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Well, being up around 0500hrs has gotten unfortunately common. Today we were looking to head back into Mexico from Flores, Guatemala. Being up this early allowed us to catch up with Jon, a dutch guy doing a border run to reset his visa. We tagged along on his coat tails since it sounded like he'd done this before. We wanted originally to cross at near Bethel and do a river border crossing, but Jon was crossing at El Ceibo so we went along with it. During the long bus ride we learned Jon had opened a surf school on the pacific coast of Guatemala and it had only been open three weeks. It was cool hearing about all the stuff he had to go through to get it going. Anyways, we were able to take a ... read more

North America » Mexico » Oaxaca » Mazunte June 30th 2015

Buen dia. Ive been thinking of some of my favorite things and experiences of Mazunte. Ill be leaving probably tomorrow or the next day and have a lot of free time to reminisce on what Ive really loved here. Im gonna break it down. 1. Swimming everyday. At least once, probably twice. The waves are just big enough to be super fun to play in but not big enough to be dangerous. Go farther up the coast and they get big enough that people arent supposed to swim, only experienced surfers. These waves still get big enough though that if youre not watching, they can catch you can have you rolling up the beach. It was scary for me at first but once I realized they werent actually taking me anywhere, it was fun. Expcept for ... read more

Gotta confess. There was nothing dangerous about it. Mostly, it felt like cheating. We were armchair builders, watching our Mexican house happen in photos, two borders and 5000 kilometres away from us. All summer long, we sat in a double armchair up north, supervising complicated instalments as if they were easy, destroying and reconstructing like we were gods. But let me back up. I was the one who, after a year of looking, found the spot. Stumbling onto it, I felt goose bumps rise on the back of my neck. The house was tall and dilapidated, with a magnificent jungle in the backyard, the kind that holds promise. There was nothing redeemable about the house itself and it didn’t take much persuading to have it torn down. But the land was something else. A double lot ... read more
Painting the Facade
Rooftop Solar Collection

North America » Mexico » Oaxaca » Huatulco June 28th 2015

The ship arrived at 7:00 a.m. this morning but we didn’t rush to go out as we didn’t have a tour planned. When we finally went ashore we strolled around the shopping area adjacent to the pier and bought vanilla extract and beer. One had alcohol in it and the other did not. We met up with some friends from the ship who were swimming and all decided to go to a restaurant right on the beach and have some drinks. Three margaritas later (Jerry had beer, of course) we headed back to the ship (it was only 1:30p.m) because we were sailing at 2:00. I immediately headed for bed where I slept for 3 hours. As we prepared for dinner, I was still feeling those drinks. That was the first time I drank margaritas this ... read more
Watching Our Home
Tottering Back to The Ship

North America » Mexico » Oaxaca » Mazunte June 27th 2015

Hey guys. Hows it going? Im probably going to keep this short and sweet since Im kind of out of it and need to go find a restroom (internet cafes dont usually have one). Im out of it because I was pretty sick last night. Yesteray around midday started feeling funky and it ended up with me half-passed out in my hammock the rest of the day and is sucky fever. I thought it was from some bad tacos, but ended up feeling like a bad cold or flu. Who knows, these Mexican bacteria mystify me continuously. The day before yesterday the taco lady came by more times than usualy. There are numerous kinds of treats both sweet and savory, traveling by foot all over the beach and outer areas. Its awesome because youll just be ... read more

North America » Mexico » Yucatán » Merida June 27th 2015

We had been psychologically preparing for Mayan ruins for most of a week in Mexico before we actually saw one, so when we finally arrived in Palenque as part of a bandit-proof convoy of tour buses, MC and I were both at high pitch of excitement. It was torture then when, rather than heading straight to the ruins, we had to endure a lunch with our tour group at a nearby hotel, al fresco by a pool in tropical humidity, ambience provided by two musicians playing an excessively loud xylophone. After that rather irritating interlude, we finally arrived at the ruins proper, and along with the only other two English speakers hired a guide. We emerged from a path in the jungle into a large grass courtyard framed by pyramids. Palenque's special atmosphere derives from being ... read more
Hammock Action
Merida by night
MC and Chichen Itza

We arrived in Cabo at noon today while the sun was beating down. We decided that we would have lunch and wile away the time before heading out to explore the area. After a 10 minute tender ride to the pier, we walked a short way and were approached by a hawker for a water taxi so we decided to take it to go see the infamous “Arch.” The arch of Cabo San Lucas, is a distinctive rock formation at the southern tip of Cabo San Lucas, which is itself the extreme southern end of Mexico's Baja California Peninsula. So happy we did that as it was extremely hot but was cooler on the water. The landscape was just beautiful with caves and stone formations that looked like a pig and a witch. We especially liked ... read more
Infamous Rock Formations
Three Amigos

Maria Chiara and I were captivated by what we'd heard of San Cristobal de Las Casas - even the name itself conjures up something far flung and exotic. It's a city in Chiapas in Southern Mexico, well into the tropics but high altitude as well, a colonial town with gaily painted houses, churches on every square, pleasantly mild temperatures all year round and crystalline mountain air. But the issue was getting there. We were in Quintana Roo in the North East of the Yucatan Peninsula, and were contemplating a long drive in a hire car through endless flatlands of scrubby jungle. That monotony would have finally be broken when we got to Chiapas and the mountains. Unfortunately, as well as beautiful vistas one would have to contend with potential ambushes from local bandits. We checked - ... read more
Two taco ladies
San Cristobal steps
Sumidero Canyon

Distance driven today: 198 miles / 317 km Cumulative distance driven: 6,121 miles / 9,859km (11,000 miles to go) Today’s trip: Coatzacoalcos to San Cristóbal de las Casas, Mexico Severe traffic violation committed: 1 Bribes paid to police officer instead of traffic ticket: 1 During long riding days, I get lots of time to think through the subject of the blog post I want to write in the evening. But during todays’ ride I actually drew a blank. I couldn’t think of single thing that was worthy of writing about. Ok, so I misplaced my SPOT satellite tracking device yesterday evening at the parking of the hotel. It was inevitable that, during such a long trip, with so many gadgets that go in and out of bags, hotels, pockets and hotel rooms each and every day, ... read more
Engine ovrerheat mitigation at local gas station
Rain is coming - better put on the rain gear quickly
Zoe and a Tzotzil indigenous woman

Distance driven today: none – instead we walked around the historical city center and got some exercise J Cumulative distance driven: 6,121 miles / 9,859km (11,000 miles to go) Today’s trip: Hotel in San Cristóbal de las Casas to central market place, to coffee shop, to lunch place, etc. Artisan masks bought for Christer’s collection: 1 After 3 weeks of continuous riding, and some 6,000 miles / 10,000km on the roads of the northern American continent, today was time for a rest day. What better place to do take a day off than picturesque San Cristóbal de las Casas, which is the main cultural center of the Chiapas district in the Mexican federation. San Cristóbal has a great historic city center, with many artisan shops, groovy coffee places, a huge variety of eateries, and a genuine ... read more
Chiapas license plate
I found a great mask for my collection
Templo de San Francisco

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