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North America » Mexico » Puebla » Cholula March 4th 2021 3rd March - The Pyramid of Cholula - Dedicated to the god Quetzalcoatl in the San Andrés Cholula, Puebla municipality of Mexico. Originally constructed over 2000 years ago, the Great Pyramid of Tepanapa (often referred to as the Great Pyramid of Cholula) boasts a larger volume than any other ancient, man-made structure including the Egyptian pyramids. Stylistically, the pyramid is an oddity, puzzling archeologists to this day by incorporating architectural elements of both the Teotihuacan and El Tajin civilizations. During the many pre-Columbian power shifts in Mexico, the pyramid itself fell out of use in favor of other structures, such as one of the many sacrificial altars on the ten-acre site. It is unclear whether it was through disuse that the pyramid became overgrown with shrubbery, or if, when the Aztecs caught ... read more

North America » Mexico » Yucatán » Chichén Itzá February 19th 2021

Yucatán, Mexico 2009 IK KIL - Mayan Kings Bath... read more

North America » Mexico » Yucatán » Chichén Itzá February 18th 2021

Chichen Itza in Yucatán, Mexico 2009 ... read more
Souvenir shop
Side of Chichen Itza

North America » Mexico » Puebla February 5th 2021 5th February- Puebla - Mexico Puebla is the fourth-largest city in Mexico in just a two-hour drive from the capital, Mexico City. Puebla is renowned for one of the most notable battles in Mexico, which took place on May 5, 1862 against the French. 6,000 well-armed French soldiers sent by Napoleon III to Mexico City were defeated by 2,000 poorly armed Mexicans. Today, “Cinco de Mayo” is an important holiday celebrating the victory at Puebla. Following an earthquake in Puebla in September 2017, many of the city's most famous attractions have now been rebuilt and are ready to host visitors again all be it virtual visitors like me today. Puebla has a reputation for strong religious roots. The Spanish built the city at the intersection of two rivers and dubbed it their new Jerusalem. There ... read more

North America » Mexico » Baja California » Tijuana January 24th 2021

2021 1 Tijuana, Mexico by Night 2021 1 24 Tijuana, Mexico by day Tijuana 2021-11 Tijuana, Mexico Hom nay la nhung ngay dau cua nam 2021 va cung la thang dau tien cua nam toi di ra khoi Hoa Ky vi tu 1-2020 den nay toi khong di ra nuoc ngoai vi Corona lan tran khap the gioi va tat ca cac nuoc the gioi da dong cua voi du khach va hom nay toi da chit Vaccine ngay 12-23-2020 lan dau va 1-9-2021 lan cuoi bang vaccine Pfizer. Toi rat mung duoc chit xong Vaccine trong khi nhung nguoi khac khong duoc chit tru y ta va bac si trong nha thuong. Lau lam roi gan 10 nam toi khong di Tijuana mac dau truoc do toi da di den Tijuana rat thuong, doi khi ... read more
2021-1 Tijuana, Mexico

North America » Mexico » Oaxaca » Oaxaca August 10th 2020

Flying Into the Sun Trailer on YouTube Two surfers depart Houston for Mexico to surf and explore life in 1974. Their journey entails crossing kilos of weed across the Rio Grande, befriending indigenous Zapotecs, learning to fly, a stint in a Mexican Penitentiary, and traveling through the '70s with its music, counter culture and redneck law officers. Available at Amazon read more

North America » Mexico » Mexico City » San Ignacio July 6th 2020

Happy Birthday, Frida url= Kahlo would be 113 on Monday. The Mexican url= read more
Frida herself
Vibrant and colorful
And she captures the culture!

North America » Mexico » Baja California » Ensenada March 9th 2020

Hello all, I just realized I've been on several trips since my last post and I haven't blogged at all. I also noticed I have 8 entries that I haven't completed and published. Once I get some time t review them, and publish them. Since I'm going on a couple more trips this year, I figured it was time to blog again. In the meantime, I hope you enjoy this short recap of the trip I just went on. I think one of the greatest gifts people can have is true friendship. Luckily, I've been blessed with a great wife, great family, and great friends. The latter was the reason for this trip. Our friend Lee (aka Dj Hoppa) is getting married later this month. Thus, a bunch of our friends that have know each other ... read more
I beat my buddy Lui in corn hole and made him take a pic haha
The squad and ATV's
Most of the squad

North America » Mexico » Baja California Sur March 8th 2020

Feb 14, 2020 – Mar 07, 2020 We left home just after lunch on Friday February 14, 2020. Our truck with our 35 square foot casa on the back is packed with the essentials we will require, and then some, for the next 75 or so days. First stop is Calgary where we went out for a nice Valentine’s Day supper and spent the night with friends. We hit the road early and made it to the US border by around noon on Feb 15th and crossed with no issues or holdups. We made our way quickly through the US spending the first night in a hotel in Dillon, Montana, the second night we got a hotel in Beaver, Utah. The next day we made it to Yuma, Arizona and stayed in our tiny casa in ... read more
Romantic dinner in our tiny casa

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