Rick Nelson


Rick Nelson

These are the adventures of Rick beginning January 31, 2009.

North America » Canada » New Brunswick » St John August 2nd 2009

August 1, Saturday On to Maine, and hurrah, I've ridden on two wheels in 48 states. When we pulled into the visitor center to get maps and another hotel discount book, we found that the "Cat", the ferry from Portland to Halifax Nova Scotia, cost about $330 for the two of us and Bear. From Bar Harbor it would still cost over $237. Ouch. We decided to make a run from St. Johns New Brunswick to Digby NS instead, which only cost a little over $150. This was another rainy off and on day, so we stopped for the night in Belfast ME at another hotel. Boo. August 2, Sunday From Belfast, we explored Bar Harbor, which was okay, but not as good as the hype I've been given, then we continued on the border at ... read more
Bar Harbor ?
Bar Harbor
St John NB, famous bridge

North America » United States » New Hampshire July 31st 2009

July 29, Wednesday I was up and on the way to my sister’s place in Derry, NH just a short ride north. I arrived around 8:30, and couldn’t figure out how to get past the front door of her apartment building. She didn’t answer the phone, and I didn’t know the “code” to buzz her apartment. Up to the office, which opened at 9, then armed with a code, I tried Shirley’s again. Still no joy. I figured I could go find a tire guy anyway, so off I went and found the big Honda/Yamaha/Suzuki shop. On the way back, Shirley called me to ask where I was. Apparently she’d been in the apartment the whole morning, and just didn’t hear any of the calls. Tires showed up at 10, we went for breakfast at Cracker ... read more

North America » United States » New York » New York July 28th 2009

July 26, Sunday New Jersey has really surprised me with the farming ambiance, I guess the nickname of The Garden State does indeed have something more to it than irony. Many horse farms, lots of vegetable farming, and mostly pretty trees and well kept yards in this area. Of course I'm sure the NYC metro area is different, but we'll see soon enough. On past Trenton we headed for our reservation date at the Newburgh/NYC KOA campground we rode in after a little wandering about, as Sheila didn't have it listed. Not even in the wrong spot - just no knowledge of it at all. I eventually had to resort to the old fashioned way of calling them and getting directions. At least my instincts were right, we only had a few more miles to go ... read more
"I love it"
Lady Liberty
Rick and the Lady

North America » United States » Maryland » Annapolis July 25th 2009

July 23, Thursday I headed over alone to visit with Dad and my sister Shirley and had a nice visit with lunch. Dad's koi fish pond is amazing, he has lots of huge koi's and many many smaller gold fish. The water in the 33,000 gallon in-ground pool / fish pond is crystal clear due to the great filter system Dad has designed. My Wayfarer sailboat and I got acquainted too. I found out that the tires I ordered, hoping they would show up at Dad's place in a timely manner, instead had an ETA of next Tuesday ! That's not gonna work too well. Fortunately, after a bit of communication with Southwest Moto Tires ( swmototires.com ) Erik was able to have them forwarded on to New Hampshire to Shirley's house. I'll be able to ... read more
a two hour tour
On the Cape May Ferry
Cape May NJ

North America » United States » Virginia » Reston July 22nd 2009

July 19, Sunday Happy Birthday Debby ! Today consisted of an easy wake up, a slow pack up, then getting the pick-ups and trailers back to the respective donors. Once all this was accomplished, Deb and I headed for Johnson City and a motel to take it easy and to get some laundry done. We now are heading for New England and the Maritime Provinces of Canada. July 20, Monday We left Tennessee via the Blue Ridge Parkway and rolled on into Virginia. This road is nicely built, rides the ridges with amazing views on both sides, and can drive one crazy with the 45 mph speed limit. Once I was in "cruiser" mode though, it was very enjoyable. We found a cool little campground, cabin and motel spot just over the border near a place ... read more
B R P 2
B R P 3
B R P 4

North America » United States » Tennessee July 18th 2009

July 12, Sunday Tennessee is a long state west to east, and we continued on back roads to the Knoxville area, then after a short stint on Interstates, we turned northeastwardly on to US 11 E ( as opposed to US 11 W, which does not mean direction of travel, but rather a relationship to each other ) and aimed Bear for Panther Creek State Park, just northeast of Jefferson City ( as opposed to Johnson City ). This is a pretty little park, and the sites were nice, though the "lower" bathhouse was out of order which entailed a long hike uphill to the washrooms and showers. We met and chatted with several biker fans, and one gentleman pulled up on a Laverda, an Italian brand similar to a Ducati which I'd not previously known. ... read more
Bikes and tents
More Bikes

North America » United States » Tennessee » Nashville July 11th 2009

July 10, Friday Easy wake up and pack up from the worst tent site we've had so far. The "tenting area" which is the cheap seats, was sloped, rutted and full of sticks of all sizes. All it needed was a couple of 40 year old single wides and a school bus with no wheels. Recommendation: If you camp in Old Davidsonville State Park AR, pay the extra bucks for the high falutin' site. We rode into Jonesboro, grabbed a coffee, then (eventually) found John and Maria Flora's home. He had generously offered the use of his garage to change out the liquids in Bear. He also had the 19 mm socket I needed to pull the transmission drain plug. I keep finding out I need a fuller tool tube than what I started with on ... read more
Crossing Ole Miss
Must have known Deb was coming
Cute Boot

July 7, Tuesday Happy Birthday sister Betsy ! We departed Dalhart TX and continued eastbound towards a little Texas town Deb spotted on the map called Canadian. Since it was "on the way" we crossed the Canadian River, and stopped for a few pics of the welcome sign just outside of town. Then we pulled over next to a coffee shop, which turned out to originally have been a 1915 drug store including the soda fountain counter ! What a neat little town this was. We stayed about 2 hours while I got lots of work done via cell phone and computer for the national rally happening in a week and two days. Deb wandered around town and took a few more pics. After I was finally ready to roll, we continued on to Enid, Oklahoma ... read more
Eureka Springs
Yet more coffee in Eur Spgs
Lookout Tower Eur Spgs

North America » United States » Texas » Panhandle July 6th 2009

July 6, Monday We slept a little later than usual since we were going to visit the little chapel just down the block. This was built by the Sisters of Lorado, and when designed the architect forgot to figure in a set of stairs for getting up to the choir loft at the rear of the church. Oops. all the local carpenters told the nuns that any stairs they could build would take up much of the space on the first level. The story goes that the sisters prayed to St. Joseph, and soon an unknown old gentleman showed up, offered to build stairs. He had a few basic tools, and when he was done, having built everything by himself, there was a set of circular stairs, 33 steps, two 360's to the loft, and completely ... read more
High Country New Mexico

North America » United States » New Mexico » Santa Fe July 5th 2009

July 3, Friday We were up a bit early again this morning, although the temps had been very nice the past two days I didn't know quite what to expect the coming day to be. I wasn't sure if we'd hold the elevation or drop down low into the desert temps again. I-40 to Flagstaff, then off the dreaded "Interstate" and on to what was marked as BIA 15. I think this stand for Bureau of Indian Affairs since we were on Navajo Indian Lands. This was a very nice, but very lonely several hundred miles of traveling, and it was all high desert so temps stayed nicely in the upper 80's. We stopped for coffee and a pastry in Dilkon at the Basha Grocery store, and wandered through a major flea market in Window Rock ... read more
Atop Sandia Peak
Red rock mesas
Heading into Madrid

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