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Published: May 11th 2020
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How about some totally useless information to distract you from the pandemic, lack of sports on TV, and general societal malaise? According to Lexico: Over the years, the question of the most used letter in English has been analyzed repeatedly, by everyone from Samuel Morse to contestants on "Wheel of Fortune." The rankings vary from source to source, but one letter is consistently at the top: From the 19th century to modern analyses of Google Books, "E" is the most common. According to an analysis done by Lexico, the letter "E" makes up 11.1607% of the Concise Oxford Dictionary — a full 2% more than the next most common letter. This is reflected in the game of Scrabble, too: There are 12 "E" tiles, nine "A" and "I" tiles, eight "O" tiles, and six "R" and "T" tiles. (Of the remaining letters, only "D," "S," and "U" appear on more than two tiles.) "E" isn't just common in English, either — notes that "E" is also the most common letter in Spanish, German, French, Italian, Dutch, Swedish, and Hungarian, among other languages.Most common English word: theMost common word world wide: OKMost common number: 7Most common swear word: sh*t (according to Facebook)Most common automobile: Toyota CamryMost common dog breed? Labrador retrieverMost common mistake? Subject verb agreement errorsMost read book? The BibleMost eaten food? HamburgerMost read email: ??

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