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North America » United States » Alabama » Birmingham September 3rd 2020

Why the hell am I in Birmingham, Alabama? And on a Thursday night? Under normal circumstances, those would be good questions. But 2020 has been anything but normal, and when it comes to college football, everything has been up in the air. So the short answer to those questions is, because it’s actual FBS-level college football where fans are allowed to attend. Spoiler alert: this post will have lots of reflection in it. In a year when most of us have been concerned about surviving, or on the other end of the spectrum, about government overreach and conspiracy theories, I’m just glad I got to attend a college football game at all. As it turns out, the University of Alabama at Birmingham (UAB) has cheap tickets, is allowing fans to attend, and also hosted the very ... read more
My first glimpse of the field at Legion Field -- it was a hot day
Quite a few health concerns to be aware of on the big screen
rusty tower outside Legion Field

North America » United States » Alabama » Gulf Shores February 11th 2020

Today I woke up to fog, and not just any fog, dense fog. The window screens and sill were wet, the balcony was wet and I could just barely see the dunes out my window. This put a slight hitch in my plans as the ferry was not running at all, visibility for driving was poor and I couldn't decide what to do. In the end, I decided I should not plan anything and should just go wherever I felt like. After laying around the room, I finally got moving and drove into Gulf Shores and further along the coast to Orange Beach. This time of year the traffic is pretty light so it was a nice easy drive. The fog was all along the coast and I couldn't see much so I turned around. I ... read more
Interpretive Center in the Fog
Pets only!

North America » United States » Alabama » Gulf Shores February 10th 2020

Let me start by saying that the people in Gulf Shores are friendly. That applies to locals and visitors alike! I started my morning with a walk on the beach, which required me to ride down to the lobby in an already occupied elevator. The gentleman saw me follow him out the door and said "Morning walk on the beach too huh?" He is a snowbird from Valparaiso and gave me some food tips and wished me luck on my shell hunting. I walked east along the beach for quite a ways. Along my walk I saw several dead jellyfish (I was careful not to step on any), a Great Blue Heron and lots and lots of shells. The waves are very large right now and there are rip current warnings all over. The water temperature ... read more
Dead Jelly
Obligatory Feet and the Ocean
Fort Morgan

North America » United States » Alabama » Gulf Shores February 9th 2020

When you start to get overwhelmed at work and need a break, you start looking for where you can go quickly and cheaply. For me, that ended up being the Gulf Coast so I could finally cross some more states off my list. As far as the basics, I got a cheap $75 round trip flight on Spirit from O'Hare to New Orleans and found a condo right on the Alabama coast for $56 a night. You can't really get a better deal than that! Every time I fly Spirit I say I won't fly it again and then I do. The advantage on a short trip like this is I did not need to bring a bag bigger than my backpack so it was worth it. This time the flight left on time, arrived on ... read more
Lake Pontchartrain
Welcome Center
Welcome Center

North America » United States » Alabama » Montgomery February 1st 2020

Nancy and I usually seek to break up the winter and travel somewhere in February. This year we decided to travel south. With the recent anniversaries of boycotts, marches and actions, organizations offer Civil Rights tours these days. We thought we could plan our own. We headed via 81 south from Pennsylvania towards Nashville. Compared to interstates 95 and 76, traffic was light. Our plan was to stay downtown; we spent enough time in the car and wanted to be able to walk to the action without driving. We stayed in the Marriott, which fit the bill. Although Nashville was a location for early civil rights lunch counter sit-ins, we mostly looked at other stuff. Music is the thing in Nashville; not only Country and Western, but for recording and performing in general. The main street, ... read more
Dexter Avenue Baptist Church Apr 2020
Open_Carry_Apr 2020
Carter Sadat and Begin Apr 20

