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North America » United States » California » Monterey April 7th 2017

Geo: 36.5976, -121.897We always enjoy our time in Monterey. So much time can be spent just walking or biking the waterfront area and stopping to enjoy the seals, otters and other wildlife you see. The Monterey Bay Aquarium is a world class place and would be recommended to anyone who has never been there. There are kayak rentals, whale watching boats and many other activities for those who wish to do so. We did two excursions to Point Lobos and Big Sur while we were in the Monterey area. Monterey is of course a great place to enjoy fresh seafood and other excellent meals as well as all the shopping you could hope for!We also enjoy walking Fisherman's Wharf and checking out all the shops and restaurants and of course great people watching! One of the ... read more
Monterey Harbor wildlife
Monterey Harbor wildlife
Monetery Harbor

North America » United States » California » Monterey April 6th 2017

Geo: 36.5976, -121.897Flight to Oakland just fine, get our rent car and head to Monterey area. Spent our first night in AirBnB nearby, had nice evening and were on the road early the next day. Got to Veteran's Memorial early and our favorite campsite was available and we set up and then went shopping and checking things out in town.Veteran's Memorial Park is a great asset for the budget minded camper. You can only camp for three days at a time but can return after a day elsewhere. There is a deduction on the cost of the campsite for seniors! There are showers and lockers for people that are camping with a vehicle. Nice playground and place where people play fetch with their dogs as well. Behind the shower and toilet area are two nice sinks ... read more
Cannery Row . Monterey Pacific Coastal Trail
Cannery Row . Monterey Pacific Coastal Trail
Cannery Row . Monterey Pacific Coastal Trail

North America » United States » California » Monterey February 25th 2017

Geo: 36.5976, -121.897Called this a remote spot because if you come by land, you feel that you are heading to a very remote spot. To go by land from Puerto Jimenez you take the bus to La Palma de Osa and from there you catch a "collective" to Drake. This option to Drake is only during the dry season because you must cross water/rivers five times and they become impassable during the rainy season. As it happened, the "collectivo" was not running the day we went and so there was one of the local transporters with his truck with two bench seats in the back. He told us to get in the back seat and the other couple that was traveling there got to sit on the bench seats in the back. The ride was a ... read more
hiking and enjoying Drake Bay
hiking and enjoying Drake Bay
hiking and enjoying Drake Bay

North America » United States » California » Monterey October 1st 2016

Vækkeuret ringede kvarter i syv, op for at ringe til hvaltursarrangørerne, der kunne fortælle os, at det lige nu ikke så ud til at turen kl. 8 ville blive aflyst. Hurtig morgenmad (ingen kaffe, for det kunne vi først få halv otte, men en kvart muffin fik vi da med som proviant) og så ned på havnen, parkere bilen og hen til båden. Solen skinnede fra en skyfri himmel, ingen tegn på havgus overhovedet. Kurt tog også med (han havde tidligere snakket om, at det ikke var sikkert) og lidt i otte entrede vi båden ”Sea Wolf” sammen med et halvt hundrede andre turister for at sejle ud på Monterey Bay og se efter hvaler i ca. 4 timer. Søløverne lå flere steder inde i havnen, oppe på afsatser, på bøjer og lignende og mens vi ... read more
Risso's delfin

North America » United States » California » Monterey September 30th 2016

Da Karen kom tilbage fra sin løbetur her til morgen, fortalte hun om en dal tæt på, med et lille vandløb i bunden, hvor hun havde hørt en del fugle. Den måtte jeg lige kigge nærmere på og jeg gik en rigtig dejlig morgentur, nærmest i en kløft på en smal sandsti. Der var ganske rigtigt en del fugle, bl.a. rigtig mange agernspætter, men og så en del andre. Det mest overraskende var dog en gråræv, der luntede rund på den anden side af den udtørrede bæk. Da jeg kom retur igen spiste vi vores morgenmad og snakke om, hvad dagen skulle gå med, ud over at vi skulle have benzin på bilen. Vi ville ned på havnen og se på hvalsafari tilbud - og selve havnen, vi skulle ud til Point Lobos og se efter ... read more
Monterey Wharf
Caliafornisk søløve
Brun pelikan

