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Minus day 1............ The beginning of what is to be our trip of a lifetime begins tomorrow as we board the 4:30 flight to San Francisco. We have left no stone unturned as we have scrutinized every detail for this trip. Tickets for popular tourist attractions have been purchased and carefully tucked into our travel folder. Cars rented, train tickets waiting and boat tours ready for us to join. You can stick a fork in's done and just waiting for the day to be upon us. We Travel to Europe for an unprecedented 2 month adventure beginning in London England and ending, of course in the South of France. This trip will have 3 major junctures beginning with the 10 day London/Paris part we are thrilled to share with our family. We are so excited ... read more

Neben der Aerial Tramway ist in Palm Springs der nahegelegene Joshua Tree National Park eine wichtige Sehenswürdigkeit. Diesen habe ich heute besichtigt. Auf dem Weg dorthin bin ich an einer großen Windkraftanlage vorbei gekommen, wie ich sie in Deutschland noch nicht gesehen habe. Allerdings frage ich mich, ob hier nicht Solarenergie mehr bringen würde. Auf jeden Fall habe ich den Nationalpark gut erreicht. Das Standardticket ist 7 Tage gültig. Es gibt kein kürzeres. Das ist natürlich schade. Dann bin ich dort hinein gefahren und habe schnell festgestellt, was man sich unter einem Joshua Tree vorzustellen hat. Die gibt es hier massenweise und auch nur hier. Dann habe ich ein paar Mal angehalten und Fotos gemacht, bevor ich zu einem Aussichtspunkt auf einen Berg genannt Keys View hinauf gefahren bin. Hier hat man eine schöne Aussicht. Von ... read more
Im Joshua Tree National Park.
Im Joshua Tree National Park.
Im Joshua Tree National Park.

Ich habe gestern nochmals auf die Karte gekuckt und festgestellt, dass ich in die falsche Richtung gefahren bin. Mein Zielort Vancouver liegt ja im Norden und nicht im Süden. Ok - nur Spaß. Wie schon lange geplant bin ich heute nach dem Frühstück in die Wüste gefahren und zwar nach Palm Springs. In zwei Tagen wird es weiter gehen. Ich habe davor großen Respekt und hoffe, dass mein Auto nicht irgendwann einfach stehen bleibt. Für diesen Fall habe ich mir gestern ja einen Wasservorrat zugelegt und auf den Straßen bisher ist viel Betrieb. Nachdem ich heute das Hotel verlassen habe, habe ich zuerst einmal getankt. Das ist bei Mietwagen immer etwas spannend. Die Vermieterin meinte ja, dass ich Regular tanken kann und das gab es sogar an der Tankstelle vor der Autobahnauffahrt. Allerdings funktioniert das Prinzip ... read more
Ausflug mit der Aerial Tramway auf den Mount San Jacinto.
Ausflug mit der Aerial Tramway auf den Mount San Jacinto.
Ausflug mit der Aerial Tramway auf den Mount San Jacinto.

When it comes to feelings about the desert, there really is no indecision. You are either in or out. There is no in-between. Some see it as a wasteland, hot, arid and forbidding. Sand, sky and scrub. Certainly not worth visiting, much less living in. Others see it as everything they have ever dreamed of. A perfectly blank canvas where they can create any story their imagination can render. A vast landscape of endless opportunity whose only limit is one's own vision. The latter are the people who made Palm Springs. Utilizing what they had, the first visionaries took advantage of the hot dry air and natural thermal baths. Imagining cures for a host of conditions amongst the cactus, smoke trees and palms they built curative spas designed to give sufferers hope. People came from all ... read more
Caliente Tropic Hotel
Palm Springs
Pink Doors

North America » United States » California » Palm Springs September 2nd 2017

It's the day before departure. I feel like a kid in a candy store. Tom and I have traveled to Europe many times before but this time it feels different. This time we are going to be chauffered everywhere from the moment our third plane for the day touches down in Prague, our first stop on this amazing adventure. No rental cars, no trains no maps to see how to get from point A to point B. The plane lands, someone sees our shiny red Viking sticker and we are whisked away to our newest exciting adventure. 3 days in Prague, followed by an 8 day river cruise on the beautiful blue Danue and after that we end this wonderful trip in Paris.....we know what to do in Paris and we've already made our reservations at ... read more

,Well hello everyone from sunny and WARM Palm Springs. It's good to pack the cardigan and jeans away for a change. We were headed up to Boston when I last wrote and on the way there we stopped at a beautiful town called Wethersfield that had the most magnificent old homes that are still being lived in today and they are hundreds of years old. You would never guess how old they are as they are so well kept. I have included photos of just a few houses but there were whole streets full of these gems. Don't forget to look for the ghost house. After leaving Wethersfield we called in for a tour of Mark Twain's house in Hartford Connecticut and that is also a museum. Did you know that Samuel Clemens (aka Mark Twain) ... read more
Wethwesfield house
Wethersfield house

North America » United States » California » Palm Springs March 14th 2015

Geo: 33.8233, -116.512Visiting friends then family... read more

North America » United States » California » Palm Springs December 27th 2014

Robolights is a steampunk-inspired, madcap display of robots and Christmas anti-kitsch made from discarded electronics and other trash that an artist set up in his own backyard in Palm Springs. The display uses 7 million LED lights and it is open to the public during the holiday season. Entry to the backyard - where most of the robots and crazy statues are housed - is $5 and it is well worth it. Robolights is located at 1077 E. Granvia Valmonte, Palm Springs. This is a must-see if you are in the area! I've attached and labeled some photos to give you an idea what this display is about. Enjoy.... read more
Something made from an old aircon unit, I think
Bird-headed robot
Robot standing guard over a pile of Christmas presents

North America » United States » California » Palm Springs November 28th 2014

Perhaps the most interesting and enlightening destination in Palm Springs is the Air Museum, a real gem dedicated to the restoration, preservation, presentation and operation of some of America’s most significant military aircraft from World War II, Korea, and Vietnam. The result is a really fine collection of more than thirty aircraft from those conflicts, many still flyable and some being restored. It’s a non-profit institution which also has static displays, a research library, theatre, and education center, all with the aim of educating the public about the role played by Air Power in maintaining freedom. It provides a unique opportunity to view close up some of the actual legendary aircraft that participated in the European and Pacific campaigns, while learning about the deeds of their crews and their leaders. Detailed information plaques about their capabilities ... read more
The external Wall of Honour is dedicated to those airmen who won the Distinguished Flying Cross.
In its neat layout it features much more than just aircraft.
This mural, one of many, pays tribute to the Tuskegee Airmen, the all-black fighter pilots of WWII renown.

North America » United States » California » Palm Springs November 20th 2014

Margo and I spent a delightful month in Palm Springs. Located about 100 miles east of Los Angeles with a population of about 45,000, it is the largest and best known of the adjoining cities and towns in the Coachella Valley. The mean annual temperature is about 75 F (24 C), and there are 180 days when the high reaches 90 F (32 C). On top of that, it’s almost always sunny, so it’s a paradise for “snowbirds” like us. The area had long been inhabited by Amerindians, but it only began to attract the interest of others in the late 1880s. It started to become a fashionable resort in the early 1900s because of its dry heat and near perpetual sunshine. By the mid-1930s wealthy people seeking respite from Los Angeles began to arrive, establishing ... read more
It's a fabulous oasis in the desert ...
... sheltered by mountains on the West and the East sides.
It has many varieties of palms plus other native and imported trees too.

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