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North America » United States » Arizona » Lake Powell March 26th 2019

We had launched and rigged up the boat shortly after we arrived at the Wahweep Campground. We had been prepared to see that the lake was low, as I keep track of it from a website, but we were still shocked to see it in person. This is a different body of water from our St Lawrence, where a 2 foot variance in the level with bring on howls of protest from all around. Lake Powell this year is a stunning 43’ lower than it was when we were here just last March! We had been amazed by the length of the ramp then, now it must have been 100 yards longer, maybe more. There are a lot of ramps on Lake Powell, but now only two are useable. Even worse for us, the “Antelope Island ... read more
Searching for Treasure
Dead End Ramp
Lake Powell Sunrise

North America » United States » Arizona » Lake Powell March 25th 2019

Ready to move again, we broke camp for the short trip up to Lake Powell. I say short, and as the crow flies (or, more likely raven, here) it’s only about 10 miles away. For those of us forced to more terrestrial forms of transport though it’s a trip of nearly 50 miles, that takes about an hour and a half. On our way out, we stopped this time at the Navajo Bridge, where the state highway crosses Marble Canyon. There are actually two bridges there. They are similar arched truss steel spans, the first one built in the 20’s, the second built in the 90’s. The new one is designed for heavier traffic, and is much wider to accommodate modern vehicles. Wisely though, the old span has been preserved for foot traffic and sightseeing. We ... read more
Condors on the Rocks
Condor Soaring

North America » United States » Arizona » Lake Powell March 24th 2019

We had talked about going to the Grand Canyon on this trip, but it had been staying very cold there lately, and also we had not been able to reserve a camping spot, so we gave it a miss. We’ve both seen it anyway, but neither of us have been to the north rim. That’s not possible at this time of year as the access road is closed, but we thought we’d drive up onto the plateau anyway, just to check it out. It was a pretty drive over there. The road curved around the Vermilion Cliffs, then through a wide valley before climbing steeply up. We went from sagebrush country up into the green of the junipers, then the piñon pines, and finally the stands of big ponderosa pines. By then, there was snow on ... read more

North America » United States » Arizona » Lake Powell March 21st 2019

Before I get into our trip up to the Colorado River at Lees Ferry, I'd like to post an update/review of some of our camping and traveling systems. First, our new Dometic fridge. After that "over voltage" problem caused by our old charger/converter, it has been perfect. The ice cream is always frozen, and the beer is always cold, what more could you ask? It is totally hands off too, you don't have to think about it. When we are connected to "shore power" the gas flame turns off, and the electric element takes over. Unplug, and it automatically lights the pilot and it cools on LP. And speaking of LP -- it amazes me how little we have used, even with the fridge going all the time, and the fact that we have seldom been ... read more
Sandstone Walls
In the Path of Powell
Lees Ferry Launch

North America » United States » Arizona » Lake Powell October 29th 2017

Wahweap Campground is about a 1/4 mile from the shoreline of Lake Powell. Lake Powell, remember that name from the Grand Canyon? Same explorer 👨🏻‍🌾😉 Lake Powell is a reservoir on the the Colorado River straddling the border between Utah and Arizona. Our phones kept changing from AZ to UT time...what time is it🤔⏰ This is a major vacation ocean nearby, so this is where people go for a ‘beach vacation’. Boats, boats, boats 🛥⛴🚤 house boats. The lake was created by the flooding of Glen Canyon by the Glen Canyon Dam, the 2nd largest Dam in the U.S. (Hoover Dam is 16 feet larger), which led to the creation of the Glen Canyon National Recreation Area. Dam 😮 The campground ⛺️ was cool - spacious sites and not many people camping. We had a ... read more
Wahweap camp site
Dinner 🥘 😋

North America » United States » Arizona » Lake Powell June 17th 2016

Bonjour à tous, Journée exceptionnelle Comme annoncé hier, j'avais réservé, le "boat tour". Ce matin réveil à 5h45, le départ est à 7h30, et il faut être au bureau à 7h, j'ai 20 km pour me rendre à la marina où est le départ, Le bateau va même partir à 7h25. Une trentaine de passagers, et seulement un couple d'asiatique. Très bien !. L'organisation est super, à disposition, et ce toute la journée, du café, de l'eau fraîche, de l'eau citronnée, barres chocolatées, des fruits. Parfait, seul n'est pas prévu le repas de midi, et là je vois que je suis aux US. Tous avaient prévus d'énormes sandwichs, genre Macdo taille xxxl. 500 m après avoir quitté le port on commence à en prendre plein les yeux. A la lumière du matin le spectacle offert est ... read more
Canyon Rainbow
Canyon Rainbow
lac Powell

North America » United States » Arizona » Lake Powell August 15th 2015

We left Grand Junction and headed to Utah on I-70. This interstate has some spectacular scenery that includes Book Cliffs, Ferry Swale and Goblin Valley. If you ever have a chance to see this area it has really unusual rock formations and bridges. This area is close to Arches National Park and Canyonlands which are really great to visit. We arrived in Marysvale where we had a vacation home for 8 years. We stayed with Dale's cousin Wendell and Vee. Their home is only 1/4 mile from where we lived and has a very nice RV site for guests. We had a great week visiting friends and spent a day in the Tushar Mountains riding our ATV's with Mark and Luanne. Page, Arizona was our next destination. We lived in Page for 35 years and it ... read more
Ferry Swale, Utah
Marysvale, Utah  Sunset

North America » United States » Arizona » Lake Powell July 29th 2015

Avant d'arriver au Lake Powell, nous avons fais une étape à Antelope Canyon, site renommé pour sa beauté. C'est une crevasse très étroite creusée par l'eau au fil du temps, et dont les parois aux nombreuses courbes offrent une variante de couleurs stupéfiantes en fonction de la lumière du soleil. Pour parcourir cette petite gorge, il ne faut pas être claustrophobe car on est parfois à la limite de la spéléologie ! Lake Powell est une fois de plus un parc national. Nous avons pu camper au bord du lac, devant un panorama surprenant : Une immense étendue d'eau turquoise en plein désert. Ce lac est artificiel, et a été créé grâce à un barrage construit sur le fleuve du Colorado. C'est une sorte d'oasis en pleine zone aride. Quelle sensation bizarre de pouvoir se baigner ... read more
Antelope Canyon, peu avant sur la route
Caroline gère la cuisson du barbeuc...
... Je gère le feu

North America » United States » Arizona » Lake Powell June 10th 2015

6th /7th June We spent another full day at Grand Canyon, though we were moving around all the time, you could probably stay in one place and it would change constantly with the time of day, the weather, the light, we must have said wow more times than we should have done but it really is such an incredible place, a local later described it as a big fancy hole in the ground.... A very fancy hole!! Having watched the sun go down again, the following morning we drove through the park and exited at the east end. Stunning scenery, particularly a gorge carrying the Little Colorado river eventually took us to the town of Cameron with lunch at the Trading Post and then on to Tuba City, not somewhere you would want to spend any ... read more
Little Colorado Gorge
Pink Curler
Monument Valley

North America » United States » Arizona » Lake Powell August 13th 2014

Tour en bateau sur le Lac Powell Journée que l'on n'est pas prêt d'oublier ; Un magnifique tour en bateau sur le lac Powell : Quasiment personne sur l'eau, des paysages époustouflants, de multiples couleurs, une eau très chaude Mmmmh le bonheur !! Conquérir le monde, c'est détruire l'ancien.... read more
Fitness sur les premières bordées
Cap'tain Richie
Coaching de la capitaine

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