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Joellen Anderson

Off to participate in the world!

Africa » Algeria » North » Annaba March 9th 2012

Im not in algeria! This site doesnt do well on my tablet, so please follow me at read more

North America » Mexico » Baja California Sur » La Paz January 1st 2012

So after coming up from Surf Camp Pescadero we returned to La Paz and saw our beautiful house (owned by Vista Properties, if anyone is interested). My aunt and her fiance Richard arrived that evening and we went out to dinner at the marina. The next day, we got up slowly and had second Christmas with tamales (YES to street food!) At around 3pm, we went into town and split up to look for dive shops and shop around a little (We found what looks like a good shop, called Dive Carey.) We reunited (after some negotiation with a malfunctioning card, and a beer to recover). After going home to change, we hit the malec'on and looked for a dinner spot. After dinner (and a rather potent margarita) I went to meet up with a couch ... read more

Oceania » Cook Islands » Niue December 31st 2011

so nothing much happened in Pension California. i ended up sitting around, reading, and going to bed early. the next morning i stopped in a bakery on the way out and bought some AMAZING foccacia bread! the name of the bakery is french, and its rigt around the corner from pension, towards the malecon. so then i headed out of la paz towards cabos. the drive was actually pretty cool! after hitting the mountains the foliage changes and becomes much morelush. the coastal views are beautiful, but the resorts line the whole coast...not my scene. after oicking sophie up we swung around the tip and found an amazing place right across from playa cerritos. the complex was called Surf Camp, and is owned by an ex-pat gringo named Jaime. the people staying/living there were all super ... read more

North America » Mexico » Baja California Sur » La Paz December 28th 2011

We are now in La Paz, our main destination for this trip. We stayed over in constitucion and headed out mid morning. The drive was uneventful, more desert. We rounded a hill and BAM! there was the bay and city! The city is rather large, but not incredibly spread out. Its VERY different from San Jose. Im glad it wasnt as touristy as I was anticipating, it still feels like a very real city. My mom is staying with her friend Noel tonight and I am at a hotel/hostel thing tonight. It feels good to get some space. I will probably walk the malecón a little later tonight and hopefully meet someone in the hotel. Tomorrow, Im driving down to the airport in Cabo by myself to pick up sophie and we are going to do ... read more

North America » Mexico » Baja California Sur » Loreto December 27th 2011

Sorry n advance if my typing is bad, this keyboard is quite sticky. So we are in Constitución now, not Loreto. Its a town inland a little south on the 1 freeway. After the day in Mulegé we decided to mov on South because the wind wasnt picking up. We drove down to Loreto, taking pictures the whole way. When we arrivd in Loreto, we found a hotel with a room right across from the oldest Mission on Baja (way cool!). We went to Christmas mass at 11am, then took a while to walk around and eat lunch. We spent the afternoon reading and then went to dinner and bed. The next morning we headed onward (Loreto didnt hold much excitment for us) and passed through constitución to Punta San Carlos. There were some pretty amazing ... read more

North America » Mexico » Baja California Sur » Mulegé December 24th 2011

Buenas tardes amigos! We are in Mulegé, Baja del Sur, Mexico currently! Let me catch you up on the activities of our last few days! Day 1: We crossed the border in Mexicali (directly south of Calimex) and drove west on the 2 highway to Cañon de Guadalupe. After a gruelling drive on a washboard road followed by an extremely rocky (boulder-y?) road we hit a small pool that we couldnt decide was safe to cross (it was night by that time...great). Just when we almost parked to camp alongside the road an old man called out to us from the top of the hill and said the water was safe to cross. To prove it, he drove across twice and led us up to his campsites in the canyon. We were too cold to get ... read more

So I am here living in Tarcoles! Speaking Spanish all the time is pretty darn difficult I must say, especially when I'm trying to get stuff done! Ive been doing interviews with fishermen and lujadoras and writing up the analysis for those. I am also presenting my research project on Sunday so people know what I'm doing exactly and designing a event for the lujadoras so when they get enough money together they can implement it!So its been a bit of work but I'm having fun! Yesterday a couple came in to look at starting a volunteer program here and the girl didn't speak Spanish so I helped out a little with translation! It was pretty neat that I actually was able to do most of it! Anyways, I'm leaving monday for San Jose again...wish me ... read more

So I'm in La Selva for a few days helping out some Oxy students with their research. I'm having a lot of fun because a close friend from my last semester is also here. Basically I have been following Adrienne around while she does her research and this morning I went to the river with Jime and Miguel to help them catch fish for Jime's project. Miguel is a friend of Jime's from school who is helping her out this weekend too. Tomorrow we are both leaving for San Jose early so we are going to take the same bus. My Spanish has been improving over this month. Its at the point where if I spend all day working in Spanish I think in Spanish first. Its hard though because I can understand slow, well-pronounced Spanish ... read more

So I went in to San Pedro today to meet some people from Coopetarcoles to talk about my plan of action for living there next week! We reviewed my interview questions to decide which ones would be the most appropriate, I signed a code of ethics to make sure I'm not taking advantage of anyone, and we decided on how I should support the cooperative. We decided that I'm going to organize an "event" with some of the women in the cooperative. They are going to make something (probably food) and then we are going to sell it on the day of the finals for the world cup and try to make some extra money while having fun and building community! I'm super stoked, this is the kind of thing I like...doing research and giving back! ... read more

For my fellow travelers let me just inform you: there really isn't much to do in Puntarenas. I am currently in Puntarenas the town, waiting to try and coordinate with organizations (waiting for emails) and with a couchsurfer (who is letting me stay at her house even though I gave her basically no notice! Really nice!). Anyways, she's not done with work until 5, so I really shouldnt show up in San Jose before then because I would have to hang out in Coca Cola, not exactly the safest area! So instead I'll opt to hang out in Puntarenas for a few hours between checking out of my hotel and leaving on the bus. I have been running into a lot of problems with my research, but luckily I've met a few really cool people along ... read more

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