North America » United States » Alabama » Tuscaloosa October 19th 2019

For the past decade or so, one phrase has become standard for teams on the rise that want to prove they're legit: We Want Bama. And the team from the University of Alabama has not only accepted their role as the dominant team in college football; they have unabashedly made it their brand. Before this season began, I knew I would need to make it over to Tuscaloosa at some point during the season. I had originally planned on visiting about a month ago, but the quality of the opponent in that game made me reconsider. The Bama-Tennessee rivalry, so much that it is, caught my attention. It is played every year, and always the third Saturday in October. And until this year, it has been the CBS game of the week—meaning it takes place at ... read more
Elephant imagery is a staple for Tuscaloosa
No modesty around here
Free stuff on the walk to campus

North America » United States » Alabama May 22nd 2019

Moving at warp speed pace. Brannon and Jonathan waste no time getting down to business. We have the new theater/recliners installed. Cory & I took full advantage of their massage accessory. Ahhhhhhhhh. Nice! We watched the movie:”On the Basis of Sex”.... based on the life of Ruth Bader Ginsburg. It was good. The only thing lacking was the popcorn which we could have done but forgot. We were so relaxed with our massages we thought of nothing else. The added blue lights on these seats make for a beautiful ambience. We are sitting pretty! The crew also put in a new, 40”, smart TV in the center of the RV. Perfect. He’s going to do the same with our front one. Exciting. The new, LED headlights are installed. Almost makes our rig look new. They’ll see ... read more
Cory checking out RV. Distance between new recliners & couch.
Brannon & Cory enjoying our new recliners
Check them out

North America » United States » Alabama May 20th 2019

Wake up! Wake up! We have to get stuff inside the RV put away so Brannon can do his work. Just as he said “I start work at 7:00 AM”. No problem....we are up and ready to go. First they move our RV (‘member her name? PP for Pretty Penny) into one of their bays. He’s working on other RV’s, too. We go over “Thee LIST”. He’s good with it; Cory is a little nauseous. They are starting out today with the removal of the bedroom carpet (only the section between the end of the bed and the passenger side slide-out. Anything is better than the crummy carpet that we have now. We brought the laminate wood flooring with us for him to use. He was willing to let me take photos of his process.....our friend, ... read more
At Convenient Camping. We lived cozy this entire time
In full bloom...Gone!
Leaving Convenient Camping for Custom RV

North America » United States » Alabama » Tuscumbia May 19th 2019

I’m better now. It was a rough road there for awhile with my blog mess. I know you were concerned about me. Thanks! I have survived it all and am stronger and smarter for it. I know you are what’s the big deal?...Jot down some stuff and get on with it! Whoaaa....not so easy, guys. I can’t just publish all this non-fictional reading material in just a minute. It takes me hours and hours. I don’t want to forget anything cause I know you want facts.....just the facts, Ma’m (TV show called Dragnet...some may remember...most won’t). I actually do a spell check (myself) even though it may seem that I don’t. Remember my eyes are fuzzy and burning (Ma’ Eyes! Ma’ Eyes!) by the time I’ve completed a blog - especially this last “Be all ... read more
Read all about it!
Taking our ride to the cave

North America » United States » Alabama May 18th 2019

By the first part of our title, you would think everything is Hunky-Dory. Well, it isn’t!!! It was before but it’s not now! Rats & Crap! I am in crisis mode...big time! I wrote this blog yesterday...reflecting on events on Thursday. Remember we are working off our time machines. Got the entire verbose blog completed...I hit some stupid little symbol at the bottom of my page and blog vanished! Noooooooooooooo! I’m in panic mode. I frantically do everything I can think to do to find it....Zip, Zero, Nada, Nothing! It’s dead meat! Lulu was trying to comfort me but I was beyond that. I was heading into Zoombie land and down the black hole. Cory just stayed his distance with sympathy in his eyes. He tried to locate my straight-jacket. Don’t forget I’m also trying ... read more
Lulu at a counseling place-missing door that needs painting
Entrance to Tiffin Factory- no Bob Tiffin today
Next to Tiffin Factory

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