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Two years of blog neglect. I’ll blame work and school. And really poor follow thru on my part. And some fear. We went to Japan last April with our niece, who is far sharper and more observant than anyone I know. Yes, anyone. So there is intimidation on trying to capture that vacation. I will do that another time. The hotel in Hiroshima with the see-thru bathroom and the extremely late night Ramen Museum tour ‘I’m good to go’ really need to be shared. Soon. I have notes in my Blackberry (yes, I still have a Blackberry, like all good Canadians) that remind me of the things I was going to write about. At this point they are starting to look like the rantings of a lunatic! When we travel, I make little notes to trigger ... read more
Rock cut
More rocks
Easy climb

Leaving in 4 hours. I have a small solar panel recharging systen in the vatn now. Hopefully, I will be able to run and charge my laptop and a fan and a lamp through the inverter. and also charge the secondary battery, drill motor battery, and a small heater. My 2 drivers have been instructed to put the pedal to the medal if they wish, and see if we can make San Diego in 26 hours. Once in town I will drop the riders off at their locations and see how the van handles 350 bs lighter I've got until the twenty-eighth to get into Mexico, at which point my Washington driver's license expires for thirty days. At that point I hope to be firmly entrenched into Mexican life. I'm taking my 26-Spanish CD set. I'm ... read more

Well after 3 years of little travel except in California and the Pacific NW (oh, and Ecuador last winter for 2 months) following our 2008 trip around the world, we decided after having some discussions over the summer about my entertainment career and the new places it was starting to take me, that perhaps the time had come for us to make the leap and do more traveling in our own back yard .... the USA. Since I did a lot of driving last summer to various gigs in Oregon, Washington and even Vancouver where we visited some friends for a week, we found ourselves shlepping a lot of stuff in and out of places, and well, after a while that got a little old!.... You know the food cooler, ice packs and all that. So ... read more
Burning Man Festival
Burning Man Festival
Burning Man Festival

Fri. Dec. 9 Wrapped Christmas presents then boxed them up to send to the family. Drove into Borrego Springs and got the packages shipped. Stopped at Las Jilbertos Mexican restaurant for a late lunch....good food and cheap. On the way back to camp we stopped and let Gordon have a romp in the desert. Sat. Dec. 10 Decided to drive into Salton Ciry to Geocache. Before we started hunting for the caches we drove to Red Earth Casino for lunch and to gas up. Found 8 caches, all named for Navy ranks, with lots more to find on our next visit. The last cache we found, The Admiral, was off the paved roads nad it took three tries to find the right route to it. Gordon enjoyed the day since he got to run free when ... read more
Sea World Christmas Tree
Sea World Christmas Tree
Clyde & Seamore Christmas Show Stage

The above Pic is where we stopped to play ball with Gordon. Fri. Dec. 2 First thing we did was drive into town to the Farmers Market at Christmas Circle where Wendy bought some produce...fingerling yellow potatoes, big beautiful tomatoes that taste like tomatoes, oranges, cucumbers. After all was put away, Wendy decided we needed apple pie so we drove to Julian stopping on the way to find some Geocaches. In Julian we had lunch at Miners Diner, big tasty chicken fingers and fries, then found more Geocaches in and around Julian. Before heading home we stopped at The Julian Pie Co. and picked up a nice Dutch Apple Pie. Julian is a neat town with cute shops, restaurants, an old jail, lots of history, and, of course, great pie. We got back to camp and ... read more
Julian Pie Company
Mine's Cafe
Mine's Cafe

Mon. Nov. 21 Out Geocaching today. The first stop was to put a new log in a cache that neeed a new one then over to Pegleg Smith to find the cache there. Lots of folks boondocking there, at least 2 dozen. Then we drove over to Ocotillo Wells OHV area for a few Geocaches there. Found 6 today. Headed home and got home about 3:30 pm, as the sun set behind the mountain...dark comes early here. Tues. Nov. 22 Drove into the Big City....Rancho Mirage. Our frist stop was Walmart to exchange the VWs radio for one that works. Had lunch at Red Robin, sharing a Free Chicken Quesadellia appetizer and a Whiskey River Chicken Sandwich. Then we headed over to the Regal Theater to see Happy Feet 2 in 3D. On the way back ... read more

Sat. Nov. 26 We went out to place our own Geocache at the new Jeep metal sculpture. We named the new cache "GM Jeep" since it was placed on the Galleto Meadows Jeep. Placing the cache was hard work so we stopped in town for ice cream. We bought a double scoop in a cup with a waffle cone on the side to share and ate it on the patio with Gordon sharing. Finally got the Weber Q grill out and grilled fresh tuna steaks for dinner. Sun. Nov. 27 Had to move to another site for the next 2 weeks. Wanted to get moved and setup before the San Diego - Broncos game started. The folks who were in the spot we were supposed to move to farted around until the noon checkout time so ... read more

Tue. Nov. 15 Sat around camp until after lunch then we headed out to find a few Geocaches. The first one was an interesting place, an old 50s resort, but it was a "did not find" for the cache. We took the long way back to camp and stumbled on the newest Sky Art Sculpture, a very large Sea Serpent, swimming throught the desert and under the road. After that we stopped for another Geocacheat the Borrego Gomphotherium Sculpture and found this one. Then back to camp. Wed. Nov. 16 Today I removed one of the bedroom window shades because the string had broken. While in the Phoenix area I bought the string needed to restring it. When I got it apart I noticed the spring was streached out so we made a run into town ... read more

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