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North America » United States » Alaska » North Pole August 17th 2021

mileage - 173 miles Our lodge accommodations last night looked like they were right out of a story book – exactly what you would imagine in the middle of the Alaskan Mountain Range: beautiful, hand-hewn logs, rock fireplaces and views of the mountains where it snowed overnight. We were roughly 30 miles from civilization and so for dinner we had a choice of fresh salmon (cooked one way) from the nearby river for supper (thankfully we all like salmon), but there was something weird about the salad dressing that made our eyes burn??? Although good, it had to be eaten with our eyes closed. Like little kids anxiously waiting for Santa, we were all up most of the night at the Lodge. If it wasn’t the howling and howling of the wind, it was the midnight ... read more

North America » United States » Alaska » North Pole February 20th 2021

From National Geographic: MOST OF US have a rough map of the world in our minds that we use any time we think about places. But these mental maps aren’t necessarily reliable. In fact, many of the maps in our heads share the same errors, some of which are quite large—and surprisingly resistant to correction. Maps distort four basic characteristics: size (area), distance, direction and shape.For instance, we all know that South America is south of North America, of course. But you may be surprised by the fact that virtually the entire South American continent is east of Florida. There are lots of possible reasons fo... read more
Use a globe instead
Pangea or flagea

North America » United States » Alaska » North Pole July 6th 2017

While it was hard to part with the wonderful amenities that we had been enjoying in Tok, we knew we needed to get along in our journey. We pulled up stakes and headed out on Thursday venturing to our next destination which would end in Fairbanks. Along the way we stopped in Delta Junction, AK which is the end of the Alaska highway. Now remember we started it in Dawson Creek, BC, which was mile 0 and now we were ending it at mile 1422. Yes, that means we have driven all 1422 miles of it! We actually have driven 3406 miles so far on this trip and we still have a lot more to go. Crazy! I think this may be one of our longest road trips so far. Maybe not time but distance for ... read more
Rika's Roadhouse.
Inside Rika's Roadhouse.
The inside of another one of the rooms at Rika's Roadhouse.

North America » United States » Alaska » North Pole July 25th 2016

Just wanted all the Grandchildren to know that since we were so close to the North Pole we decided to pay a little visit to Santa’s House. We didn’t think he would be there but lo and behold, there he was supervising the little elves as they made Christmas toys. Making all those toys for the good little girls and boys takes all year you know. Grandma was hoping that they would be making toys for her wonderful grandchildren but she didn't see any so she climbed up in Santa’s lap and whispered in his ear, telling him all about Abby, Liam, Indiana, Austin, Jordan, Tony, Thomas, Greyson and Brady. I’m not sure what she said but when she was done, he was shocked!!! He couldn’t believe what he was hearing!!! Santa told Grandma he hoped ... read more
We knew we were at the right house
Grandma tells Santa all about her Grandchildren
Santa is Shocked!!!

North America » United States » Alaska » North Pole September 19th 2015

After a breakfast of biscuits and gravy (er...) we set off to the North Pole. Well, to North Pole, Alaska, where Christmas is celebrated 365 days a year. Santa was sadly on his Fall vacation, but we still got to send post cards from the town and arranged for him to send some letters to loved ones nearer to Christmas. The whole town was decorated, even the McDonalds, whose golden arches stood tall above a 30 foot candy cane. After lunch in the northern most Dennys in America, we headed to the Chena Hot Springs Resort. First stop was to the Ice Museum to see award winning ice sculptures, see the ice bedrooms and drink the world's strongest appletini, served in an ice glass. We were bundled up into Parkers on top of our coats and ... read more

North America » United States » Alaska » North Pole August 15th 2015

This will be rather short, just trying to catch up with Fairbanks before we pull out of here in the morning. We spent a total of four nights here and kept pretty busy. Today was our final day, as we started with an early morning cruise up and down the Chena River. The tour was called The Discovery Tour, and it combined time on both the boat and on land. We saw a little bit of many things, including the take off and landing of a small sea plane, a stop by another husky training camp (Susan Butcher's). She was a 4 time winner of the Iditarod, and a presentation on the native culture from this area. Once done with the tour, we headed over to the North Pole. Yes, we saw Santa. He seemed to ... read more
I've Been Good!
Happy Holidays
Outside Walls

North America » United States » Alaska » North Pole August 11th 2015

North Pole For anyone who loves Christmas, a trip to the North Pole is a really fun stopover. Nineteen miles southeast of Fairbanks, this tiny town has many yuletide nods like candy cane striped lampposts and street names like Sleighbell Circle and St Nicholas Drive. The main destination should be the Santa Claus House, a large store chock full of Christmas merchandise, a live Santa, and even reindeer pens outside. Donnelly Dome and Lake Continuing south on Route 2 on the gorgeous Richardson Highway, which we’ll cover more fully in the next blog, the first major hiking destination is Donnelly Dome, a few miles south of the Delta Junction. Located near the Greeley Air Force Base (we heard test ordinance fired and witnessed a practice mass parachute jump), this bald mountain stands out. The 3 mile ... read more
Dining with Chef at Donnelly Creek State Park
Becky atop Donnelly Dome
Reindeer in North Pole AK

North America » United States » Alaska » North Pole September 5th 2013

We left Fairbanks around 7.30pmheading out to Chena Hot Springs - a 60 mile drive. It was a nice drive - the whole area was thick forest. Along the way Geoff spotted a lonesome baby moose just outside of the thick. We grabbed a couple of photos before it ran away. Hunting season has just began so we hoped the baby's mother was still alive. Arrived at Chena Hot Springs just on dark - 10pm. This is the end of the road in this part of town. The area is a resort and was very busy. Went and found out the hours for the ice museum tour and then looked for a place to camp for the night. Found a spot a few miles away from the resort on a pull out right next to a ... read more

North America » United States » Alaska » North Pole June 30th 2013

Today was an easy day. While I cleaned the house and did laundry, Joe got the truck washed and ready for our next adventure. It's off to Denali National Park tomorrow. I am so excited, because I remember Denali from when Mom and I were there 15 years ago. I should have some great pictures to post in the next few days.... read more

North America » United States » Alaska » North Pole June 28th 2013

We actually got to sleep in today since we were not going anywhere until 9:30. Sweet! At 9:30 we took off for a tour of the Gold Dredge # 8 gold mine. It was an interesting tour and at the end we did some gold panning. Between Joe and I we panned out $21 of gold. Not too bad since the others with us only hauled out $6 - $9 worth of gold. We did some shopping and then came home to chill. It has cooled down a little so we were able to take a little bike ride tonight. It felt funny bike riding at 9:30 at night. Love this daylight that never ends.... read more
Trip on the train
Gold Dredge # 8
Gold WOW!

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