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15th July 2012

These photos should be Postcards.
15th July 2012

Fry a Egg
After 119 degrees, 100 will seem like winter.
13th July 2012

The pictures look great! I am glad you two are enjoying your time away :)
12th July 2012

Let it Last forever!!
Alright then, I sure hope your love does last as long and as tall as those trees... Looks like they have a great and dependable provider, of water and sun, to last this long.. Beautiful..
12th July 2012

Trying to hold on!!!
Nappa Valley is Absolutely beautiful...You and Danny may not want to stay there to long though. Looked a lil tipsy Son of Love, even with the sun shades...LOLOLOL!!! Now I definitely know why my Mother loves her some San Francisco... Daughter, you couldn't bring a sister back one of those delicious looking crabs?? LOL!!!
11th July 2012

My kind of place!
I cannot WAIT for my visit to Napa with my new "partners in wine!" How fitting that your wine expert's name was Tracy...just sayin' :) P.S. How is it that every batch of pictures has one of Danny looking like he's tryong our for ANTM - male edition?
10th July 2012
So in love

Great times...
You two look so happy and relaxed...loved the blog and details! Thanks for sharing!
10th July 2012

I cant't take it anymore.
OMG!!! The devil is a liiieee.... After looking at day 7 and day 8, I can no longer lie, I want to go out there in person. Yes, the pictures are ABSOLUTELY AWESOME but, I need to go out to Cali and visit up close and in person. I am already praying for Totaling Healing because I need to spend All of my latter days TRaveling...LOL!!!
10th July 2012
Photo 74

Beautiful pitures
I look like you guys are having a great time. We send our blessings and pray for continued traveling grace for you all!
10th July 2012

New Profession
If you decide not to be a principal, you can always get a job writing tour magazines. You two make me wish I was there.
9th July 2012

Ummm...I think Danny's magazine pose was inspired by me!
Love the pics...Danny's pose is reminiscent of one urban photo shoot, no? (imagine taliking in a French accent)
8th July 2012

Can't wait to see ALL the pics!
Hey there! I just caught up on the AWESOMENESS of your trip. Y'all have that sick lovey-dovey couple look that we all love to see. :) Can't wait to see all of the pics and hear about the trip in first person!
7th July 2012

Your Cousins
Glad to see you saw your cousins.
6th July 2012

My vaction is looking up!!!
WOW!!! My vacation is getting better Everyday.. I would have never thought, I could go to all of these places on my budget. LOL!!! All will I need after this trip is to go to the Midwest. Keep the Awesome photos coming.
5th July 2012

I just saw the firework show you mentioned on the news here in South Dakota. It wasnt only the talk of the town, it was news worthy!
5th July 2012

Need a babysitter!!!!
Well after looking at these pics! Its time for a road trip, but who will keep two teenage girls with bad attitudes, any takers let me know!!!!!!
5th July 2012
Photo 6

Great pics! Love San Diego and Cornonado-have fun!!!!
5th July 2012

I hope you don't mind I called the city of San Diego and ask if they could light the sky up on your Anniversary, and they said YES. Enjoy.
3rd July 2012

Vegas looks great. I can't believe you were driving on the road with the possibilty of a avalance. I'm not going to cross this city off my bucket list. You've convinced me that I've got to go there. Love the pictures.
3rd July 2012

I'm on Vacation too!!!
OMG!!! Thanks for sending all of these photo's. They are ABSOLUTELY AWESOMMEEEE.... Photo's 5, 9, and 16 are just what I needed to see. I feel like I am on Vacation too. Can't wait to see more... Continue to Enjoy Everything and Praise God for the Opportunity to see All of His Glorious Earth..Have fun and don't Miss Me too much.. LOLOLOL!!!! Love you both.
2nd July 2012

virual traveling
I love this, I feel like I'm there. Now I can take NM off my bucket list, been there, done that.
From Blog: Day I- Route 66
2nd July 2012

Did you ever find the .04%?!
Hey there! I feel like I'm right there with y'all! Well...good thing I'm not because that would just be wierd. :) Travel safely to Vegas and don't wild out...at least not TOO much!
From Blog: Day I- Route 66
2nd July 2012

On the road again
Praying for safety and cheap gas the whole trip...cmon Obama!
1st July 2012

Wow, looked at your packing photos, are you two coming BACK? Miss you already.

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