Our Winter 2010-11 Trip Entry 7

Published: December 17th 2011
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1: Gordon playing ball 7 secs
Julian JailJulian JailJulian Jail

Found a GeoCache here

The above Pic is where we stopped to play ball with Gordon.

Fri. Dec. 2

First thing we did was drive into town to the Farmers Market at Christmas Circle where Wendy bought some produce...fingerling yellow potatoes, big beautiful tomatoes that taste like tomatoes, oranges, cucumbers. After all was put away, Wendy decided we needed apple pie so we drove to Julian stopping on the way to find some Geocaches. In Julian we had lunch at Miners Diner, big tasty chicken fingers and fries, then found more Geocaches in and around Julian. Before heading home we stopped at The Julian Pie Co. and picked up a nice Dutch Apple Pie. Julian is a neat town with cute shops, restaurants, an old jail, lots of history, and, of course, great pie. We got back to camp and had pizza and salad for dinner then a slice of the Julian Dutch Apple pie for desert.

Sat. Dec. 3

For years we've seen "Fossil Lady" at geocaches, as owner and as finder. Today we met Rebecca, AKA "Fossil Lady," a local cacher and talked Geocaching for about an hour. She had plans to go to Poway to the San
Julian Pie CompanyJulian Pie CompanyJulian Pie Company

Bought a Dutch Apple Pie here.
Diego Cachers "7th Annual Christmas Lights Geo-Walk" so we decided to go, too. On our way to Poway we found several Geocaches. When we arrived in Poway we had dinner at Olive Garden and then headed to the event. Met several San Diego cachers at the park where the cachers were gathering and where there were 2 tables full of all kinds of goodies for dessert. After filling up on the yummy cookies and candy, we went to se all the houses decorated for Chirstmas. Boy, do the folks in this area do up the Christmas decorations...glad we don't have their electric bills !

Sun. Dec. 4, Mon. Dec. 5

Two relaxing days. Sunday, we watched the Vikings-Broncos game. Denver almost lost but they managed to pull out a win in OT in the very last minutes. Good grief, could they please make the game a little less exciting and still win? Monday, we picked up one more geocache.

Tues. Dec. 6

Drove into the big city "Indio" for some more shopping and had lunch at Rubio's. Also found another Geocache. Stopped at PetSmart and bought Gordon a new holey ball and stuffed squeeky dog named
Mine's CafeMine's CafeMine's Cafe

Had lunch here
Chance. Part of the money for Chance goes to help orphan dogs and cats. He does love his squeaky toys, the noisier, the better.

Wed. Dec. 7

Wendy decided we had to go hike the Elephant Tree Trail even though there's only one Elephant Tree there. So, we drove to Ocotillo Wells, then south to do the nice mostly level trail through the desert. Interesting nature trail with 13 stops about the area and what you see. Trail guides were in a holder at the begining of the trail for free. The road out to the parking area was quite rough but Sunshine VW had no problem. There's a whole string of caches along Split Mountain Road, great for power caching but a bit boring after the 10th or 11th. We did manage to pick up 13, including our 1,000th find, before heading back to camp.

Thurs. Dec. 8

Today was laundry day and we do it at the laundry at Palm Canyon Resort. Their laundrymat is so much nicer than the one near Christmas Circle. When we got back we found that Gordon had found the Cauliflower we had left next to fridge and had
Mine's CafeMine's CafeMine's Cafe

Had lunch here
eaten a good sized hunk of it. It was also Gordon's birthday so I guess he thought the cauliflower was his. Happy 7th Birthday, Gordon.

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