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North America » United States » California » Monterey September 18th 2012

Day 12 - San Francisco to Monterey, Distance travelled - 101 miles Almost every day we see or do something special that makes the whole hassle of organising and planning this trip in such minute detail worthwhile and today was no exception. The US highway 1 is a spectacular road and we have barely scratched the surface with another possible 300 miles of it left to do! With just a short 100 mile run down the coast from San Francisco to Monterey today, there was no need to rush and so the usual tank emptying and unhooking was completed by 10-30 and we were on the road leaving a slightly grey and chilly San Francisco behind us. Mapquest gives you three alternative routes to Monterey, blast down highway 101, travel cross country on the I17 or ... read more
Clear roads and clear skies to the south on US1
Small beaches all along the road

North America » United States » California » Monterey August 29th 2012

Tuesday 29 August 2012 Today we leave Pismo Beach to drive to Hearst Castle and then onto Monterey. It took us an hour to drive to Hearst Castle in San Simeon. The estate was formally named “La Cuesta Encantada (The Enchanted Hill) but usually called “the ranch”. Hearst Castle was owned by Newspaper magnate William Randolph Hearst and built between 1919 - 1947 by architect Julia Morgan. Mediterranean Revival Style architecture, it took 28 years to complete and was never finished. It had 2 pools: the outdoor Neptune pool and an indoor pool known as the Roman pool which was covered with mosaics and had a diving pool. Rick we need a BIGGER pool now! In the early days they also kept many animals on the ranch including polar bears. We saw a number of zebras ... read more
Monterey near Portola Hotel

North America » United States » California » Monterey August 28th 2012

Highway 120 out of Yosemite is another long & winding road.....but early on a Saturday morning, most traffic was coming towards us, so we enjoyed a relatively smooth drive west. The road was out further along due to a rockfall, and a temporary bridge took us across to a single track road the other side of the Merced River: quite some mess, it certainly makes you appreciate how easy it is for communities to get cut off when Mother Nature decides to let rip ! We sat for 10 minutes waiting for a huge freight train to get moving at one point, then filled up with gas in Los Banos. Asked the attendant for a good recommendation for brunch, and he came straight back with "url=, up the road a short way". A cracking example of ... read more
Julia's Restaurant, Pacific Grove
Harbour exit, sea lions, seals, otters and birds
Whale Tale, courtesy of John Krzesinski, Cameraman extraordinaire!!

North America » United States » California » Monterey August 23rd 2012

OH DEAR!! Day 5 & Hubby had a meltdown in the car on the trip today; SatNav lady was guiding us from Solvang to the Big Sur, and Mr Angry happened to ask me where we were, " I don't know" I replied apparently that was not what he wanted to hear! There ensued rants, raves and swear words for at least 30 mins (might have been seconds but seemed longer) until he calmed down, read the map, knew where we were & not in the middle of America as he thought, & carried on driving, knew I should have driven, but at least he gets to see our anniversary. (mind you next time I will kick him out of the car & drive off ) !! Anyway back to earlier - Strated the day quite ... read more
Healthy Breakfast
Baby elephant seal
Fry up Danish style

North America » United States » California » Monterey July 7th 2012

Breakfast on the pier. If that was all it would be enough. Fortunately that is where our day started. We woke up in picturesque Monterey where we strolled to the fisherman's wharf. The day itself was picture perfect, the temperature was 68 with not a single cloud in sight. The beach had just enough people to make it look interesting without it being crowded. We saw otters seemingly sun tanning on the buoys in the harbor and the seagulls watching us watching them. We then had a wonderful breakfast at Lou Lou's Griddle in the Middle. From Monterey we drove to the Santa Cruz Boardwalk where we found it to be everything you see in a magazine, brochure, or movie. We started by walking past rollercoasters filled with screaming people, a small casino with occupied senior ... read more
Photo 9
Photo 2
Photo 3

North America » United States » California » Monterey May 27th 2012

Day 7. One week down, fifty-one to go. On this lucky-numbered day, we finished up the Big Sur coastline. The sun was coming through the clouds, and the water sparkled. We passed a beautiful cove: waves crashing against worn rocks, a little stream coming out the hills, a sandbar covered in shorebirds, the hillsides glistening with dew. In another cove, we saw two sea otters resting amongst the kelp and at least 25 harbor seals relaxing on the rocks. Passing over several historic bridges built in the early 1930's, we came to Monterey, a city set like a gem on the oceanfront. Following signs for the famous aquarium, we came down alongside the beach, where we found some surprisingly decently-priced parking. ($2 an hour! Downtown!) Before heading to the aquarium, we took Rascal for a walk. ... read more
Monterey Bay
Kelp Forest
Clear as Air

North America » United States » California » Monterey May 23rd 2012

Geo: 36.5976, -121.8975/23/12 – We left Paso Robles this morning around 8:30 AM and set our sights for Monterey, CA by way of the Pacific Coast Highway (PCH). Today I took the most amazing photos. I will only be able to download a few, but I promise to choose the best.It was 25 miles to the coast through rolling hills of purple and amber with dark green trees and rows and rows of grapevines along the way. We passed through hills and valleys of productive land. Steve learned from the desk clerk at our hotel, whose brother grows grapes and almonds, that 8 acres of grapevines nets him a lot more money than 40 acres of almond trees. And that is the beginning of the chain that ends up in those expensive bottles of wine that ... read more

North America » United States » California » Monterey May 21st 2012

So it's been a few days since we've blogged last but it's been busy and exhausting and we've seen a lot, so it's time to try and remember it all and get it on the blog for everyone to see. Based on weather forecasts in the northwest and for Glacier and Yellowstone, we will not be able to make it all the way up there, so we're going to stay south and head back east into Utah and Colorado before wrapping up the trip in Salt Lake City to ship the bikes home and fly back. We started out on Saturday from Flagstaff and went to the Grand Canyon. It was a good thing we purchased our National Park American Eagle Pass. This allows 2 motorcycles to enter any National Park for an entire year. The ... read more
Look what I found...
At the Grand Canyon
We made it!

North America » United States » California » Monterey May 19th 2012

Day 19: After a breakfast of bacon & pancakes, Bob, Kerry & Charlie went to tour the Monterey Aquarium. It is a great facility with lots and lots a very well done exibits, and touch tanks for the kids. We went into a parking garage marked "Aquarium Parking". When we walked out, we discovered that we had to walk about six blocks to get to the entrance to the aquarium. Turns out that the best place to buy patches was in the first store we went into on the way to the aquarium, so we stopped there on the way back to the car. We spent about 3 1/2 hours to see the entire facility. It covered all sorts of aquatic environments from the beach out to the deep ocean. We got to see the feeding ... read more
Fish w/ unusual blue eyes
Large Shrimp
Hiding Flounder

North America » United States » California » Monterey May 19th 2012

This morning Gena cooked bacon and I cooked pancakes and we breakfasted together. The Monterey Bay Aquarium didn’t open until 10, so we had time for a leisurely meal. Gena stayed behind this morning to do laundry (and watch Milo) while Kerry, Bob and I went to the aquarium. We parked at the garage that was labeled Aquarium and Cannery Row parking. It turns out it was five blocks from the aquarium, but we made the best of it by checking the stores along the way for patches and cheap postcards. Once in the aquarium, we went first to see the feeding at the Open Sea tank. This tank had tuna, dolphin fish, sardines, sharks, hammerheads, sea turtles and a big sun fish, among others. These were the fish you’d see if you were dumped out ... read more
Moon Jellies
Swarms of sardines
green sea turtle

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