North America » United States » California » Monterey May 26th 2016

Leaving Raratonga one of the smallest international airports in the world, we arrive at Los Angeles one of the largest in the world. It felt like being hit with a hammer, so many people, so many security and customs checks. We were to hire a car and drive straight out into LA’s busy road system. We came face head-on with the city’s extrovert nature when the car hire shuttle bus driver, decided he would paraphrase the automated information system himself saying, ‘ I usually play an announcement that goes like this, ‘Welcome to the Alamo and National shuttle ya-di-ya-di-ya-da, hold on as the bus might stop ya di ya di ya di ya-da stow bagages safely, ya-di-ya-di-ya-da and so on…’ I suppose it was what we were expecting! I had pre booked a midsize car, and ... read more
Rodeo Drive-Beverley Hills
50's themed Johnny Rockets - I loved their hamburgers
Hearst castle

North America » United States » California » Monterey April 16th 2016

Geo: 36.6002, -121.895Decided to go on hike with Kjersten and she thought it would be nice to walk through the neighborhoods in Berkeley and then up into the park that is above the Claremont Hotel. It always interesting to me to look at the various types of architecture as we walk along to say nothing of the lovely flowers planted here and there in the different yards.As we were walking, we were steadily climbing higher and higher and then were at the park entrance. Walked up for a while and then were rewarded with a stunning view back out toward San Francisco. It was a very clear day and so you could see forever. Walked back down and decided to have lunch at the Claremont Hotel. It is one of those grand old hotels from the ... read more
Hiking around hills of Berkeley
Hiking around hills of Berkeley
Hiking around hills of Berkeley

North America » United States » California » Monterey April 15th 2016

Geo: 36.6002, -121.895Taxes were done early, and paid before heading out on this vacation!!!No rain so easy break down and load up heading back to Berkeley. Got to Berkeley and got settled in the cottage. Paul arrived and got us taken care of us on keys for the stay. Got a few things at Berkeley Bowl and Walgreen's came through with the doxycycline needed for the trip.Cleaned up and took the worker shuttle that come through the Heinz office buildings right by Paul's and stops at the Oakland/Ashby Bart station where we got out and then walked on to the Garage Gallery for the show. The exhibit was quite interesting. The artist sits down every day with a 4x6 paper with felt markers and draws what she is feeling. Bought one of the paintings for our ... read more
Garage Gallery final show for season
view along Coast highway
view along the coast highway

North America » United States » California » Monterey April 14th 2016

Geo: 36.6002, -121.895Made a decision to stay at Veteran's Memorial for another night because Pfiefer Big Sur campground could possibly be full and just drive the Big Sur coast and come back to already set up camp. There is also the price difference; Veteran's $30 and Big Sur $78.Got a croissant and coffee at Peets and then drove over to the Coast Guard pier to check things out. It was so very sad; there was a seal dying on the shore with fishing twine wrapped around his neck. Evidently someone had called so see if it could be saved.T The traffic was not horrible and so we were able to pull off and look at the view Stopped at our favorite place to check and see if we can see any condors flying around and check ... read more
Julia Pfiefer Park
Julia Pfiefer State
 Big Sur coastline

North America » United States » California » Monterey April 13th 2016

Geo: 36.5976, -121.897Slept late for us.........8 am! Fixed coffee and then headed down to town to shop for groceries and do some thrift store shopping. There is always something we need to buy, Robert got a windbreaker and Laura a sweater. Really do not have room to put much more in our bags and we really have everything we need.Drove down the street along the waterfront and saw there were wooden barricades up and people standing around looking down at the water. Found a parking place and joined the crowd at the wooden barricade. It is calving season for the harbor seals and the barricade is to protect the babies and mother's from humans and dogs I am sure!Was interesting to watch the young seals and their mother swimming in the ocean and then head to ... read more
harbor at Monterey
beach scene
love these trees

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