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Arrivals was easy having completed pre-check in Dublin. The long flight was noisy and cold but the taxi driver was enthusiastic and helpful, leaving us right to the door of the Palomar hotel after an introduction to this fantastic city. First stop was the Cheese Cake Factory for a quick dinner (one hour wait for a table) and fast track to bed. Day one kicked off with traditional American Diner breakfast followed by a walk through the Dragon Gate into Chinatown. We wandered over to Fisherman's Wharf to get our bearings for tomorrow. Pier 39 has the classic boardwalk sea food restaurants,ice cream stalls and gimmick shops. We watched the sea lions laze about and before joining the long queue for the San Francisco Cable Car. The wait was prolonged but made to feel like purgatory ... read more

Or how to best piss off a flight attendant. Once the friendly skies were gone, and after 9-11, the flight attendants original mission, that of patient safety and comfort, has long been forgotten, at least by American based airlines. The foreign airlines treat their passengers like gold. I was recently on both a Korean Airlines flight, and a Lufthansa flight. Both were better than anything I have flown domestically. So, does the cheap fare, and all the "nickel and diming" us give the right to complain about everything? I think not. Likewise, can't the flight attendant at least pretend to like having a job that pays him/her a salary and travel perks? So, who are the ones causing all of this animosity between passengers and flight attendants? I assure you it is not me. 1. Coffee, ... read more
Bring Cash, Lots of It!!!!
Avoid the thundering herd!

Friday 11th We leave site nice and early and as we get out of the gate disaster strikes, the van dies on us. It just won't start ! I call the rental company who call a tow truck. Half an hour later it arrives and tows us the the garage up the road and departs. I ask the garage owner how long it will be to get it fixed and he says “ I'll look at it on Monday or Tuesday !!” I call the rental company who say that they'll get us towed to another garage and give us another van. Forty five mins later we're back on the road to SF where we're given a newer van. This one's painted in street art and looks great. By lunch time we're driving back over the ... read more
Our new van
Giant trees
Another giant tree

24 jours que je n'ai rien posté mais je suis de retour! Et oui c'est ça la vie de "traveller", j'aurais appris à mes dépends que rien n'est vraiment planifiable et qu'il faut s'adapter aux situations. En l'occurrence, après San Francisco nous avions prévu mes deux amigos et moi-même de faire le road trip typique que tout bon touriste va généralement faire quand il part visiter l'ouest américain. Alors nous l'avons fait mais j'ai failli me pendre trois fois tellement que tout est allé de travers!Vous comprendrez donc que lorsque j'arrivais ENFIN le soir dans un motel et que par chance j'arrivais à capter le wifi, je n'avais pas toujours le courage d'écrire ni la possibilité d'ailleurs. Je reviendrai la-dessus plus tard au fil des posts qui raconteront se roadtrip! En attendant let´s go to SF ... read more
Axel & Mélissa
Ferry pour Sausalito
Merry Christmas!!!!!!!

We did the mandatory San Francisco tourist activities today. . .Rode a cable car -- with Laura and Steve hanging on the side. . .Had a delicious seafood lunch at Scoma's restaurant where they have their own fishing boat bring in their daily catch. . . Rode the one-hour bay cruise under the Golden Gate Bridge and around Alcatraz. To say it was a bit brisk would be an understatement! Very choppy waves, but there were large sailboats out, and even someone windsurfing. We rode to the top of Telegraph Hill (Coit Tower), with a great view of the city. Then walked to Chinatown for supper--what an amazing Chinatown! This is quite the city--so many different personalities to it--from the Spanish influenced architechture and palm trees to all the pretty painted Victorian homes to the ocean/beach ... read more
Cable Car Square
Cable Car Square
Cable Car Square

Aujourd'hui 4 Juillet, jour de fête nationale américaine ou Independance Day, j'ai un peu de temps pour mettre à jour le blog et vous raconter un peu mon quotidien hormis les visites comme tout bon touriste qui se respecte. Alors cette semaine je suis hébergée par la sœur et le beau-frère de Bob. Bob, c'était l'un de mes superviseur quand j'étais à l'association en Louisiane : pour ceux qui aimerait faire du bénévolat à la Nouvelle Orléans et se dégourdir manuellement! Donc focus sur Paula et Wayne qui méritent bien un article étant donné leur gentillesse, leur générosité et leur hospitalité! J'ai eu la chance de tomber chez des gens super. Ils auraient très bien pu me laisser une chambre sans plus (ce qui aurait déjà été pas mal étant donné les prix de l'immobilier ... read more
La maison victorienne typique :) où je suis
San Francisco et ses rues en pente...
Le fameux bar restaurant

The only way you could get me to get up at 3 a.m. is for a vacation to California! Steve, Dana, & Mom (Grandma Betty) caught a 6 a.m. flight from Moline to Denver to San Francisco. (Thought of Heidi as we spent an hour in Denver airport.) Met Laura at SFO airport--Grandma needed a roommate. Rented a pretty shiny red car (driving a brand new Nissan sedan, not a '69 Z 28 Camaro, this time). Took a drive through San Francisco, over the Golden Gate Bridge, half hidden in the fog. Steve was surprised to find out the Golden Gate Bridge is red instead of gold colored! Enjoyed a late lunch in Sausalito (our stomachs are still on Central Time, so we were starving!). Spinnaker's restaurant had an unbelievable view of San Francisco Bay! Very ... read more
View from the airplane--over Utah or Nevada?
Going over Golden Gate bridge
View from our Sausalito restaurant looking toward San Francisco--fog starting to set in.

Juste un petit post sur Fisherman's Wharf et le Pier 39. LE Pier à touristes mais qui vaut le détour par la vue sur la baie de San Francisco et notamment sur Alcatraz. Fisherman's Wharf est, plus que les nombreuses boutiques souvenirs qu'il abrite, un endroit où on peut acheter et manger du poisson tout frais... Hummmmm ou Yummy Yummy comme on dit ici.... read more
Port of San Francisco
Pier 39
Vue sur le centre-ville

....Tu vois le Golden Gate Bridge! :D Et là, comment expliquer que, lorsque je l'ai vu j'avais l'impression d'être redevenu la petite fille de 10 ans qui regardait la série "Charmed" le samedi soir dans la Trilogie du samedi sur M6^^ et qui se disait : Un jour moi aussi j'irais là-bas et j'irais voir le Golden Gate, et la Transamerica Pyramide , et les maisons victoriennes et toutes ces choses qui m'ont fait rêver des années Durant!Et là de voir ce pont mythique EN VRAI et pas à la TV ou sur une photo, ça procure une sensation ou plutôt un mélange de sentiments tels que la joie voir le bonheur, la réussite, l'accomplissement du Number 1 de ma "to do list" :) Parfois il en faut peu pour être heureux.... read more
Le Golden Gate au couché de soleil
Avec Paula mon hôte pour la semaine

PAGE FIVE Tuesday 1st July We have enjoyed staying at Ukiah, it has been very hot and we have made good use of the pool.The temperature drops sharply as we leave, we stop in Santa Rosa to have a look around and we buy a small present for Mycroft! There are lots of Jacaranda trees and with the car windows open there is a faint smell of aniseed from the fennel growing at the roadside.We stop in Novato for lunch and it is a really lovely place, very pretty with some wonderful shops and restaurants. It is very hot and sunny again and we visit the Whole Food Market which is enormous, lots of food to taste although we only buy peaches and cherries. After an al fresco lunch George buys me a lovely silk dress ... read more
San Francisco
The streets of San Francisco
San Francisco

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