Death Valley and Beyond. . .

Published: January 24th 2013
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Leaving in 4 hours. I have a small solar panel recharging systen in the vatn now. Hopefully, I will be able to run and charge my laptop and a fan and a lamp through the inverter. and also charge the secondary battery, drill motor battery, and a small heater. My 2 drivers have been instructed to put the pedal to the medal if they wish, and see if we can make San Diego in 26 hours. Once in town I will drop the riders off at their locations and see how the van handles 350 bs lighter

I've got until the twenty-eighth to get into Mexico, at which point my Washington driver's license expires for thirty days. At that point I hope to be firmly entrenched into Mexican life. I'm taking my 26-Spanish CD set.

I'm hoping to go up to Tecate to cross the border. where life is more laid back. There is a beer brewery, and places where one can buy Mexican auto insurance.

I hope to capture the solo traveler experience, and to provide some contrast between the American and Mexican ways of life.


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