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North America » United States » Arkansas » Eureka Springs September 11th 2017

Heute machten wir einen Ruhetag und fuhren nur in großem Bogen durch die Ozarks, eine bergige Gegend im mittleren Westen. Wald, große Wiesen, Wälder, Kurven, Bäche..... Mittagessen in einem urigen Lokal.... read more

North America » United States » Arkansas » Eureka Springs October 15th 2016

Greetings from Arkansas - the Natural State It is so great to see green trees and green grass again! We came to Eureka Springs because a friend of Marc's lives nearby and told us what a great town it is. He did not tell us that we would have to drive the 40 foot Motorcoach up a narrow, winding mountain road with very few guard rails. This was for at least 10 miles! It is lovely though! Last night we took a taxi into town because the trolley stopped running at 6. We strolled around the hilly streets and admired the limestone structures and early 20th century architecture. The town is filled with restaurants, shops, B&Bs and old buildings. We ate at a great restaurant called The Grotto. It is in the basement of an old ... read more
A stop at Cabela's fir a fishing license!
Marc could spend a whole day at Cabela's!

Even though it was not quite where we expected to be, our stay in the Coushatta Casino RV Park was very pleasant in several ways. Not only was it a 5* park but we got a “Good Sam” offer of 2 nights for one. This should have made it $20 a night but somehow the total bill was $77 for 6 nights, not a bad result, and yes I did query it but they insisted it was correct, so what can you do? Also we were given $10 each to spend in the casino, I ended up with $24, not a great profit but not a loss and it provided a couple of evening’s entertainment & free cocktails, which were not short in the alcohol content. There was a free concert at the pool side where ... read more
On the road..........
Vehicle tags
The Bill Clinton Presidential Library

North America » United States » Arkansas » Eureka Springs December 29th 2015

Geo: 36.4009, -93.7388The weather and flooding are still influencing our travel plans and we were now heading up into the Ozarks in order to ensure that Billy Thunder didn't become an unwilling canoe. This gave us the opportunity to visit the single most haunted hotel in America, the Crescent Hotel of Eureka Springs (which used to be a cancer treatment 'hospital' run by a slippery snake-oil salesman). With all of the different hotels we have stayed in, DH does have a disturbing tendency to hear creepy noises in the middle of the night (disturbing tendency because she tends to disturb me), and she takes those noises and extrapolates them to complete a story that usually involves a slightly deranged person (real or ghostly) trying to break into our room to complete a bloodthirsty rampage.I really wasn't ... read more
The Most Haunted Hotel In America
Crescent Hotel Lobby Piano
Safe Behind Reception Desk At Crescent Hotel

From the dramatic Texas flat terrain panhandle to Oklahoma's rolling green hills (where we missed a devastating tornado by two days) our destination was Arkansas to see the changes in Finley, our 1st grandchild. What a joy he is with his full smile and belly laugh. We call him the Buddha Michelin Baby -- happy, robust and roly-poly, wearing one-year-old clothes at 3 months of age. While there, Wes and Stewart "took to the waters" in their kayak. Immediately the powers-that-be began releasing water from the dam upstream. What a ride! Upon returning to our picnic sight they found that Anna, Finn and I had already evacuated our once-dry spot for higher ground. Watching Wes and Anna prepare everything needed for our afternoon's outing reminded us of all the work family adventures require and the love ... read more
Anna, Wes, Finn & Stewart
The Thinker!

June 17, 18 & 19, 2011 My Dad loved to travel. He passed away 2 years ago, so in remembering my dad on Father’s Day my mom and I took a weekend trip. I decided we would go to Eureka Springs and see the Passion Play. It was close enough for a weekend trip and the last time I was there was in 1981. I went to my mom’s house after work on Thursday and spent the night. We left early Friday morning and headed up into Oklahoma. We stopped at an Amish store in Atoka for a break. I was talking to the cashier and was told another couple just left the store who was also heading to Eureka Springs. She told us about a leather store she recommended. I told my mom I sure ... read more
Passion Play Set 2
Christ Statue
Living Bible Tour

Eureka Springs, Arkansas and surroundings Pea Ridge National Military Park This was another national battlefield full of woods and fields although it did offer some great scenic views. It was another driving loop allowing you to get out at certain points. Mostly the points were where the battles actually occurred. One of the stops was a home that was used as a field hospital for both yankee and confederate soldiers during the war. It was rather neat even though it was also locked. There was one stop that gave you a scenic overview of the entire park. This was fairly picturesque and we saw two turkey buzzards about 40 feet away. I enjoyed the park although if someone were pressed for time, I would suggest elsewhere. ... read more

North America » United States » Arkansas » Eureka Springs August 23rd 2009

23 AUG 09 Sunday 6:31 A.M., oh, shit the alarm didn’t go off. I had set it but not turned it on. I use my phone as an alarm clock, I got in the habit of using it when I was traveling so much. Think about it, you would rarely forget to pack it, it keeps correct time for the area you are in and is unaffected by any power outages that happen. It usually works really well, except when operator error is involved. I now have a half hour to meet up with Marcia at the Mickey Ds about 2 miles from my house. I had set the alarm for 5AM, so I would have time finish packing, to change my air filter, gas up and get a sausage biscuit before I met her. Now ... read more
The MO Space Shuttle
Waiting for the Ferry
Bull Shoals Lake

July 7, Tuesday Happy Birthday sister Betsy ! We departed Dalhart TX and continued eastbound towards a little Texas town Deb spotted on the map called Canadian. Since it was "on the way" we crossed the Canadian River, and stopped for a few pics of the welcome sign just outside of town. Then we pulled over next to a coffee shop, which turned out to originally have been a 1915 drug store including the soda fountain counter ! What a neat little town this was. We stayed about 2 hours while I got lots of work done via cell phone and computer for the national rally happening in a week and two days. Deb wandered around town and took a few more pics. After I was finally ready to roll, we continued on to Enid, Oklahoma ... read more
Eureka Springs
Yet more coffee in Eur Spgs
Lookout Tower Eur Spgs

Our first trip to Arkansas. And boy were we pleasantly surprised at how great this place is! We went with my mom to visit her brother & my cousin. Or my uncle and her nephew if you'd like to think of it that way too! We spent a few days wandering through the winding streets of the quaint town of Eureka Springs, caught a few local acts, toured a haunted hotel and just spent quality time with family. ... read more
Eureka Springs
damn! no monkeys!!

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