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North America » United States » Arizona » Sedona April 23rd 2019

Weather: 70s and beautiful States: Arizona Cities: Williams, Flagstaff, Sedona Miles: 63 Hours: 2 hrs 48 min (driving there, through, and back) Sites: Sedona, Red Rock PInk Jeep tours Restaurant: 89 Agave Hotel/Home: Lovely Little Log Cabin in Williams VRBO #1083110 Movies: Audible: Resisting Happiness (get you thinking book- has a religious base- it is good) This is a book that you can listen to a chapter (short) and ponder it.We are listening to it in bits. Everyone seems to like it. Today was a great day. We got up leisurely, had breakfast, and headed to Sedona for the day. Paul and I have been there and we like it there. We thought the kids would, too. We stopped in Flagstaff for an oil change which Ford was supposed to do at the last check up ... read more

North America » United States » Arizona » Sedona December 17th 2018

My main focus on trips is animal viewing and photography. It was already too cold to see any reptiles, (sniff sniff!), but I looked for other types of animals and tried to take the nicest landscapes pictures I could. With all these colors in the rocks, the most important factor for photographs is sunlight, in the best angle possible with clear skies. The red of the mountains kind of glow when sun is a bit low in the sky. But end of fall season helps in that matter, because sun never goes that high in the sky, when you're not in the tropics. The day when I explored Bell rock and CourtHouse butte, was for me, the best to photograph mountains. I was able to photograph some animals as well. Enjoy!... read more
Bell rock
courthouse butte

North America » United States » Arizona » Sedona December 13th 2018

Second time in Arizona. Last time was in the south, in Tucson region to mainly visit the Sonora desert. This time, I stayed in Sedona's region and visit the surroundings, including a trip to grand canyon. The small city of Sedona is surrounded by mountains of all shapes and having many colors, but red is the dominant color. Plenty of accommodations in the region. There are 2 main aspects defining the region: a-nature, landscapes, hiking trails, jeep and atv. b-Arts galleries of all sorts, yoga, and other "cosmic things". For me, first aspect is the draw. City is surrounded by hiking trails, going in desert, forest, around or on top on mountains. We spend 10 days there, and we didn't do a third of all trails!! Trails are well maintained and maps are available. The views ... read more
view on Thunder mountain trail
Prickly pear cactus in abondance.
view on Thunder mountain trail

North America » United States » Arizona » Sedona November 7th 2018

I consider the Sedona Vortex is a very real natural geo-physical force located in the red rock formations around Sedona, Arizona. I get a good feeling inside me every time I visited Sedona since my first time in 1984. The Native Americans considered this sacred ground for thousands of years. Later a number of internet sites appeared dealing with their interpretation of the Sedona Vortex. I do not agree 100% with the internet sites, but they appear to know that a natural force exists in the Sedona redrocks Vortex. This series I am working on is my 2017 September camping and survival trip. I added some older pics to complete my story, and dated the older stock pics. Not everything goes like planned when you drive through the back-country and some problems came up on my ... read more
US89A from scenic overlook
US89A from scenic overlook
US89A from scenic overlook

North America » United States » Arizona » Sedona October 19th 2018

We had 2 saved timeshare weeks just begging to be used so opted for this trip. Marlene had never been to Vegas, I was there briefly in 1968 ....the part I remembered is now the Historic District of Fremont Street! We also share a strong connection with a visit to Phoenix and the Grand Canyon, 25 years ago. So a week in Arizona seemed to be a perfect choice for the second week. Sedona is hard to beat for a natural setting for a town. The rotating panoramas above are of: Lake Mead Marina, home of the Desert Princess Sedona Sinagua Indian village ruins (1150AD) Grand Canyon Lots of pics here; it was tough to edit them down to this many as we certainly had lots of great choices. Coming next month, a cruise to the ... read more
Vegas timeshare
Las Vegas Strip
Cirque du Soleil’s “Mystere.”

North America » United States » Arizona » Sedona August 11th 2018

On our last adventure out west, my husband and I were fortunate to travel to Sedona, Arizona. We made our way to this gorgeous landscape from our arrival in Scottsdale, Arizona. After spending our first night in the city, we asked the hotel clerk at the front desk where we should visit as we made our way to an area of the world where, as we were told by many of our friends and family, we could experience some of the most beautiful sunrises imaginable. She suggested taking a loop around Jerome, a quirky mountainside town full of art galleries, offbeat eateries and shops. We were up for an adventure, and taking the backwoods route seemed like a more daring and exciting idea than going down the highway the entire time, so we heeded her advice. ... read more
Red Rocks State Park
Jerome, AZ
Sedona Sunrise

North America » United States » Arizona » Sedona July 22nd 2018

Day 25 - Sitting in a saloon 48 State Taver, Page Arizona, after a long hot day on the road. Jac & Snapper found this gem on our 2016 trip. A couple of Porter Ales down, after Nifty wore me down on trying one (damn nice by the way), a plate of Wings with BBQ Bourbon sauce, Ranch on the side, now a Makers Mark on the rocks, our brilliant bartender, Chris - 'Have you got any Aussie music mate', Yep tell me what you like, Have you got 'Men at Work?' Yep, here ya go!' So here we are - sitting in a bar in Page, Arizona, listening to Men at Work, while eating Wings & drinking bourbon! Fantastic, I say! After leaving Kanab, a short detour to the north rim of the Grand Canyon, ... read more
Marble Canyon
Marble Canyon
Bitter Springs to Page, AZ

North America » United States » Arizona » Sedona April 26th 2017

L'Arizona est l'état où se trouve le Grand Canyon, comme nous l'avons déjà vu, le plan B est d'aller voir Sedona, une petite ville de 10,000 habitants à 50 Km de Flagstaff où se trouve notre camping. Justement en parlant du camping (à 7000 pieds d'altitude) nous avons connu le 0C pendant la nuit (pas chaud!), le jour ça monte à 24C. Il paraît qu'à Sedona on attrape la 'Red rock fever' (la fièvre des rochers rouges)...vous verrez par vous même! Une belle promenade du samedi qui valait le détour!... read more

North America » United States » Arizona » Sedona September 12th 2016

If you ever happen to visit this magical place, these are the 7 Things To Do in Sedona: 1. Go Rock Watching! You could stay in Sedona for weeks and still be able do discover a new hike every day for how vast Oak Creek Canyon is. 2.Chose an Amazing Resort! Since the options are so many, the best thing to do is to go to the Visitor Center in downtown Sedona and ask what hikes better suite your needs in terms of time, difficulty and things you want to see. 3.Have Fun at Slide Rock National Park! 4.Visit the Energy Vortexes These are some of the Red Rocks hikes I enjoyed the most: – “Little Horse Trail”. This incredible hiking path takes you deep into the wilderness made of red sand and thorny bushes. Go ... read more
7 Things To Do in Sedona 02
7 Things To Do in Sedona 03
7 Things To Do in Sedona 04

North America » United States » Arizona » Sedona June 28th 2016

It’s my second time visiting Sedona and its magical Red Rocks. A few months ago, Alec and I took a trip from Colorado to California together with my parents who were visiting from Italy. It was such an incredible experience! We got to explore Boulder and the Rocky Mountains, to cross the territories of Buffalo Bill, see Veil and then drive through all of Utah , down until the Grand Canyon. It’s hard to pick the one place that stood out the most. They were all unforgettable. But one particular town stuck into my mind for its magical aura: Sedona and the beautiful Red Rocks that surround it. img= Back then, we didn’t have a lot of time left to explore and we only dedicated a handful of hours to this ... read more

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