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Hello & Welcome to Our Adventures!!

This travelblog is for all of our family & friends (and possibly soon-to-be friends) who would like to see pictures & hear stories from our travels. Seeing as though everyone's sprawled across the globe, we really do hope this is a better way for you to see it all😊 No more emails with a gajillion pics. YAY!! We hope you enjoy them! As always, there's more to come...

North America » United States » Arizona May 10th 2015

Nothing says "Happy Mother's Day" like a numerous hour drive to places we've never visited, along bumpy, dusty roads with my family. I think a new tradition has been born! Jeff had plans for me to go watch a movie by myself; enjoy some ME time, eat a quiet dinner while I read a book. Or something along those lines. But after breakfast I decided I really wanted to go on a drive. We had a rental car for a few days while our gas guzzling truck was in the shop, so taking a drive at this moment was even more appealing. I found a drive not too far from us that was touted as the most scenic drive in the area, according to a couple different websites. We headed south on I-19 and then exited ... read more
Sovako Lake
ready for school

North America » United States » Hawaii » Big Island » Kailua-Kona April 16th 2014

Bachelor and Bachelorette parties. We didn't want to plan the normal ones seeing as though our 20s, mine especially, were spent in a Bachelorette party type daze. Getting wasted wasn't high on our priority list. So we decided to do what any bride and groom do on their wedding morning and spend some time swimming with fish and flying in the air. Jeff, his dad and his guys went on a snorkeling adventure. Their trip with Sea Quest Adventures brought them to two different snorkeling spots where they saw sea urchins, an octopus and schools of fish. Their boat ride led them to sea caves and they were lucky to coast along the ocean accompanied by a pod of dolphin. Me, my mom and my ladies decided on a parasailing adventure. We zipped across the water, ... read more
Flying high!
Amy, Momma, Launie
Monica, Nichole & Rochelle

North America » United States » Hawaii » Big Island » Kailua-Kona April 15th 2014

We landed at the Kona airport, right around twilight. After being off the plane for no more than 5 minutes we both declared "we should move here". There was a nice warm breeze, it didn't feel humid even to us coming from Arizona and the airport was all open-air. The security area, ticket counter, baggage claim; all outdoors with random thatched hut looking coverings. It was awesome and very inviting! After we got our rental car, we started our drive up to the rental house. Up, up, up we went in a fast ascension through the cloud forest, along winding roads. The house was even better in person! Beautiful and spacious and clean and airy and homey and charming. A hot tub, fireplace, soaking tub, homemade ceramics, high vaulted ceilings, humongous lanai with views, spacious yard ... read more
The Painted Church
we received a random message
suction cup looking plant

North America » United States » Arizona » Sonoita January 23rd 2014

Arizona is usually synonymous with dry heat and cacti, not luscious vineyards and juicy grapes. But there it is...Arizona Wine Country! And only a short jaunt from Tucson. We decided to go to Sonoita with some friends, on Violet's 1st birthday. Not just a celebration of her birthday, but of the past year, our growing family and new friends. The drive down AZ SR83 is a delightful one: meandering two-lane road, rolling hills, the occasional grazing cow, and mountains in the not so far off distance. We chose to visit the fairly new, sister-ran winery; Arizona Hops and Vines. It is such a cute, family friendly winery. There were games both inside and outside, an eclectic array of paintings and d├ęcor, comfy vintage couches and a wishing barrel. We swung on swings made from pieces of ... read more
live your life
Tasters Wanted

North America » United States » Arizona » Pinetop August 16th 2012

We needed to GET AWAY! I never used to mind the Tucson summer heat. We would always enjoy things once the sun was set and the temps had cooled. But now that we have Lilly, I am starting to feel trapped during this hot part of the year. Even at 9am the playgrounds are scorching hot. And in the middle of the day--forget about it!! It's just too umbearable to enjoy the outdoors. I don't want to be in the house with her all. day. long but unless we go to a place that costs money (ie the children's museum, etc) or wander the mall there really are no options. We decided to head north to Pinetop where the temperatures were a good 20 degrees cooler:) Aaaaaaah. And the air was filled with the wonderful scent ... read more
outside our back door
forest walk
along AZ route 77

