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North America » Mexico » Yucatán » Tixkokob August 18th 2023

It was an early start the last full day of the G Adventures tour as we were going on a trip to Sian Ka’an. Sian Ka’an is supposed to be home to two thousand species of flora and fauna and has now become a biosphere reserve and it remains the largest protected area in the Mexican Caribbean. You take a boat for 6 through a couple of lakes to the canal and then float down the canal with your life jacket looking like a nappy - weird I know but do you know what it was so relaxing and as we were the first ones of the day it was brilliant even though we had to get up at 5am, which is not good, but do you know when you get up early you miss the ... read more
Frida Khalo
Have you ever seen a bum like this?

North America » Mexico » Yucatán » Merida August 15th 2023

After the night in Merida, which is a really pretty place if totally honest, but then all the little places we have been to have been lovely with great squares and small places to eat and drink. We watch the local dancing which is quite nice and different and gets great crowds looking on. I am so looking forward to going to a couple of Cenotes. One is partly covered by a cave and one is totally open. Now you are probably, saying what the hell is a Cenote - well they are limestone sinkholes which have really clear water. Cenotes were commonly used for water supplies by the ancient Maya and also would you believe some of them were used for sacrificial offerings - these Mayan people loved a sacrificial ritual it appears! The first ... read more
Main temple Chicken Itza
Get the ball through this

North America » Mexico » Chiapas » Palenque August 14th 2023

After nearly a day in the airports and flying we eventually get to Palenque. We had to take a flight back to Mexico City and then transfer to a plane to take us to Val…., from which we had a minibus to Palenque. It seemed a bit odd flying back to Mexico City but I can imagine that if the tour started anywhere other than Mexico City it would be difficult to fill, so understandable. We are up early again, but not as early as the day before setting off to Monte Alban, but this time we are having a tour of a Mayan settlement, another archeological site - my grandson would love this holiday as he is only just 7 but already wants to be an archeologist and of course a gamer (designing games but ... read more
Watching over us

North America » Mexico » Oaxaca » Oaxaca August 11th 2023

So we had agreed with Gavin to meet him in reception around 8ish so we could all take a taxi to Monte Alban which is an archeological site about 30 minutes by taxi outside Oaxaca city centre where our hotel is. This was the best decision we made as when we arrived there was no one there so we literally nearly had the place to ourselves. (On the way, however, we saw a sad sight that I would rather not see again - there were a number of armed police and at the side of the road several dead dogs that had been shot. No idea why but one possibility could be related to rabies.) Monte Alban was inhabited over a period of some 1,500 years by a succession of peoples and is now part of ... read more
no one in sight
Waiting to be confirmed
Making a taco

North America » Mexico » Puebla » Puebla City August 10th 2023

Well woke up in Puebla and felt really bad - Mexico belly had really hit home so decided that I would drop into the chemist and get something. Now to be honest I should have brought some stuff for dicky tummy but hey ho I did not so off to the chemist I go. Well this was an experience because I went into the chemist and they gave me a ticket and took me next door before I had even mentioned what was wrong - so immediately I thought do I look that bad!! Anyway the doctor did not speak a word of English so I said I would come back with someone who spoke Spanish. Then I researched using google, not a good thing I know, and wrote down on a piece of paper what ... read more
The roof is like a meringue
Loved this do you think I can ship home

North America » Mexico » Oaxaca » Oaxaca August 10th 2023

We set off early to Oaxaca and it is a very long drive as we set off at 8 and were not expected to get there until around 6ish and that is if the traffic is okay. Well the traffic leaving Puebla at the beginning is a nightmare and if anyone ever tells you oh the M5 or M25 is a nightmare you tell them Paula said if you want to know what nightmare traffic is try leaving Puebla on a school day. We have a couple of toilet breaks and then a lunch break. At lunch I decide I need to try to eat something solid but nothing too spicy at the moment - this is totally unlike me going for safe options and if honest I am feeling a bit of a wimp but ... read more
Carnival in Oaxaca
How fab
Tango in the square

North America » Mexico » Distrito Federal » Mexico City August 8th 2023

Well all I can say is I made it - the group did not throw me off the bus between Mexico City and Puebla as they all enjoyed Lucha Libra (Mexican wresting) and some of them even bought masks like the wrestlers - so phew on this one. So we all clamber into the minibus and there is not a lot of leg room to be honest. It felt a bit like Ryan Air and as we made our way to Teotihuacan to see the pyramids I can say the roads getting out of Mexico City leave a lot to be desired and also the suspension on the minibus, well not a lot I can say here. Mexico City has that many sleeping policeman (that’s traffic slowing bumps to anyone who does not know what a ... read more
Pyramid de la luna
Pyramid del sol
First glimpse of Puebla

North America » Mexico » Distrito Federal » Mexico City August 6th 2023

Another good night’s sleep so we are definitely back to normal now. We decided to go to Xochimilico fiesta with 4 others from the group and if totally honest what an amazing day we have had and nothing like I have seen or done before. We take a minibus to Xochimilico and arrived to a sea of colourful trajinera boats that look like gondolas and I mean a sea of colour even though it is on the Aztecera Xochimilco canals which is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Before we boarded our boat we went around the stalls with lots of things you could buy but being a bit savvy with space we have to be really careful of what we purchase. Anyway as we were walking along we met up with a couple in our group ... read more
Laurita our own Trajinera
Our own mixologist
Our green Mariachis

North America » Mexico » Distrito Federal » Mexico City August 5th 2023

Well wake up normal time so this jet lag is definitely beaten - woo woo back to normal or whatever you call normal! Today we move hotels from the swanky one to meet up with the tour in a different hotel and, as it is a tour for backpackers, I don’t think it will be a swanky one but hey ho as long as it is clean that is the best thing. Also, it will be nice to stay in a different part of Mexico city. Transfer will be by Uber and so far using Ubers has been really efficient and cheap. If you read yesterday that I thought the hotel shook well we were having breakfast and, guess what, you could see and feel a tremor and you guessed it Mike was there and saw ... read more

North America » Mexico » Distrito Federal » Mexico City August 4th 2023

We are still a bit jet lagged and hopefully this will be the last day so up at the crack of dawn again. We still have another day for the Hop on Hop off bus so decide this time to take it to the Museo National de Anthropologia which one of the guides who wanted to take us around said if you do not go there then it would be like going to Paris and not going to the Louvre. So down to the bus stop nice and early but this time when the bus comes it is nearly full which is amazing as we were there the same time the day before and had the bus to ourselves. The traffic in Mexico City is horrendous and it literally takes you practically an hour to travel ... read more
Wire we had to duck under
Think will be seeing more of these
Marching bands

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