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North America » United States » California » San Francisco February 1st 2003

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Buena Vista
El Mansour

I had the opportunity to see San Francisco when Keith (Dennis’ nephew) and his girlfriend Jan, picked me up from Tita Sibi’s house. Stayed with Keith and Jan in their cool condo which was just beside the Candlestick Park. Went around San Francisco - of course you won’t miss the Golden Gate Bridge (wondering why it’s described as Golden when the Bridge is not Gold ha..ha..ha..), Crookedest Street and Pier 39. Oh, I saw Alcatraz from afar. While in the city, I was able to visit my cousin Grace who just had another baby girl. ... read more

I touched down in San Francisco on June 20th 2002 after an 11 hour flight from London. Feeling tired and weary I did what any savvy budget traveller would do and hailed down a cab to take me to my Hostel. It took me a little while to settle into life in the Hostel. What no room service? The Pacific Tradewinds Hostel was a small and welcoming joint and I quickly made friends with some varied and interesting characters. I quickly developed a rapport with Robie from Canada, based mainly on a mutual apprecation of drinking and womanizing. I spent a few days doing the tourist thing e.g. walking around the city, alcatraz, cable car rides etc. The best thing I did was hiring a mountain bike and cycling over the Golden Gate Bridge, I also ... read more

I've booked up a car with two new friends to travel south. Matt, Steve and I will be driving to Yosemite today to camp in the wilderness. I spent lots of time yesterday reading about bears. To trek in the national parks you need a bear proof container - and in it goes everything that vaguely resembles food, any toiletries and even deoderant. The containers are made of thick plastic and open with the aid of a quarter. The bears don't even bother trying to open these containers, presumably because they don't have any change. We have the car for a week and hope also to see the grand canyon and death valley - so I get to achieve my ambition of visiting desert. I'll be sorry to leave the hostel which I have met so ... read more
The Palace of Fine Arts II
The Palace of Fine Arts
A VW beetle

Alcatraz - trust the Americans to take a top security prison that has been "home" to some of the most violent and notorious criminals of the 20th century - and to turn it into the biggest tourist attraction in the city. I booked a tour with Cherolyn from Canada - and embarked on the journey. (Aside - this travelling thing is cool - just walk into a room of strangers and ask if anyone wants to go to prison today, and someone will.) I've seen the island in so many movies - too see it in real life is awesome, shame about all the tourists - but hey pot kettle black etc. The ferry journey is so quick and the first thing you notice is that it is cold - I'd forgot my jumper. On landing ... read more
Cherolyn and a Duck
Lombard Street

San Francisco is the bollocks. It's frantastico - sorry thats crap... Anyway - I've booked a trip to Alcatraz for tomorrow - had clam chowder and a had a generally very nice day. The highlight of the day was the 52nd floor of the Bank of America - $5 for a beer in the restaurant on the top floor and you get to sit at the top of this very cool building and just look down - and around at the amazing SF vistas. The music they play sucks though. I've also visited the Palace of Fine arts - a reconstructed psuedo Greek temple structure built for a 1905 exhibition. The photos (when added) show how beautiful it is. After wandering around the Palace for a bit I found what I thought would be the Fine ... read more
Sealions at Fishermans Wharf
Fishermans Wharf
View from the 52nd Floor

I'm here ! I've made it out of the UK and in to the USA - so many firsts for me over the past 24 hrs... First time out of Europe, first time in the states, first time with a passport stamp, first time through the metal detectors without bleeping. The plane journey was uneventful - enjoyed three movies and read a lot. Couldn't sleep too excited. Upon arrival I was worried about customs and imigration - and the ton of junk I've bought over with me - I had my travel guitar with me and everyone kept asking - "Is that a guitar?" - it worked a charm - by distracting all attention from me I was out of the airport and into the wide open spaces in about 20mins - bus to down town ... read more
The Bay Bridge
Pier One

Well, here goes for another entry.............. In March 2002 i decided i wanted to visit a few places in America (and one in Canada) the places I chose were San Fransisco, New Orleans, Washington and finally Toronto. I like to visit places where when you see a landmark or an area you can associate it immediately with the place. Well my first stop was San Fransisco (not San Fran or Frisco) but know by the locals merely as THE CITY. The sight of the Golden Gate Bridge, the Cable Cars running through the street and the nortourious prison Alcatraz instantly make you aware that you are in San Fransisco. I would recomend to anyone considering a trip to The City that a ride on the cable cars is a must, so to is a trip accross ... read more

North America » United States » California » San Francisco » Alcatraz January 13th 2000

The Rock in the Bay. The one Clint Eastwood escaped from and the one Ed Harris/Nicolas Cage/Sean Connery fought over. Once the home of Al Capone. It is beautifully located in the San Francisco Bay. Much has been left untouched since this high-security facility was closed down in the 1960’s or so. Comfort and pleasure aren’t the first things that comes to mind here. Not exactly Hotel California. You couldn’t check out any time you like…... read more

North America » United States » California » San Francisco January 5th 2000

A day-trip to San Francisco from Los Angeles is not to recommend. It's a 6 hr drive on the interstate, one way. Sort of a hit-n-run experience. You step on it to make the most out of your day in SF, but still the time just isn't enough. Our Ford Mercury is big and comfortable, more than enough for the three of us. The coastal highway would have been much more scenic, but we just don't have the time, so I-5 it is. It's really not too bad. The valleys leading out to the inland of California are nice. Dry, not very colorful, but very different from the terrain in our homeland. Then all of a sudden the topography changes. Like the flick of a switch the landscape switches to completely flat, plain land. Like a ... read more

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