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North America » United States » Arizona » Sedona March 9th 2024

From Bing Travel: Regularly described as one of America’s most beautiful places, Sedona is in the northern Verde Valley region about two and half hours north of Phoenix. Known for its towering red rocks and jagged sandstone buttes, this desert destination is a popular travel spot year-round. A hiker’s paradise, Sedona has more than 100 different trails that range in difficulty. The people at The Hike House can help prepare travelers for the trail. One of the most popular is Cathedral Rock Trail, which offers breathtaking views of the area’s red rock formations. The Bell Rock Pathway, Devil's Bridge Trail, Boynton Canyon, and Palatki Ruins all feature ancient Native American ruins and cave paintings along the way. Jeep tours are another great way to explore the area. Most include a narrated tour, some walking, and of ... read more
Lexi loves the pink jeep!
Love Sedona red rocks

North America » United States » Arizona » Sedona March 28th 2023

Off we go again today. This time to Sedona with full intention of hiking in Boynton Canyon within which is Subway Cave and a powerful vortex. I do believe that Sedona is the tourist destination of North American! Approaching the city is a wondrous site to behold - they don’t call it Red Rocks Country for no reason. The mountains and cliffs here are the most intense red I have seen thus far. Large buttes and sharp pinnacles jut into the clear azure sky. There are odd shapes and sizes at every turn. I found the turn for Dry Creek Road which leads out to Boynton Canyon. But so did everyone else in the country! There is not a parking spot to be found within miles but I am seeing shuttles going back and forth. So ... read more

North America » United States » Arizona » Sedona January 19th 2023

Why are we traveling in the middle of January on a non-holiday weekend? It’s V’s milestone birthday! It was also the Lunar New Year. What an auspicious guy 😄 After much thought, we returned to Sedona to celebrate. Thu: Hopping over to Arizona Yay to off-season flying on a weekday 🙌 Everything went so unbelievably smoothly. One thing is, though, it pays to look up ahead of time what terminal we’ll need to be at. For this 2-hr flight, we went all out budget and took FrOOOOer for the first time. I was really really scared of all the reviews and kept our bag size a few inches below the limit. The good thing was that this made us travel uber-light and avoid the line because I made sure we didn’t have to interact with the ... read more
Soldier Pass Trail
Soldier Pass Trail
Soldier Pass Trail

North America » United States » Arizona » Sedona October 31st 2022

We flew out of Oakland on Thursday morning. Southwest internet was out but no problem I had downloaded a movie on Prime just in case. The flight was exactly the length of the movie so time went by fast. As we were looking for something to eat we ran into our neighbors Greg and Michele. They were headed home after a trip to Sedona. They gave us some tips and some maps. Thank you Michele and Greg. We picked up a rental car at Avis and drove to Sedona. The drive to Sedona took two hours and was mostly freeway. Sedona is beautiful with soaring red rocks. The whole city is said to be a vortex with some spots having the energy crackling most in intensity. I did not know what a vortex was so I ... read more
Dinner with Meagan and Jesua
Jennie and i at the wedding
Lex and Jared

North America » United States » Arizona » Sedona September 21st 2022

We woke up to see a stunning blue sky out the window and the forecast is to be nice and warm around 32 degrees. It was most unusual to have a shower and not be standing in a bath tub for a change with a beautiful rainfall shower-head. The Matterhorn Hotel is one of the few places we have booked that does not provide breakfast and given it’s location in downtown Upper Sedona we thought breakfast would be a breeze to arrange but we were actually quite stressed last night trying to find anything that was going to be open before 9.00am as we need to meet for our tour by 8.50am. They all seemed to open at 9.00am or later ! Eventually I found a place called Wildflower Cafe and it turned out to be ... read more
Riding the White Line @ Sedona
Kerry captured this amazing shot
Panoramic photo taken by Allan (Thanks)

North America » United States » Arizona » Sedona September 20th 2022

Breakfast included another omelette freshly cooked with potatoes on the side this time. Yummy and thought I’d load up as we have a drive today and going to do a bit of walking too. Not sure when we’ll have someone cooking fresh for us so took advantage of the opportunity presented by Embassy Suites. Also had the orange and passionfruit juice which was so refreshing. We hit the road right on 8.00am as planned heading to North Arizona. Weather is sunny and a bit cooler when we left but was still forecast to reach 40 degrees in Phoenix but as we are heading for the mountains it will hopefully not be much hotter than 30 today. It was amazing to see so many cactus plants along the drive and suddenly when we reached a certain altitude ... read more
White Addax
NRL Premier - The Black Panther
View coming in to Sedona from Cottonwood

North America » United States » Arizona » Sedona September 30th 2020

I drove down US Hwy 89A (South of Flagstaff) to the very nice Oak Creek Canyon overlook. The views from the Mogollon Rim are scenic. That overlook is the easy place to purchase the $5 dollar "Red Rock Pass" required to stop in the Sedona red rock area. Unfortunately the overlook was closed. Rather then following the large slow camper trailers to Sedona to look for the Forest Service headquarters for a "Red Rock Pass", I circled around and took Interstate Hwy 17 to the Schnebly Hill Road exit. After the exit I immediately turned South on Coconino National Forest road 153 through medium sized Ponderosa Pine on a rough road. I drove to a nice legal camp somewhere near Schnebly Hill. The next morning I had my normal coffee break. I drove past the "no ... read more
US Hwy 89A, Oak Creek Canyon overlook
Schnebly Hill Road
Schnebly Hill Road

North America » United States » Arizona » Sedona January 7th 2020

Today provided some stark contrasts in colour - the deep vibrant red of the rocks surrounding Sedona against the bright clean white of the foot of snow just up the road at Oak Creek. First stop was Fay Canyon, a short walk through the forest, punctuated by small patches of snow and ice crystals on surrounding rocks, while being overshadowed by enormous sheer cliffs of red and cream on either side. A short scramble up some rocks (five wheel drive required on descent) into the guts of the canyon to overlook the valley below. Next stop Boynton Canyon - we’d been warned that the canyon walk itself was impassable due to snow and ice (and possibly our laziness) so we opted for the shorter steeper overlook trail. And we were not disappointed! A beautiful climb to ... read more
On the way up to Boynton Canyon Vista
If Beeb’s in a t-shirt, you can be sure it’s not cold!
Cowboy snowperson

North America » United States » Arizona » Sedona January 6th 2020

Hmm, not overly sure I’m a fan of this ‘under your own steam’ caper we’ve got going on here. I quite liked the sitting on a horse and letting someone else do all the work! Nonetheless, here we are in Sedona, ready to check out the stunning rock formations that surround the whole area. Naturally, the girls have been overwhelmed with our enthusiasm for the natural surrounds...oh wow, look at those rocks...we’ve warned them to expect that a lot over the next few days. Who isn’t enthralled by the riveting tales of Geology 101?! First stop was Cathedral Rock where we clambered up some red rock formations (me only part way) to enjoy some stunning views. Some were more interested in the morning tea on offer. Next stop was the Mescal Trail towards Devil’s Bridge. A ... read more
View from Cathedral Rock
Strike a pose
Taking a break towards the Bridge

North America » United States » Arizona » Sedona September 12th 2019

Fran's trip to Jamye Price's Light language course. Flight and hore car from Flagstaff. Stayed in airbnb right near Bell Rock (trinity). Met many lovely people, especially Astarah.... read more

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