North America » United States » Arizona » Bisbee February 23rd 2011

I went on a quick roadtrip with my friend Rochelle. We didn't want to venture too far since I'm only a few weeks from having a baby (possibly even sooner!). We opted to make the quick hour & half drive from Tucson to Bisbee since neither of us had been there. As soon as we drove through the tunnel at Mule Pass the rolling hills laid out before us and were speckled by houses perched against the ledges. What a beautiful, quaint town. Bisbee was once, in the early 1900s, the largest city between St. Louis and San Francisco. It's hard to believe that in less than the span of one decade, a city can go from a bustling metropolis to a sleepy town. Alas though, a town with a rich history in mainly copper and ... read more
main strip of shops

North America » United States » Arizona » Willcox October 17th 2010

With the cooler temperatures quickly nipping at our heels, so is the need for a mandatory trip to Apple Annie's in Willcox. I feel a tradition in the making;) An hour-ish drive east brings us to slightly higher elevations, slightly cooler temps and countryside galore. We got to enjoy this trip with both of Jeff's parents this time, to the farm where we wandered through the apple orchards and plucked to our hearts content. Then we picked a bunch of veggies, a nicely shaped pumpkin. A trip to Apple Annies is never complete without a big ol slice of fresh pie and a heaping scoop of vanilla icecream. We also wandered through the corn maze where Jeff's tall physique was dwarfed by the massive corn stalks. Fun fun fun!!... read more
I SEE you!
watching us

North America » United States » Arizona » Flagstaff October 3rd 2010

(Amy's trip sans Jeffrey) I recently went on a fieldtrip with my Dendrochronology class that I'm taking at the U of A. We ventured north to Flagstaff to escape the heat and collect tree ring samples. But first, we endured a hellacious drive in a university van, with no AC (in triple digit weather), that rattled & shook so bad as it cruised down the highway that I thought it may fall apart. We also hit Phoenix right around rush hour time. The lunch that I packed turned into an unedible hot pile of goo from being in the sweltering heat for so long. Needless to say, I hoped this wasn't a premonition for the rest of the trip because if it was, I was going to be one bitchy pregnant person. I was delightfully surprised ... read more
Door to the past
years in the making
my sleeping arrangements

North America June 7th 2010

We have lived in Tucson for 3 years now and though Jeff has been to Kitt Peak with an astronomy class, we had yet to go there together. So, we decided to go. Kitt Peak National Observatory is a short jaunt east of Tucson, on the Tohono O'odham Nation. Depending on the time of day, we can actually see the observatory from our neighborhood; a tiny white dot beaming on the top of the mountains off in the distance. If you didn't know what you were looking for you would never realize it was there. During the day you obviously can't view the night skies. However, the world's largest solar telescope is located at the observatory. There is a viewing platform that allows you to take a safe gander at the star that keeps us alive, ... read more
this wasn't even the largest one!
Solar Telescope
the sun, as we saw through the telescope

North America » United States June 6th 2010

My youngest sister Arianna graduated high school the same week Jeff's cousin was getting married, so naturally we decided to fly out for a visit. First on our whirlwind week & a half stop was in South Bend to visit my family. My sis graduated with honors and a scholarship and I couldn't have been beaming anymore had you shone a spotlight on me. Yay Arianna!! I can never visit South Bend without the mandatory Lake Michigan visit and of course, the University of Notre Dame. I've seen that place a gajillion times and it never gets old. Maybe it's because it holds somewhat of a nostalgiac essence to me. My Grandma worked at the University and took me with to work once--overnight as she did her nightly runs as a night dorm security watchwoman;) I ... read more
the L by night
which one should I choose?

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