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North America » United States » Alabama February 11th 2008

There is something I’ve always loved about doing my quiet times early in the morning- before ay one else is even up. I was again reminded of this yesterday, when I got up and went outside and sat on a bench, just me and Jesus and nature. It was very reminiscent of camp- really early, and I had a lot to do that day, but first I needed to sit at the feet King of the day. Camp is the same way. If I don’t get that time, the day is pretty shot. He encourages me and reminds me of little things. Those have been some of my favorite moments- sitting at a picnic table by the river or at a table in the dining hall while the ovens were heating. When I told Millers and ... read more

North America » United States » Alabama February 10th 2008

Talladega, Alabama people! Home of the nation’s fastest NASCAR track (and little else.) When I awoke this fine morning, there was a bird outside making a noise like an alarm clock. That is my Alabama “thing.” (NC- trees, SC- zoo.) The Bama Birds. What are they? Went to this little tiny theatre in the middle of downtown. Kyle and I had quite a time backing the truck through an alley that was not wide or tall enough for it. Very fun. Then we used less than half of my lighting rig. Fun stuff! Kyle duct taped my mouth shut. A long strip of tape from behind my ears and across my face. Yes. Quite fun. The theater was really small; not all of the required stuff was done or ready for me, which was sort of ... read more

North America » United States » Alabama February 10th 2008

Here are some photos for you to enjoy. Sorry it's taken me so long to get them out. These are from our show tonight. I'll probably post an update soon.... read more
Big Truck in a Little Alley
Shrink Wrap
Small House

North America » United States » Alabama » Auburn January 29th 2008

D+6 Shows today! Our first show was this morning, a school show, which is a 45 minute version of our real show (which is about 95 minutes). We all thought it was at 10 (including house guys), but apparently the presenter told some people it as at 9:30, and lots of people thought it was at 10. It was pretty crazy. Lighting during the show went fine. There were several mic problems, the video loop got screwed up, and comm went down at one point. One of the performers missed a cue where she was the only one onstage, one of the girls ran off stage in the middle of a number thinking she was done. Not out best anything, but it was basically our only dress rehearsal. (Yesterday, we had a tech thru with some ... read more

North America » United States » Alabama » Auburn January 28th 2008

So, about the 2nd question they asked when I got off the plane was whether I’m a Mac or PC person. I, of course, didn’t shy away from elaborating on my love for Macs. Everyone else on tour with me has a Mac, with one exception, and a few people who will be leaving us soon. Our tech table has several all lined up. It’s hot. All this to say, my power cable started going out, and it is now officially dead. Something is wrong or loose or something in the transformer. But because we all have new Macs, everyone’s been gracious in sharing their power. I called Apple this morning to see about getting a new one. By this time, I had already traded out all the parts of the cable with working ones to ... read more
Sunny Day!

North America » United States » Alabama » Auburn January 26th 2008

Almost there… I hope. Today was much better. Tech went a lot smoother, and we got in a few full run-thrus, costumes and all. Lots more programming for me. My fingers sure are getting tired. Man, I’m sure learning some new things on this desk! For lunch, several of us walked to Winn-Dixie, which was fun on several counts. It was my first time in such a supermarket, and we all had our radios on in our ears still. Pretty much we goofed off a lot. Speaking of radios- I love the headsets we have for them, and we DEFINITELY need to get some wireless ClearComms for Life Center. They’re pretty much amazing. So, I end up with my radio in my right ear, Comm on my left, radio, Leatherman, PockIts, and Comm pack on my ... read more
50 Flags
Uganda and Rwanda

North America » United States » Alabama » Auburn January 26th 2008

D+4 Real quick, before I head off to work. One of the greatest sources of laughter for us has been Kyle- the sound guy. He’s from Ireland originally, but calls Glasgow home now. Needless to say, he fits in really well down here with all the other people who talk funny. He pronounces every letter in “aluminum,” plus some extras. At dinner the other night, he asked for “a portion of chips,” and the waitress had no idea what that meat. I always order a pitcher of water at restaurants, and he always makes sure and orders ice. He’s a drinker too, we’ll sit and go through pitchers just the two of us. And American BBQ sauce goes on everything! He also imported a new adjective to describe my feet- manky. On the first day, I ... read more

North America » United States » Alabama » Auburn January 25th 2008

After about 6 hours of load in, we only have one electric focused. We didn’t get as far as Ryan had wanted, and it showed. Bummer. As I said, our whole crew was high school guys, which wouldn’t bother me in the least, normally. They don’t know much about theatre, which is sort of a bummer, because the teacher said they’re his top students. On one hand, I’m glad my high school friends are not like them. On the other hand, it makes me miss them more. Our kids got here today! It was so fun to see them all. Work, work, work. Most of yesterday, and all day today, I was basically in charge of getting our stuff done. Ryan handed me a bunch of paperwork describing all the needed to happen, only I ... read more

North America » United States » Alabama January 25th 2008

Today was our first load in. We have 12 scheduled hours for it, only it’s 4 this morning, 4 tonight at 9:30, and 4 more tomorrow. Gross. There’s some Mexican Symphony there or something, so we’re all going to siesta in between. Hopefully getting lunch soon. Load in went well. Our crew is a high school theatre class, literally. The high school and city performing arts center are in the same place, so it would be pretty cool going to school there and having that venue as your theatre. There was a lot of hurry-up and wait for me, as we were seeing a lot of things for the first time, all the gear and whatnot, making a list of what wasn’t included. Following Ryan around pretty closely and gleaning off any information I can. I ... read more
Fish Everywhere!

North America » United States » Alabama » Mobile January 12th 2008

Today we hired a car and drove to Alabama to watch Robert play basketball. We drove via the Gulf Coast which is where "Katrina" hit. When we drove out of New Orleans you could see the desruction .... miles and miles of damaged/destroyed housing. To my surprise alot of it was not the ramshacked timber places we saw on the news but they were just ordinary suburbs brick houses on cement slabs. Spoke with Mike one of Robert's team mates and a local when they came back after Katrina and went into this rea they couldn't believe it these houses complete with slab had been lifted and moved...hard to comprehend, But more about that in another blog. Anyway once we left New Orleans we decided we would take the scenic coast route as we had plenty ... read more
Whole neighbourshoods look like this
Renovators delight...
Abandoned Shopping Centre on the outskirts of New Orleans...

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