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North America » United States » California » Lee Vining August 14th 2014

Tja, daar zit ik dan, in een felverlichte ruimte waar wasmachines en drogers staan. Kids en Frits zitten in de camper, het is hier te koud om s'avonds buiten te zijn. Vanmorgen zijn we uit vegas vertrokken. Een lange rit stond vandaag op het programma, ongeveer vijf en een half uur rijden, langs Death Valley. Ongelofelijk dat een weg zo saai, saai, droog, stoffig kan zijn. Voor vannacht hadden we geen overnachting geboekt omdat het van de conditie van de weg en van de conditie van Frits afhangt of we in een keer door zouden rijden. Maar dat hebben we dus gedaan, de langste trip tot nu toe. Onderweg kom je twee plaatsjes tegen waar vervallen schuren en huisjes staan, naast autowrakken en lege winkeltjes, verroeste pompstations met lege schappen. Er is NIETS!!!! We zijn doorgereden ... read more

North America » United States » California » Lee Vining June 16th 2014

Geo: 37.9575, -119.121We stayed right on the eastern edge of Nevada last night, just across the time zone into Pacific Time. So, we woke up around 5:00 am PT, and hit the road just after 6:00 am.We traveled diagonally across Nevada for 420 miles. That is a big state! For the first 100 miles, we probably saw 8 cars and nothing else. We took mainly back roads and had a great drive.We are staying at an RV park right off of Mono Lake just over the California border, and 0.2 miles from a cool little tourist town in Lee Vining, CA. Watching the US soccer game in the RV at the moment.....Sheila is running (shocking)....and we will head to town for dinner a little later.On to Yosemite tomorrow....only 85 miles.... read more
The only life that we saw for miles
Almost to the Excelsior Mountains
Lunch time

We spent the afternoon exploring the town of Bodie, a ghost town. It was an hour’s drive from Lee Vining following a bendy road but the last three miles turned into a dusty, rocky unpaved road. It’s often closed during the winter after heavy snow fall due to it's high altitude of around. By the time we got to the town our car had turned from a lovely white to a dirty grey. The town had been a thriving gold mining town which grew up in 1859 when gold was found along the Bodie Creek. $100 million worth of ore was found but when the gold ran out everyone moved out. Set in a large dust bowl the town had lots of wooden houses, a general store, a hotel, a church and a school. On the ... read more
The street Through Brodie
Dusty Furniture left behing

North America » United States » California » Lee Vining September 7th 2013

The plan was to spend a week together at Yosemite National Park with Kayla's cousin and his wife, plans having been made several months ago, in time for us to make the reservations online. Us and the rest of the world, or so it seemed when we made the reservations at exactly the right day and time, down to the minute, that the reservations became available. However, the day had finally come, and we left Lake Tahoe knowing already that things would not be as planned. The Rim Fire near and into Yosemite National Park was continuing to burn fiercely with only a small percentage contained by the time we left. Smoke was everywhere. The plan was to spend three days in Tuolumne Meadows on the Eastern side of the park, and four days in Yosemite ... read more
Trees at Dog Lake
Dog Lake Reflection
Mono Lake

North America » United States » California » Lee Vining June 12th 2012

BISHOP/LAWS TO MAMMOUTH LAKES, MONO LAKE, WALKER CANYON AND CARSON CITY, NV Saturday, June 2nd HAPPY BIRTHDAY CHRISTOPHER!! Von’s parking lot in Bishop, CA. 9:00 and already 82 degrees. Since we had to wait until 10:00 to get into the newspapers at Laws, we went to Micky D’s for breakfast and a quick check of the internet/e-mail. We left Laws, having worked all day, but in no way scanning and reading all of the 20 years or more of newspapers that the museum has that covers the period our family was in the area. Drove about 6 miles from town to the Paiute Indian Casino to have a late lunch/early dinner. Both of us had prime rib and had enough left to have it for the next night. Valerie played the penny slots and ... read more
612-2 Street sign in Mammoth Lakes
612-3 Beaded baskets at Mono Lake visitors center
612-4 Baby ground squirrels at Mono Lake county park

