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North America » Mexico » Baja California Sur » La Paz April 18th 2022

After a 4.5-hour flight, we left the minus temperature and snow in Calgary behind to arrive in La Paz with a temperature of 30-degree C. A departure delay and then arrival delays, resulted in us arriving in La Paz just in time for dinner so provisioning “Rukba”, a 41’ Beneteau, had to wait until the morning. The crew went into town to buy provisions while I had the chart briefing and boat orientation. As soon as the provisions were on board, we would be off, I thought. Not So! Apparently, they were unable to buy alcohol until 2pm as it was election day. The crew threatened mutiny if there was no beer nor wine onboard, so we delayed our departure until 3pm after the beer was in the cooler and the wine cellar was stocked. After ... read more
Isla San Francisco
Sea Dog at the helm
Doug and Susan

North America » Mexico April 6th 2022

2-15-2022 Puerto Vallarta 2 12,13 2022 On Board to Puerto Vallarta 2 14 2022 Valantine's Day On the way to Puerto Vallarta 2 15 2022 Puerto Vallarta Chuyen di Pananal Canal va Carribbean Islands 2-12 to 4-3-2022 Chuyen di thang 1-2022 toi dat cac cruise di tu Dubai den Saudi va cac nuoc khac tu Dubai tuy nhien toi chi dat 3 cruises dau tien trong tong so 7 cruises ma toi dinh di. Tuy nhien gio phut cuoi MSC ma toi dat mua doi routing khong di den Saudi ma toi th... read more

North America » Mexico April 6th 2022

2-17-2022 Huatulco , Mexico 2 17 2022 Huatulco, Mexico 2-17-2022 Huatulco , Mexico Hom nay du thuyen ghe qua Huatulco, Mexico. Huatuco la thanh pho nho o ven bien Mexico. Co 50,000 song tai day, cach Acapulco 500km ve phia Nam. 80% tourist la nguoi Me va 20% la nguoi ngoai quoc. Huatulco duoc cong nhan la tai san the gioi Unesco nam 2006 vi co nhieu rung voi tai san thien nhien quy bao o day. Da so vung nay thuoc ve Parpue National Huatulco hay National Park cua Me Tay co thanh lap nam 1998 gom co 6,375 hectares vung dat thap va 5,516 la marine . Co 723 loai thu song o park nay. Huatulco duoc cong nhan la Green Globe cua the gioi sau Bali va Kaikura cua New Zealand. Cach ... read more

North America » Mexico April 6th 2022

3-4-2022 Cozumel, Mexico 3 4 2022 Dat's under water at Cosumel, Mexico 3-4-2022 Cozumel, Mexico 3 2022 At Sea on the way to Cozumel 3-4-2022 Cozumel, Mexico Cozumel la hon dao thuoc Mexico. Co 100,000 nguoi song tai day ma da so la nguoi thuoc bo lac Maya, cach dat lien 12 miles va cach Cancun 52 miles, la Mexico largest Caribbean Island va la Mexico –third largest island. Cosumel thuoc Mesoamerican Barrier Reef System ma la 2nd largest Reef in the world chay dai 1,000km va co nhieu coral va duoc menh danh la Black Corals. Humedales del Norte d... read more

North America » Mexico April 6th 2022

Puntarenas, Costa Mesa 3 25 2022 On the way to Costa Rica Dam Gio Ba 3 26 2022 Port Amador, Costa Rica No views4 hours ago 3-26-2022 Puntarenas, Costa Mesa Sang nay du thuyen den Puntarenas, Costa Mesa luc 8am den 6:30pm. Toi len bo va muon xe di San Jose va Hanging Bridge cung voi vo chong Emie va Mila nguoi Phi Luat Tan. Ong Emie la nguoi My goc Phi va den My nam 1978. Ong tung tham gia vao cac doan van nghe den uy lao ca quan doi My dong quan o Viet Nam trong thoi ky chien tranh Viet Nam. O den Viet Nam 1 nam tu 1971-1872. Ong thuong o Da Nang va trong doan van nghe den tu Phi qua Viet Nam giup vui quan doi My. Ong o ... read more

