therefore, I will include the following references in the headers of those entries that fall under theses categories: NSFW: Not safe for work usually means nudity, though none of them are of me. SENSITIVE: The images and/or write ups may be upsetting to some due to the subject matter. Some may want to skip these entries, and surely not look at the pictures that go with the writing. LV San Francisco @ ... read more

It’s Sunday morning and last minute preparations are in progress. I’ve tried to limit the number of suitcases we will be taking with us but Karen expresses no interest in my effort. Leaving directly from the San Francisco port, we will not be taking any flights and because of this, she feels the need to pack everything. It reminds of the time we cruised from SF to Alaska for 10 days with 10 bags, one for each day. With limited room in our stateroom, we were forced to keep four suitcases out on the balcony. I can only imagine what our cabin stewards thought. When we put out our luggage the night before disembarkation, I spread it up and down the corridor so no one would know we had so much stuff. On this trip we’re ... read more
Our Trip for the Next 15 Days
New Cruise Terminal at Pier 27.  Our first time here.
L & L Limo Service at our door

North America » United States » California » San Francisco September 18th 2017

This started out as a planned group trip with our friends but one by one they ended up bailing- it's difficult planning a trip on weekdays. All the weekends were booked up for permits when I made the reservation a few months ago, though. As nurses, Chris and I are very lucky to have a four day stretch off every two weeks. It's like an automatic vacation without ever using PTO. We had planned to take Arya on her first backpacking trip last May for Mother's Day but then she ended up with the flu. I was pretty disappointed, and the next available permit for Point Reyes wasn't until October (1 more month!). Well, what the heck, let's just make Angel Island her first trip. Point Reyes can be her second. Once that was settled, packing ... read more
Riding the Tiburon Ferry
Riding the Tiburon Ferry
Giant Sticker

North America » United States » California » San Francisco September 4th 2017

Here is it, the last leg of our little trip to the US! In just over 6 weeks we have....drink few bottles of wine...but not only! So on a more serious note, we've driven 16,000km in our little Mustang, and gone across just 28 States. It was a first to the United States for Tanya. For me, I'm now counting a visit to 35 different States! We landed in San Francisco, but did drive away after spending the first night by the airport. This time we return the car to the airport late afternoon. We stay the first night in a disgusting Four Points by the airport. Next would be way more fun...We spent one night at the Sheraton on Fisherman's Wharf, a night also at the Westin St Francis bang on Union Square, and our ... read more
As we were here for few days, we took a multi day pass...and we used it...a lot!
Arriving in SF...ready to return our and sound after 39 days on the road!
Welcome to SF!

Lento oli lähdössä klo 19. Kun luovutin huoneen klo 12, jätin tavarat säilytykseen. Kävelin kirjakaupalle, löysin sieltä tähtitieteellisen vuosikirjan. Turistineuvonnasta kävin kysymässä postilaatikosta. Niitä ei ollut sattunut silmään. Söin lounaan hotellin ravintolassa. Hain matkatavarat klo 14.25. Automaatista junalippu ja ehdin klo 14.45 lähtevään junaan, joka saapui perille klo 15.15. Klo 17 menin makaamaan puoleksi tunniksi jotta saatoin vaihtaa jalkaan lentosukat. Kentällä oli aikaa päivittää nämä blogit.... read more

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