Day 7 - Hot fun in the summertime

Published: July 9th 2012
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Breakfast on the pier. If that was all it would be enough. Fortunately that is where our day started. We woke up in picturesque Monterey where we strolled to the fisherman's wharf. The day itself was picture perfect, the temperature was 68 with not a single cloud in sight. The beach had just enough people to make it look interesting without it being crowded. We saw otters seemingly sun tanning on the buoys in the harbor and the seagulls watching us watching them. We then had a wonderful breakfast at Lou Lou's Griddle in the Middle.

From Monterey we drove to the Santa Cruz Boardwalk where we found it to be everything you see in a magazine, brochure, or movie. We started by walking past rollercoasters filled with screaming people, a small casino with occupied senior citizens, and a packed arcade. There were so many people on the beach that it resembled a small community pool on a scorching day rather than a mile long shore with cool weather. In order for us to get the full breadth of the scene we walked to the edge of the pier where we found our conversation overshadowed by the sound of sea lions. Particularly a male sea lion trying to serenade 4-5 females. With as much effort as he was putting forth, I hope he was successful.

With all the beauty that we've seen up to this point, the most beautiful has been FAMILY. Upon reaching the Bay area, we were greeted by our gracious host Ms. Ann Valentine. She has kindly opened up her home to us and has filled us in on all the best locations to see and things to do. My great Aunt Ora made us the best home cooked meal we've had weeks. So the day ended as we sat, ate, and talked.

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9th July 2012

Ummm...I think Danny's magazine pose was inspired by me!
Love the pics...Danny's pose is reminiscent of one urban photo shoot, no? (imagine taliking in a French accent)
10th July 2012

New Profession
If you decide not to be a principal, you can always get a job writing tour magazines. You two make me wish I was there.

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