North America » Mexico April 6th 2022

Cabo San Lucas 3 31 2022 Seal at Cabo San Lucas 3-31-2022 Cabo San Lucas. Mexico Du thuyen den ngoai khoi Caba San Lucas khoang 7am. Du khach phai duoc dua vao bo bang tender va o day khong co port cho du thuyen lon. Toi vao bo luc 9am. Toi dib o den Lover beach nhu du dinh nhung cong vao chi mo luc 8am den 8;15am nen toi khong vao duoc. Toi di den bo bien cho may thuyen dau. Nhung con chim lon dung ben bo da cho moi nguoi mang tghuc an den va gan bo co con hai cau that lon cung nam do cho doi thuc an. Nhgieu nguoi mang ca den cho no an. Hai cau va chimn danh giut nbhau tung mnieng moi rat vui. Sau do ... read more

North America » Mexico » Sonora » Puerto Peñasco March 31st 2022

It was so nice to spend a day without driving! We slept like babies at Walter and Cindy's place. There weren't even any barking dogs...unusual for Mexico... Mexico is one of my favorite places in the world. While I can't say I'm "comfortable" here, since I'm always struggling with speaking Spanish, but all the smells, and sights and sounds are attached to wonderful memories, starting in 1987. The people are so courteous and friendly...Yesterday, we had several cars stop in anticipation of us crossing the street! And the food of course is wonderful. And being able to swim without my legs and hands being numb is a treat. One benefit of being a cold water swimmer is that what was once cold water now feels warm! I started the day with a run down to the ... read more
Tide pool swim
Tide pools
Ancient shell fragments

North America » Mexico » Sonora » Puerto Peñasco March 30th 2022

After a wonderful night's sleep at the surprisingly comfortable and quiet Hacienda Motel in Yuma, we prepared for the next part of the trip: a drive into Mexico! I went for run, and planned on bringing some coffee back to the room. The coffee shop was closed until the afternoon, because it was being repainted, so I returned to the room, changed, and we packed the car once again. We were going to wash the car, but Walter arranged to have someone in Puerto Penasco do it tomorrow, so all that was left was to do was get some cash, and some coffee! Those tasks completed, we headed for the border crossing, with a bit of nervousness. We had our visas handy, the passports out on the dash, and the insurance documents in a folder. We ... read more
What the car looked like after the dust and rain storms yesterday...
North side of Route 2

North America » Mexico » Distrito Federal » Mexico City February 26th 2022

During all of our travels over the last 20 years, we have always strived to do more than sightsee, and truly experience the culture of the places we are visiting. What better way to become fully emersed in the local culture than by the food they eat? Today, was a day devoted to total emersion in the food of Mexico. But first, alarms went off at 5:30, sounds early, but I had the best night of sleep since I can’t remember when, so getting up was not so difficult. Besides I got to finish yesterday’s blog have some coffee and watch the sun rise over the National Palace and Zocalo. They were also raising the flag for the day. We started our food emersion with breakfast in the terrace restaurant. Breakfast is included in the room ... read more
raising of the flag
Breakfast buffet

North America » Mexico » Distrito Federal » Mexico City February 25th 2022

This entry is actually being done on the 26th, after the day of travel I was in bed by 9:30 and exhausted. The day started very early, we were up at 4:30 and at the gate by 6. In hindsight we could have probably slept another 45 minutes, but you never know what the lines will be like a Newark Liberty Airport. The airport was packed, I think many travelers did what we had done and came down the night before to insure they made their connections. The weather was a bit cold and freezing rain. It delayed our flight by about 30 minutes as all planes had to be de-iced. That is not a comforting thought for me, I don’t like flying that much in the first place, but add an extra procedure and my ... read more
The Welcome
The Room
View from the Room

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