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North America » United States » California » San Francisco September 17th 2018

Today was spent with our good friends William and Simon. They had invited us to visit The Walt Disney family museum in the district known as Presidio. This suited us perfectly. Prior to our visit, Roisin and I had greed to spend time in Presidio as this is the one area of San Francisco we have not had the chance to explore. A free shuttle bus travelled between downtown and the Presidio visitor centre. We arranged to meet Simon and William at 10:45 outside an Indian restaurant called Mehfil. This was a two and a half mile walk from our accommodation but thankfully all on the flat. The weather was perfect for walking. Only 19°C and a little overcast but no wind. We arrived outside the Indian restaurant on 2nd Street half an hour early as ... read more
Parade Groud Presidio
Snow white oscars
Oswald the lucky rabbit

North America » United States » California » San Francisco September 16th 2018

After leaving Ketchikan at 2pm we weren’t due to arrive in our final port of call, Victoria until 7pm the following day. During our final day at sea, word got around that whales have been spotted. There was a mad rush to catch a glimpse of these graceful marine mammals. I strolled over to the railing of the promenade deck to see what the fuss was about. I saw, in the distance a spurt of water and a small dot far out to sea break the surface of the water for a few seconds. That didn’t deter our would-be David Bailey’s who were freely snapping away with their camera phones and compact digitals eager to post to Facebook and other social media sites to share their speck (It would probably look more ... read more
Our San Francisco accomodation
The front living room
Warhol's Lenin

The nice thing about coming back to cities I've already been to is that I feel zero pressure to actively do everything - I've been here two other times, so I was decidedly lazy today in my approach lol. I spent most of my day people and sea lion watching along Embarcadero (all the piers). I started off at the Ferry Building - for some reason I had remembered it as more of a proper market... but there were fruit/veggie stands out front and then proper stores/stalls inside. I then just took my time wandering along the Embarcadero/coast for a good chunk of the day. I also realized I will not be using their water fountains any time soon because literally every single one I saw had pigeons sitting them. Ew. Pier 39 is like the ... read more
Vaillancourt Fountain

Arrived in SF and met Ella again with her friend Yinong in Dolores park before wandering along Valencia St and grabbing an ice cream and a beer or 2 ( as well as a book from the largest thrift shop I have ever been in). Next day was the touristy thing - cycle the bay and across Golden Gate Bridge to Sausalito. Great fun apart from the bridge itself which had pedestrians and cyclists going both ways on one side of the bridge about 5ft wide- not fun. Then met my Uncle Seamus (4 years older than me) in Sausalito for lunch (we were only an hour late -oops) and a wander round the moorings in the sun. Another beer overlooking the bay and finding out the worlds best gin was from the area ( or ... read more
Me with Seamus in Sausalito
SF MOMA - Arfur Jafa
Says it all - MOMA

After leaving our hotel room in Fort Bragg, my husband and I decided to continue on down the coastal highway to San Francisco, California. This was a place we'd always dreamed of visiting and I'm so thrilled that it did not disappoint. We arrived in the city just before sundown. We stayed at La Luna Inn, a quaint little boutique hotel right on Lombard Street. We were excited to book this particular stay, because we'd heard all about the infamous curves of the street and wanted to see it firsthand for ourselves! After checking in and unloading, we walked down to Fisherman's Wharf. There were merchants setting up shop all the way around the wharf, each selling his own version of steaming clam chowder. Some were in styrofoam bowls, and some were in bread bowls. Some ... read more
Ostrich Land
Cannery Row
Pink Ladies in San Francisco

After an excellent, shorter by one hour, flight with Virgin, we hit the ground running! Hotel in good location close to Fisherman’s Wharf and as only 3.30p.m local time but about 11.30pm uk time, we had to get Out and about, so visited piers 41-44. Very early night, but up at 5.30am. Tuesday 15th. Day of bus touring today!! Complete tour of city and then various hop offs until we went out to Golden Gate Bridge. Transferred to tram to cross bridge and then walked back across it....wonderful views and so glad we did it. Next, bus to Golden Gate Park for tour. We found that we had a personal tour guide as only two on the bus! Another transfer to get back to the Wharf and this bus took us through Chinatown, which they aren’t ... read more

" All journeys have secret destinations of which the traveller is unaware." Pearson International Airport, Toronto, is huge and one might say what! But it is that big and that impressive that it is worthy of comment. And it is "home" to Air Canada which has also latched onto the airline industries subtle extortion game. Bear in mind that we were checking in on an international flight to a destination in the USA. Well, here's the thing. They found it perfectly normal and commercially acceptable to charge $25.00 per bag checked in. An absolute first for me! Got over it and of far more importance than figuring out the meaning of "extortion" was the destination on that day. San Francisco! The mere mention of this name evokes a treasure trove of memories for many. These ... read more
San Francisco
San Francisco
San Francisco

If someone asked me this before we began this trip the answer would have been "yes" though I must confess I haven't worn flowers in my hair. I haven't been to San Francisco before and have been keen to visit for a long time. It's one of those places - like New York- that I’ve grown up seeing in countless TV episodes and films (Bullett and the Dirty Harry movies spring to mind) so it all somehow seems quite familiar even though I've never been here. What I hadn't realised is that there say a dozen distinct city areas that are each quite different. The iconic film-scapes with cable cars and steep hills is really just a small area of North Shore. Like any large city it’s not RV friendly but J finds a state campground ... read more

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