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North America » United States » Alabama May 22nd 2019

Moving at warp speed pace. Brannon and Jonathan waste no time getting down to business. We have the new theater/recliners installed. Cory & I took full advantage of their massage accessory. Ahhhhhhhhh. Nice! We watched the movie:”On the Basis of Sex”.... based on the life of Ruth Bader Ginsburg. It was good. The only thing lacking was the popcorn which we could have done but forgot. We were so relaxed with our massages we thought of nothing else. The added blue lights on these seats make for a beautiful ambience. We are sitting pretty! The crew also put in a new, 40”, smart TV in the center of the RV. Perfect. He’s going to do the same with our front one. Exciting. The new, LED headlights are installed. Almost makes our rig look new. They’ll see ... read more
Cory checking out RV. Distance between new recliners & couch.
Brannon & Cory enjoying our new recliners
Check them out

North America » United States » Alabama May 20th 2019

Wake up! Wake up! We have to get stuff inside the RV put away so Brannon can do his work. Just as he said “I start work at 7:00 AM”. No problem....we are up and ready to go. First they move our RV (‘member her name? PP for Pretty Penny) into one of their bays. He’s working on other RV’s, too. We go over “Thee LIST”. He’s good with it; Cory is a little nauseous. They are starting out today with the removal of the bedroom carpet (only the section between the end of the bed and the passenger side slide-out. Anything is better than the crummy carpet that we have now. We brought the laminate wood flooring with us for him to use. He was willing to let me take photos of his process.....our friend, ... read more
At Convenient Camping. We lived cozy this entire time
In full bloom...Gone!
Leaving Convenient Camping for Custom RV

North America » United States » Alabama » Tuscumbia May 19th 2019

I’m better now. It was a rough road there for awhile with my blog mess. I know you were concerned about me. Thanks! I have survived it all and am stronger and smarter for it. I know you are what’s the big deal?...Jot down some stuff and get on with it! Whoaaa....not so easy, guys. I can’t just publish all this non-fictional reading material in just a minute. It takes me hours and hours. I don’t want to forget anything cause I know you want facts.....just the facts, Ma’m (TV show called Dragnet...some may remember...most won’t). I actually do a spell check (myself) even though it may seem that I don’t. Remember my eyes are fuzzy and burning (Ma’ Eyes! Ma’ Eyes!) by the time I’ve completed a blog - especially this last “Be all ... read more
Read all about it!
Taking our ride to the cave

North America » United States » Alabama May 18th 2019

By the first part of our title, you would think everything is Hunky-Dory. Well, it isn’t!!! It was before but it’s not now! Rats & Crap! I am in crisis mode...big time! I wrote this blog yesterday...reflecting on events on Thursday. Remember we are working off our time machines. Got the entire verbose blog completed...I hit some stupid little symbol at the bottom of my page and blog vanished! Noooooooooooooo! I’m in panic mode. I frantically do everything I can think to do to find it....Zip, Zero, Nada, Nothing! It’s dead meat! Lulu was trying to comfort me but I was beyond that. I was heading into Zoombie land and down the black hole. Cory just stayed his distance with sympathy in his eyes. He tried to locate my straight-jacket. Don’t forget I’m also trying ... read more
Lulu at a counseling place-missing door that needs painting
Entrance to Tiffin Factory- no Bob Tiffin today
Next to Tiffin Factory

North America » United States » Alabama May 16th 2019

First off....I was way too tired last night (feel sorry for me?...or are you just glad for a breather?) to do a blog so turn on your time machine again. Back it up to yesterday. Wednesday was our “free” day. Just going to roam around and go to.......Hip-Hip-Hooray....a Walmart! Who cares that it is in Mississippi about 30+ miles away. That’s the norm for us back home. Okay...let me stay on track for a change. Before Walmart, we decided to locate the three different repair places we would be taking our RV to beginning Thursday (today). Plus we are on the hunt for another window of ours broke. The Tiffin store has only the newer, plastic ones...ours is metal. We are hoping to find a place with discarded, clouded windows and get the latch from ... read more
 Bay Diesel & their bays
Our RV being worked on
Quiet, tree lined roads all around us

North America » United States » Alabama May 14th 2019

Yes, we have arrived here in Red Bay: our destination. Pulled in around noon. A beautiful day. We left the YellowHammer Campground at 9:15 this morning. I suggested we leave late in order to avoid the morning traffic going through Birmingham. I actually fell back to sleep so we were extra late just because of my sapped self. Lulu was still sleeping, too. Cory decided not to disturb either of know....let sleeping dogs lie. It was a gorgeous traveling day. Lulu continued her role as navigator. Only blue skies and love bugs were visible through and on our windshield. We praised our new friends we met at the rest stop the previous day. Their traveling directions were right on spot. Easy driving...excellent roads. Not bad going through Birmingham, either. It helped that were drove through ... read more
Blue skies & Bugs
Setting up at first campground
Go away dam bugs! Lulu helps

North America » United States » Alabama » Clanton May 13th 2019

First Notation! As I was just getting ready to publish this blog last night...the internet went down! Rats! So now I am publishing this on Tuesday but the dicertatcion reflects Monday’s events. Turn on your time machine. The trials & tribulations of being a blogger. Up and at ‘em, everyone. Time to get “🎼🎼On the road, again🎼🎼”. We had a nice rest at this Tallahassee East Campground but it’s time to go. We pulled out at 8:15 AM. Cory checked out their continental breakfast before we left. It consisted of a box of frozen doughnuts and two left-over, peculiar dishes that they had at their Mothers Day celebration last night (we didn’t had to take a dish to pass - I only had peanut butter sandwiches). We didn’t indulge in their so-called breakfast . Lulu ... read more
Good-bye Campground
Still hurricane devastation along the route
Work crew putting up new fencing

North America » United States » Alabama December 1st 2018

If you have never heard of Red Bay, AL you might think from it’s name it would be located on the southern part of the state on the gulf. Red Bay is actually located in the far northwest corner of the state close to Mississippi. They say the RED comes from the area red clay and the BAY from the bay tree that looks similar to a magnolia tree. The town has about 3500 residents and has the small town feel. It has a town square like the movie “Ground Hog Day” and has that friendly feel like you are part of the community immediately. This is a 4 stop light town. The major exployers are the Tiffin RV factory, a dog food plant and a manufactured home factory. We spent close to a week here ... read more

North America » United States » Alabama » Huntsville July 11th 2018

Doug turned 18. It seems unreal. I woke up to emails from our insurance and pharmacy that I no longer had access to his information. We went by the Space Center in Huntsville, but did not go in since there was only an hour left until it closed. Instead we went to see Ant Man. Then we went out to eat at Mellow Mushroom and got an ice cream cake from Dairy Queen.... read more
Mellow Mushroom birthday dinner
Dairy Queen birthday cake
birthday party at the hotel

North America » United States » Alabama » Orange Beach July 10th 2018

We went deep sea fishing for red snapper. Doug did not want to go with us so he stayed in the van. We parked it in the shade. He left it on and had the Xbox and TV with him. He also had lots of snacks so he was totally fine! There were about 50 people on the boat. The captain told us that we would be splitting all the fish equally. This worked out great because Robert was the only one from our group who got any fish. They were large fish though! ... read more
Waiting for the boat
Catching live bait

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