North America » United States » California » Lee Vining March 17th 2012

After a brief hiatus, I'm on the flight home now and will post the rest. Hope you enjoy, I know we all sure did. Day 6! 14 March 2012. As I said at the end of last night’s blog, there is nothing to report from last night because I spent an inordinate amount of time writing it, so I just went to bed. With so much geology in store, let’s get right into today, shall we? Our first stop was at a geothermal plant where we would encounter geothermal vents, or fumaroles, that are evidence of an existing magma chamber which could be used to generate electricity (photo 1048). Fumaroles escape from through fissures (cracks) within the earth (in this case, it is a crustal magma chamber somewhere on the order of 8-10km deep) An overly ... read more
Day 6
Day 6
Day 6

North America » United States » California » Lee Vining March 14th 2012

Day 5! Wednesday, March 13, 2012 (I decided I’m going to start adding dates for posterity) As is becoming customary, I will close out my blog from the night before. We arrived at the Sierra Nevada Aquatic Research Lab (SNARL) just as the sun was starting to set. We were a little disappointed because of our failed attempts at seeing the petroglyphs and Owens River Valley, but on a trip like this, morale doesn’t stay low very long. The immediate remedy, in fact, came from the Coso Volcanic Field group that prepared an Italian meal which would’ve nearly made Grandma Aquilina proud. We listened to Dan Dawson, the Director at SNARL speak briefly on what the research lab is, how it plays into the bigger picture of California’s education system, the opportunities it holds for graduate ... read more
Day 5
Day 5
Day 5

North America » United States » California » Lee Vining September 22nd 2011

I woke up this morning at Granite Lake Campground. It sits on the shore of a lake in a glacial valley on the eastern side of the Sierra. A little waterfall cascades down one of the peaks along the valley. I chose this campground mostly because it’s close to Lee Vining. In contrast with Upper Pines in Yosemite, the vegetation consists entirely of grass and the occasional small tree, and I got a spot by showing up. It still has the bear boxes, though! Driving out shows that Granite Lake is artificial. The creek was dammed by the City of Los Angeles in the 1940s to feed the city’s growing thirst. This had very important consequences for the surrounding area. Further down the road, it reaches a broad open slope. The area has no vegetation at ... read more
Granite Lake Campground
Mono Craters
Mono Lake

North America » United States » California » Lee Vining June 28th 2011

Geo: 37.9575, -119.121After Yosemite (read about it here), my next stop was to be Reno. All of the campgrounds in the park were full, and I didn't want to drive 30 minutes back to the east, only to have to reverse my direction in the morning, so I decided to just drive through the park, to the leeward side of the Sierra Nevada mountains. The drive was lovely. Moody. Like how the woman you love somehow looks adorable when she is angry. I started a little before dusk, the skies beginning to cloud up as threatening weather drew near. As soon as I was out of the main valley, I hardly saw a soul. Relief. A twisted mountain road, often still lined with snow yet to melt and become part of one of the magnificent falls, ... read more
Moody Skies Reflected
Tioga Lake

North America » United States » California » Lee Vining August 23rd 2009

Day 3: I woke up very early this morning planning to see the sunrise over Mono Lake because everything I read said it was a "must see." I woke up to overcast skies and relatively cool weather and left the hotel room before 7 am. Ouch. I don't even get to work that early!! I should have slept in. Mono Lake has no outlet so through evaporation, the lake has become 2.5x more saline than the ocean and 1000 x more alkaline. They call this the "sister lake" to Salt Lake in Utah and I think this is even more saline.. These pictures are not so bright because of the clouds. The first one shows Buzzy in front of volcanic lslands that became visible as the lake decreased in volume. Fresh-water springs bubble up from below ... read more
Buzzy on a tufa
tufa and flies
Sand Dunes

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