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After leaving our hotel room in Fort Bragg, my husband and I decided to continue on down the coastal highway to San Francisco, California. This was a place we'd always dreamed of visiting and I'm so thrilled that it did not disappoint. We arrived in the city just before sundown. We stayed at La Luna Inn, a quaint little boutique hotel right on Lombard Street. We were excited to book this particular stay, because we'd heard all about the infamous curves of the street and wanted to see it firsthand for ourselves! After checking in and unloading, we walked down to Fisherman's Wharf. There were merchants setting up shop all the way around the wharf, each selling his own version of steaming clam chowder. Some were in styrofoam bowls, and some were in bread bowls. Some ... read more
Ostrich Land
Cannery Row
Pink Ladies in San Francisco

After an excellent, shorter by one hour, flight with Virgin, we hit the ground running! Hotel in good location close to Fisherman’s Wharf and as only 3.30p.m local time but about 11.30pm uk time, we had to get Out and about, so visited piers 41-44. Very early night, but up at 5.30am. Tuesday 15th. Day of bus touring today!! Complete tour of city and then various hop offs until we went out to Golden Gate Bridge. Transferred to tram to cross bridge and then walked back across it....wonderful views and so glad we did it. Next, bus to Golden Gate Park for tour. We found that we had a personal tour guide as only two on the bus! Another transfer to get back to the Wharf and this bus took us through Chinatown, which they aren’t ... read more

" All journeys have secret destinations of which the traveller is unaware." Pearson International Airport, Toronto, is huge and one might say what! But it is that big and that impressive that it is worthy of comment. And it is "home" to Air Canada which has also latched onto the airline industries subtle extortion game. Bear in mind that we were checking in on an international flight to a destination in the USA. Well, here's the thing. They found it perfectly normal and commercially acceptable to charge $25.00 per bag checked in. An absolute first for me! Got over it and of far more importance than figuring out the meaning of "extortion" was the destination on that day. San Francisco! The mere mention of this name evokes a treasure trove of memories for many. These ... read more
San Francisco
San Francisco
San Francisco

If someone asked me this before we began this trip the answer would have been "yes" though I must confess I haven't worn flowers in my hair. I haven't been to San Francisco before and have been keen to visit for a long time. It's one of those places - like New York- that I’ve grown up seeing in countless TV episodes and films (Bullett and the Dirty Harry movies spring to mind) so it all somehow seems quite familiar even though I've never been here. What I hadn't realised is that there say a dozen distinct city areas that are each quite different. The iconic film-scapes with cable cars and steep hills is really just a small area of North Shore. Like any large city it’s not RV friendly but J finds a state campground ... read more

Packing and preparation are complete. Taking off this afternoon for a 10 hour flight to London, followed by a relatively short hop to Lisbon. We should be there by late tomorrow afternoon local time. The trip started nicely with a weekend in San Francisco, staying with Alex and Jeff. On Friday, we had lunch in the Castro, with our Windsor neighbors, Jim and Stan. Friday evening, we travelled out to Berkeley for dinner and to attend a concert at the iconic Freight and Salvage coffee house with Alex and Jeff and Steve and Jan, more Windsor friends. It was great to see our good friend from Maryland, Dudley Connell and his bluegrass band, the Seldom Scene. Nice too, to catch up with him for drinks following the concert. Good music, friends and family. Happy Easter to ... read more

Wow what a tour Alcatraz was! The National Park Service provides an amazing audio tour narrated by former guards, prisoners, and warden families. We picked up our headsets and audio players shortly after arriving in the prison and it walked us through the prison's history, structure, internal processes, famous occupants, and narration of escape attempts. It is so well done that Mi Hyon and I gasped or laughed simultaneously throughout the tour; it really brought life to the place! Cost of the ferry is $37.25, but it's an all encompassing cost and we considered it a bargain! I think winter is the best time to see Alcatraz and most of San Francisco since crowds are smaller and the weather isn't that much different...according to Mark Twain. In the summer, the website recommends reserving Alcatraz tickets as ... read more
Rush Hour Ride in
Cupids Arrow
World Famous Fisherman's Wharf

North America » United States » California » San Francisco February 27th 2018

On the drive in from Los Banos, Mi Hyon and I felt our spirits rise with each mile out of the desert and into green mountains, prairies, and flowering fruit orchards. The almond orchards provided a welcome hundred miles of can't imagine how much you miss color...until you've seen nothing but desert brown for a little over a month. I know some folks love the desert, but we just like to visit it. We planned for a short 120 mile trip today and it turned out to be a great idea. We arrived at our ocean-side RV park around noon and settled in quickly. Originally, we planned to get some rest in the park the first day, but the weather was so nice we had to head out to the Golden Gate Bridge and China ... read more
Leaving the High Desert
One of the First Impressions of SF
RV Site

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Who is in the air at any one time? The exact numbers, according to flight-tracking service FlightAware, are on average, 9,728 planes with a total of 1,270,406 people. That would make the skies the 156th most populous country in the world, right between Estonia and East Timor. The US alone has 61,000 people in the air at one time. A few years back, url= America conducted a highly scientific study on its Facebook page, in which 41% of men admitted to crying at in-flight movies, and 55% of people said they felt more emotional while f... read more
Did he pay for his seat?
Quite artsy and stylish!
Fun to be on this flight!

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Today is a mixture of highs and lows. Highs - Alcatraz and a rollercoaster of a tram ride. Lows - drinking Bud with clam and tomato juice and being called a fat arsed bitch by a tramp. An early start as we are booked on the first boat to Alcatraz and the old man can’t walk too fast. He can’t understand why prisoners would want to escape from prison when the canteen has an all-you-can-eat policy. Then on to pier 39 to see the sea lions and eat clam chowder for lunch. Finally, a ride to Chinatown on the Hyde Powell cable car. The smell of burning from the brakes on the downhill section is most disconcerting. And that is Essential San Francisco covered. Dinner tonight is from the supermarket deli. All the staff of 4 ... read more
Pier 39

North America » United States » California » San Francisco February 17th 2018

First on today’s agenda; Crissy Field parkrun. It’s a lovely scenic route on a riverside trail under the Golden Gate Bridge with an equally lovely walk home via the Palace of Fine Arts, where we get adopted by a swan. Next on today’s agenda; scrapping said agenda as the old man has hurt his leg running so can’t walk too much. Obligatory first stop - the Golden Gate Bridge. It’s the sort of iconic view that you can’t help repeatedly photographing even though you know that you’ll get home and realise you have dozens of virtually identical photos. On to Golden Gate Park. It’s huge and we have to pick some highlights to limit walking so we head for the gorgeous Japanese Garden and the De Young Museum sculpture garden. Back to the hotel for the ... read more
Palace of Fine Arts
Palace of Fine Arts
Golden Gate Bridge

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