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North America » United States » Oregon » Klamath Falls July 13th 2011

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North America » United States » Oregon » Ashland July 13th 2011

Geo: 42.1947, -122.708On the road in my new home. Ahh! I was surprised to see that Honey Lake is actually a lake. Of course, it probably doesn't get more than 4 inches deep, but whatever. Susanville is just as depressing as I remember. Northeastern California is more beautiful than I remember. It's funny - most people think of CA and all that comes to mind is San Francisco, Los Angeles, or the big hot valley full of fruit and assholes. People from southern California have it in their heads that San Francisco is northern California. Not sure if you guys have looked at a map recently, but there's a couple hundred miles above that. But you probably don't care, anyway, which is fine, cause I doubt they really care about you, either.Oregon! A couple times as ... read more
Oregon Trees
Klamath Lake
What do you see?

North America » United States » Nevada » Reno July 10th 2011

Geo: 39.5245, -119.812I have been without permanent residence since May 1. For the first month, I just bummed from couch to couch, mostly in Denver and Boulder. I didn't truly hit the road until June 1, and have probably spent about half the nights since then sleeping in the bed of my truck (other nights were various couches, beds, futons, or whatever dark alley I happened to finally stumble through and collapse in).I had a decent amount of padding - a piece of egg-carton-like foam folded a few layers thick, and a good foam pad that I picked up from Sports Authority. I actually got it for free - had a $20 off card and the pad was $19.99. Now that's a good deal! Even though I had plenty of padding, everything else was just kind ... read more

North America » United States » Nevada » Reno July 1st 2011

Geo: 39.5245, -119.812Wide open valleys, devoid of any vegetation more than waist high. Absent of brilliant green. Absent of shade or towering pine. Lucky to have green grass call it home. Rabbitbrush, thistle, juniper, sage. (Nothing on earth can compare with the scent or the hue of Sierra Nevada sagebrush. I remember coming come from New Zealand, after living there for 6 months. My mother picked me up at the airport and we drove out to Washoe. I hung my head out the window like a dog, bliss filling my nostrils at the prodigal smell.) Mountains in every directions at various distances. Those closer clothed in greens and browns of juniper, pinion, ponderosa. Each range growing more and more aqua as the distance grows, until the furthest mountains are just a pure, deep blue. Some people, ... read more
Washoe Valley
The folks' back yard

North America » United States » California » Lee Vining June 28th 2011

Geo: 37.9575, -119.121After Yosemite (read about it here), my next stop was to be Reno. All of the campgrounds in the park were full, and I didn't want to drive 30 minutes back to the east, only to have to reverse my direction in the morning, so I decided to just drive through the park, to the leeward side of the Sierra Nevada mountains. The drive was lovely. Moody. Like how the woman you love somehow looks adorable when she is angry. I started a little before dusk, the skies beginning to cloud up as threatening weather drew near. As soon as I was out of the main valley, I hardly saw a soul. Relief. A twisted mountain road, often still lined with snow yet to melt and become part of one of the magnificent falls, ... read more
Moody Skies Reflected
Tioga Lake

Geo: 37.8772, -119.727It's kind of a shame that, having grown up just a few hours away in Reno, I had never been to Yosemite. Then again, I highly doubt I would have had the same respect for it that I do now. But then again, again, if I went when I was younger, my parents would have been driving and I would not have had to deal with the traffic jams that plagued every bit of the main valley!I hate to start off with the bad, but I'm already on that track, so what the hell... even though I was there on weekdays, it is peak Yosemite season, and the place was a zoo. One visit greeted me with a probably 15-minute traffic jam at the entry gate. And you don't have to worry about being ... read more
Yosemite falls 2
Half Dome 2
more sunset

North America » United States » California » Mariposa June 27th 2011

Geo: 37.485, -119.965After a week in Southern California, it was time to head to the hills and the pines and the rivers again. Spending the day on the zipline course, camping in the mountains, going to sleep bathed in the scent of campfire, the smell of sage and Ponderosa so thick in the air it was almost palatable, was just what I needed.A long, toasty drive up highway 99 eventually led me into the foothills and the small town of Mariposa, which immediately reminded me of Estes Park - the self proclaimed "Gateway to Rocky Mountain National Park", where I lived during the summer of 2006 and helped launch a new hostel. A wonderful couple that I had the pleasure of befriending this past winter were finding their home in Mariposa for a while. A very ... read more
Fire 4
Fire 1
Fire 2

North America » United States » California June 25th 2011

Geo: 34.3608, -117.632Warning: Long entry (but worth every damn word of it)My friend Jose was living in Wrightwood as part of a small team building a zipline course. When I had visited him the prior weekend (see entry here), he had told me that Saturday was going to be a free friends and family day for people to see the course. Although I really wanted to get on the road, how often do you get to go on an awesome zipline course that your friend helped build for free? I was able to kill enough time in southern California and make an appearance.A product of Navitat Canopy Tours, the course was actually built by Bonsai. We ran the course in small groups of 8 or so, departing around noontime. We suited up in our sexy harnesses, ... read more
Platform view
Bridge 1

North America » United States » California » San Diego June 22nd 2011

Geo: 32.7157, -117.162What seems like eons ago, I used to lead music for the college group at church. Despite popular naming conventions, I was not the Worship Leader. I always disliked that title. Who would I be to think that I could lead worship? That is something that only God, the Holy Spirit, could do. My only job, my only objective, was to do my best to create an environment, through the means of music and singing, that people could enter a place of worship on their own. On their own terms with God, in their own way, their own pace, to whatever level of intimacy they chose. If someone was on the ground, head down, arms stretched out, crying tears of joy or sorrow, great. If another was standing upright, hands in pockets, head up, ... read more
Thousand Steps
Rose garden 3
Rose garden 5

Geo: 34.0533, -118.245Driving across the Los Angeles city limits while listening to Red Hot Chili Peppers just felt right.Thanks to Facebook, a friend from Denver found out I was in the LA area. She and a friend had come down for the weekend to get a good fill of dancing, drinking, and clubbing - California style. I met them at their hotel right downtown - the Omni - a 5-Star luxury California dream with more class than I could ever dream (or want) to have. I pulled in to the front roundabout to ask about parking. Three or four attendants were standing outside, none of whom approached me, but rather just stared in disbelief at my struggling, dirty, bug plastered, mud splattered truck pulling in to their establishment. Surely, this man is in the wrong place, ... read more
The Murder Hole
Flowers and water
Santa Monica 2

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