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North America » United States » Idaho » Bonners Ferry August 25th 2011

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Geo: 48.6829, -113.799I graduated college in December of 2002 (good lord). Although I had a great internship that would surely turn in to a great career, I had two goals at the time: to attend some sort of Bible school, and to travel overseas. I killed two birds with one stone and attended Capernwray Bible School in New Zealand. I lived there for 6 months and a day. It was a 10-week semester, then a 2-week break, followed by another 10-week semester. I tagged about a month on to the end of the trip purely to travel. During the first 6-weeks of the second semester was an option called Adventure Bible School. This program centered around the outdoors - hiking, biking, sea kayaking, white water kayaking, white water rafting, spelunking, rock climbing - a pretty physically ... read more
St Mary's Falls
Virginia Falls 2
Indian home

North America » Canada » Alberta » Calgary August 22nd 2011

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North America » Canada » Alberta » Banff August 21st 2011

Geo: 51.1752, -115.573Continuing east on highway 1 brought me to the incredible Canadian Rockies. Maybe it's just because they're new and it was the first time seeing them, but there is something more grand, more majestic, more regal about the Canadian Rockies than the Colorado Rockies (sorry guys).Passing through Yoho National Park, I took a small detour and hiked up to Sherbrooke Lake. A pretty easy hike gradually climbing through dense forest, occasional views of mountain peaks showing through the trees. The lake, as do many of the lakes and river in the area, had a greenish hue. This is from light reflecting off of tiny particles of rock formed from glaciers grinding stone together. One end of the lake was a jam and mess of hundreds of floating tree trunks, which I precariously hopped and ... read more
Sherbrooke 1
Green Sherbrooke
Sherbrooke 2

North America » Canada » British Columbia » Golden August 19th 2011

Geo: 51.2947, -116.963One thing I love about Canada - driving by kilometers. They go by so much more quickly than miles! A roadside sign informs you that you still have 120km to go, your gut drops, but before you know it - you're there! I feel bad for those who must experience the opposite when traveling in the US as the miles drag on and on...I had a very interesting experience in Kelowna. I was sitting in City Park playing guitar a bit. My meter was about to expire so I packed up and was walking back to my truck when I heard "excuse me sir!" behind me. I turned to see a woman jogging toward me waving her arms. I checked behind me - not a soul - she was definitely talking to me. I ... read more
If a Wordsmith is good at words...
hello there
Kicking Horse river - Golden

North America » Canada » British Columbia » Kelowna August 18th 2011

Geo: 49.8868, -119.497Perhaps only because it has been sunny almost every day I've been here, but the Northwest has captured my heart since I arrived roughly a month ago. The culture, the people, the vegetation, the air, the ocean, the mountains, the rivers, the billions of coffee shops, the music, the communities. However, I feel that my time is complete here (for now), and I feel compelled to head east.After leaving Vancouver (again), I unintentionally began a tour of lakes, a Tour des LacsCultus Lake: teaming with families, goobers, tourists, and teenagers – bare chested and bikini clad, excited and eroticized, begging, basking and battling for the attention of the opposite sex, but like Wiley Coyote, unsure of what to do with said attention once it is achieved (hell, I'm 31 and just starting to figure ... read more
Cultus Lake
Layers of blue

North America » Canada » British Columbia » Kamloops August 17th 2011

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North America » Canada » British Columbia » Vancouver August 15th 2011

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North America » Canada » British Columbia » Whistler August 13th 2011

Geo: 50.1183, -122.954Especially after spending a season living in the mountains skiing and snowboarding every day, I've always wanted to check out Whistler. Where dreams come true. No, where dreams are shattered, because Whistler puts even the grandest dreams to shame. A place of legend and mystery, of milk and honey, a place where your glass of whiskey is never empty and you can never lose a game of pool. Where every pickup line works, every bartender is a friend, where there is always powder but the skies are always blue... Whistler.I was unimpressed. I'm sure the skiing in the winter is phenomenal (the mountain looks amazing!), but I guess I was kind of hoping for a little bit of a town, some "local" bars, and was bummed to find that it's pretty much just the ... read more
Crazy Canuck!
See the tower on the left?
Logger's Lake

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