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North America » United States » Colorado » Denver October 16th 2011

Geo: 39.74, -104.992I've been working on this last entry for weeks. And I still have no idea what to say. There's so much! Summarize five months, dozens of states, scores of highways, hundreds of interactions, and thousands of miles into a few paragraphs. Even once the words do find themselves, I know there will be more. Every memory will multiply. Movies, conversations, and just basic life will trigger thoughts and emotions that I will wish to include here. This entry may just become a myriad of random, unrelated thoughts, and will likely also be a work in progress.To those of you who are reading this, to those who checked in at any point, to those whom I saw along the way, to those who gave me a couch, a shower, company, hope, encouragement - in all ... read more

North America » United States » Colorado » Denver October 15th 2011

Geo: 39.74, -104.992In a small college town, the differences between closing time on a Saturday night and 9 AM the following morning are astounding. Overnight, some great alien race (perhaps called Alcoholians or Ganjites) completely eradicates all that was existing and replaces it a anew. The smells are different, the sights are different, as are the sounds and, of course, the inhabitants. Where hours earlier dozens of swaying, noisy, alcohol and hormone fueled bodies poured out of narrow doors in obscure recesses, there are now quaint sidewalks and sapling trees with colorful flowers deliberately planted amongst their roots. Where there were empty buildings and dark, uninviting windows there are now delightful tables, cheery townspeople, and the smells of fried eggs, greasy bacon and fresh baked goods. Where there was a tipsy student waving a cigarette and ... read more
Homeward Bound
Kansas windmills
horizon to horizon

North America » United States » Kansas » Lawrence October 14th 2011

Geo: 38.9731, -95.2365Friday morning in Nashville, set to be in Denver by the next evening - 1200 miles between. Piece of cake.The day went somewhat slowly as I babied the clutch, accelerating like a sloth but keeping the RPM a little closer to 3000, where the clutch seemed to be stronger and not slip as much. I was determined to make it to Denver unscathed, which would be a much better location to find a shop to doctor up my poor Tacoma, or at least a better location to get stranded by gambling and continuing to drive it sans repair.I passed through Kentucky, seeing little more than the freeway (which was not very impressive) and a quick stop in Paducah (even less impressive), and crossed over the Ohio River into the southern flatlands of the Land ... read more
Arch 3
St Louis Arch
Arch 2

North America » United States » Tennessee » Nashville October 12th 2011

Geo: 36.1682, -86.7772From Birmingham I had two potential routes back to Denver, in which I aimed to be by Saturday night to surprise a good friend for her birthday. Option 1: Travel northwest through Mississippi and spend Wednesday night in Memphis, then North to St Louis for a night, a night somewhere in the barren Kansas flats, and to Denver. Option 2: Head directly north and spend a quick 2 nights in Nashville, then just beeline all the way home to Denver over the two following days. Based on what I'd heard of Memphis, it's not exactly the safest of cities, probably especially to those sleeping in a truck, and St Louis... well... if it weren't for that cool arch nobody would ever hear a damn thing about it! The problem with Nashville was that, if ... read more
First Nashville Bar
Batman Building
The Volunteer State

North America » United States » Alabama » Birmingham October 11th 2011

Geo: 33.5203, -86.8115Leaving Asheville, even though it was going in the wrong direction, I decided to head southeast toward Spartanburg, South Carolina in order to do a quick sweep through some of the southern states. The moment I passed into this new state was a beautiful one - a passing rainstorm just starting to dissolve, revealing ghastly forms of footless mountains off in the distance. Greens and blues of all shades and everywhere in between, accented in a thin veil of moisture hovering in the atmosphere.Within a few minutes, however, I was back in the rainstorm. The kind where even the highest wiper speed can hardly keep up. A few minutes after that... THWACK!!! What the...? Ah, damnit - a rock had been spit up into my windshield, creating a new little spider web, adding to ... read more
Smiling Faces. Beautiful Places.
Georgia on my Mind
Sweet Home Alabama

North America » United States » North Carolina » Asheville October 9th 2011

Geo: 35.5984, -82.5531The Old Watchman did a fine job. I woke to find myself not murdered or raped and all of my possessions right where I left them. I did, however, wake in a cocoon of fog from each breath condensating on the cold windows throughout the night. When camping or sleeping in the back of a truck on a cold night, one would think that the camper would stay safely beneath the covers or mummified within his sleeping bag, but I have found quite the opposite to be true. On those very cold nights, almost every time I wake - whether I am in a tent, under the stars, or in the back of my truck - I will check the clock and glimpse to the eastern sky to see how long I have to ... read more
Spider meals (see them lined up?)
Old Church
um... forgot what this was

North America » United States » Virginia » Lexington October 8th 2011

Geo: 37.7839, -79.4431Heading west on 66 through bullshit eastern Virginia traffic (and at 2:30 on a Saturday - what gives?), I eventually found freedom in the wooded hills further inland. A friend from D.C. recommended taking Skyline Drive - a long, windy road that pretty much traverses the backbone of the Blur Ridge Mountains. A quick pit stop in Front Royal was necessary for gas and a latte, and it just so happened that the old main street was blocked off for a fair of sorts. I parked my truck and started walking toward the activity. The first person I saw made eye contact, acknowledged my humanity, and went as far as saying "Good afternoon." Places like this, places like Crested Butte, where I was greeted by nearly every local I passed by, I believe, I ... read more
Wild and Wonderful
Virginia is for Lovers

Geo: 38.8921, -77.0241Though my one-night stand with the Woman New York left me desiring more, I was on a relatively and undesirably tight schedule for making my way down the eastern seaboard, into the south, and finally back to Denver to catch a flight to Seattle for the wedding of my good friends. And, as with any honest one-night stand, I left early in the morning with hardly a longing glance or word spoken.I was reminded about the relative loveliness and comfort of Hoboken as I drove southwest through Jersey City, over ugly faded black steel bridges, past factories and smokestacks and hoards of oncoming morning traffic, looked down at areas and neighborhoods that I would not want to be caught in at nighttime, nor daytime, for that matter. The westward edge of the state leading ... read more
State of Independence
City of Brotherly Love

North America » United States » New Jersey » Hoboken October 6th 2011

Geo: 40.7439, -74.0328Though warm and comfy in the back of my truck in a Hoboken parking garage, I woke under a thick fog of sadness this morning. Maybe it's just a little end-of-trip anxiety coming out as sadness, or maybe it's just sadness that this part of the trip is near complete. I've been in this same mindset a number of times in the past, but I feel like I either want to be completely alone, or surrounded by community and loved ones, yet I find myself somewhere in the middle, in limbo. And the part of me that craves that closeness isn't sure where to find that, where to start that. My friend Ian is very much like me - he loves camping and climbing and skiing and being outdoors, but he is also a ... read more

North America » United States » New York October 4th 2011

Geo: 40.7528, -73.9853New York. A beast. An enormous, fiery, uncontrollable, unpredictable beast. Much like a good woman. But perhaps more predictable and controllable. Actually, yes... definitely more predictable than a woman. But take a good woman and project her qualities onto a massive city and you have New York. Beautiful. Mysterious. Hypnotizing. Inspiring. Able to make one feel entirely like a king, yet completely capable of making one feel like an ant. Fierce - she know what she wants. Always with something more to offer, always with something more to show, to teach, to share. Impossible to know completely - there is always something more to learn. The Woman New York.Just about halfway between Albany and New York City is Hyde Park - home of one of the Vanderbilt mansions. I was passing right by anyway, ... read more
Vanderbilt Mansion gate
Vanderbilt Mansion
Vanderbilt Mansion entry

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