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North America » United States » Arizona » Tucson October 2nd 2008

23 more days until we leave for our Transatlantic Cruise. It is a 16 day cruise beginning in Rome, going to Spain, Portugal, St Maarten and ending up in Ft Lauderdale. Ken and I will be flying to London, taking a train to Paris, exploring Paris for 2 days, then taking an overnight train to Rome, where our cruise begins. I will be keeping you up to date as much as I can (some entries may be late). I will also include pictures when possible. We will be meeting 8 of our friends in Rome who will join us on the cruise. Let me introduce everyone: Me~Margie, and my husband Ken will be celebrating our 30th wedding anniversary on this trip (it actually was September 23rd). We will meet our friends in Rome before getting on ... read more

North America » United States » Arizona » Tucson September 22nd 2008

I have a list of things I need to get off of my chest before I go about doing this thing: - First and foremost, the reason I haven't updated in so long has nothing to do with the fact that I've stopped caring about informing you all about my life. No no, this is not the case at all. I've simply, well, found things to do with my time rather than constantly updating my blog. - Secondly, the only reason The Jets are 1-1 is because THEY lost the game for themselves. THEY were not beaten, THEY quit. So if I hear any of you mention "Oh, it's too bad The Jets lost to the patriots" then you will not be spoken to for a few hours. - F**k the patriots! Now, during the ... read more
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North America » United States » Arizona » Tucson August 21st 2008

First things first - I have internet again! I don't even remember what the last post mentioned. I assume it covered the jobs I've acquired and little about Doug. Let's update, shall we? So, the jobs are actually working out pretty well. Sunflower is boring as hell, but I keep finding ways to entertain myself (talk to the customers, harass the customers, harass the bosses and fellow workers... of course in a way in which they have no clue that I'm actually mocking them). They, of course, put me in charge of the courtesy coffee. So that is neat. Also, today was interesting. As I was taking care of the coffee stand, the store manager approached me an asked, "Are you vegetarian?" I appropriately scoffed at him. Then a moment later it occurred to me, that ... read more

North America » United States » Arizona » Tucson August 12th 2008

The two constants here, for me, in Tucson thus far: Doug and sunsets. And the one variable: Monsoons. Awesome. Ps - pictures of Doug and sunsets are not uploading. Working on it. ... read more

North America » United States » Arizona » Tucson August 11th 2008

So, I've been job hunting. This has been my quest: to find a secure job that will give me enough hours and at least $8 an hour. Of course you all heard about the coffee cart on campus. That place is called "Common Grounds" and it seems pretty relaxed. I'll be working this little kiosk-type of thing that is set up outside one of UA's more popular buildings. I guess how it works is I'll be riding my bike down to the warehouse (about 2 miles away) and loading up a bunch of coolers with milk and other supplies. I will then be loading these coolers into a golf cart type of thing that I will drive to campus. The kiosk gets busy every half hour or so. See, the classes work on the 45 minute ... read more

North America » United States » Arizona » Tucson August 6th 2008

So, my room is near completion. I'm having trouble with the posters and pictures staying on the wall. I'll figure that out soon-ish, though. What do you think?... read more
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North America » United States » Arizona » Tucson August 5th 2008

So time has passed and I have updated on little. Boo ya. So, within the day I've been home, we've had 3 different break-ins, Jake was stolen, not ONE job is available in ALL of Tucson and I was beaten into submission by a man using a lizard as a hammer. Oh, and the atomic bomb was accidentally set off down the street by a retarded child who was claiming he was Clint Eastwood and using the pile of poop he was holding as evidence. I didn't get it. But really, Cave Cree/Carefree/Scottsdale (whatever the hell place it was) was, again, wonderful. Megan's family is absolutely wonderful. They are fun, interesting, and easy to be around type of people. Megan and I made this wonderful chicken dinner one of the nights and it was freakin' delicious! ... read more
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North America » United States » Arizona » Tucson June 3rd 2008

My friends, I am a month and one day away from boarding my flight to begin my amazing adventure. First let me take this moment to thank everyone who made this possible. I feel so blessed to be in a community where artists are appreciated and supported. It is that kind of selfless support that advances the arts and encourages young artists like myself to affect the world around me. I am truly grateful. Please be patient as I tinker with the website and try to figure everything out. It shouldn't take long before I am a super technologically savvy blogger. For now, friends, I wait. I am picking out my repertoire, scheduling appointments to take care of last minute things, buying my railpass, checking out hostels, contacting friends in Europe, and anxiously awaiting my departure! ... read more
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North America » United States » Arizona » Tucson May 21st 2008

Ok, I've logged in from a different computer so that is another hurdle that I've conquered. I don't have any photos to try to add from here, but that will just have to be the next hurdle. My students are finishing up their finals in Math. I have been teaching Special Education for 26 years. The past six years, I've taught Special Ed Math at Ironwood Ridge High School in Tucson, AZ. With my "extra right hand," Kris, we have maybe helped the kids learn some math concepts. At least we try!! I have enjoyed teaching except for some of the paperwork, headaches & bologna that is brought on by the administration. I picked up Euros from the bank, made copies of my credit cards and passport, and have a couple of suitcases packed. I am ... read more

North America » United States » Arizona » Tucson May 18th 2008

This trip has been in the planning for about a year. It is a celebration of friendships that have lasted and lasted. We are a group of grade school, high school & college buddies in our sixties that still enjoy getting together as often as possible and partying hearty for as long as we can. It started with 16 of us but 2 couples had to cancel. We will fly to Rome, transfer to Civitavecchia, Italy to board the Grand Princess on May 26 for a 12 day cruise ending in Southampton, England with transfers into London with wonderful stops along the way. Some of us are going early and staying later but, on the ship, we will be together. The cast of characters: Tom and Linda, Steve and Linda, Deanie and Bob, Vicki and John, ... read more
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