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North America » Mexico » Puebla » Cholula March 1st 2015

As I had said earlier I chose to stay in Mexico City and do day trips every second day . It was a good balance for me as in the city I would walk and walk and walk and walk and it was good to sit and ride a bus /van and have a guide on alternate days . I do think it would be good to stay in some of the places I visited for each has it's own character , remarkable architecture , and food specialties ! Maybe another time . So , here are some pics from Cholula and Puebla . Cuernavaca , Taxco and Teotihuacan will come later .... read more
Looking across the Zocolo

North America » Mexico » Jalisco » Guadalajara March 1st 2015

Today we ventured 50 kms south to a beautiful town of Ajijic. This town is nestled on the shores of Laguna de Chapalo clean and painted in bright colors. The old original buildings from the Spanish all maintain there original style keeping this town with the Mexican appearance. It is hugely populated with Americans enjoying the culture and sun and a laid back retired lifestyle. This has taken away slightly to the real Mexico as new houses have been built and unlike the last two months of our travel that has been small Mexican towns all Spanish and lots of Beans and Rice cows and horses in the camping areas, roosters crowing at 3 AM and all Spanish, this town displays signs in English and serves American food at its restaurants. A culture shock to us ... read more

This album includes the 2nd batch of boutique hotel photos I took. There are many more boutique hotels in the city, especially in colonial buildings in the historic center.... read more
Front lobby

North America » Mexico » Quintana Roo » Playa del Carmen February 28th 2015

Lots of rain this morning. Breakfast, then up to the roof to read our books under the covered area. Very fresh this morning with the rain. Unfortunately, even when the rain stopped, the hammocks were still wet. Poor Bob! Long walk today down south past the main pier, then inland a bit. Hit an area of very elite shops, then walked by Xaman-Ha, a park area with twisted mangrove trees, tropical plants, and archaeological ruins. Paths through this area led us to the beach. Walked the white sand beach for a long distance. Then back inland and back up north along the main road through an area called Condominio Playacar. Beautifully landscaped hacienda-style rental properties here. Gorgeous tropical plants in several shades of green and red. Back at the hotel, the pedometer read 4.6 miles. At ... read more
Xaman-Ha ruins
Mexican flowers are beautiful
Dinner at La Pesca in Carmen

North America » Mexico » Yucatán » Homun February 28th 2015

After yesterday's shopping disappointment we decided to go swimming in many cenotes. Rafa and another hostel guest suggested we head to Homun that had several that you could visit and just hire a motorbike taxi for the day. We caught the colectivo on Calle 67 between Calle 50 and 52 (odd numbered streets run east/west, even streets run North/south). While we were looking for the one to Homun another colectivo driver asked us if we wanted to go to a cenote. When we told him we were already wanting to go to Homùn and asked where that colectivo was, he was going to send us to a completely different direction. We stayed the course and found the one we were looking for maybe 2 vans ahead, a telltale sign on the wall beside where it stopped. ... read more
Cenote Yaxbacultun
On the tuk tuk with Pepe

North America » Mexico » Jalisco » Guadalajara February 27th 2015

Arrived in Villa corona Feb 20 a small beautiful town on the mountain side along hot springs. On the out skirts of Guadalajara. The village is a typical happy town, children every where small homes markets and churches. Along the lake a bird watchers paradise. Skunks, amorilos and other wildlife run freely. Today we went to Mazamilta for the day higher uo yet the sun was shinning a little cooler due to Elevation. This is the town that is the home of the Mariatchi and almost has an Austrian or Swiss Europeon look in its buildings that are left from the 1600s when the Europeons arrived.... read more

North America » Mexico » Quintana Roo » Playa del Carmen February 27th 2015

Coffee on the roof after breakfast. Quite a bit of rain but sunny skies. A huge rainbow extended over one pier and the two Norwegian Cruise Line ships in port in Cozumel. Two other ships were at another pier. Lots of visitors in Cozumel today. We left at noon, and returned to Playa del Carmen by ferry. This boat took 40 minutes, about 10 minutes longer than our initial trip. We sat in the open back, got a fantastic view of Cozumel as we were leaving. The couple in front of us saw a black and white fish jump up, thought it might have been a tarpin. Back in Carmen, we headed to our hostel, The Yak, and stored luggage until check-in time. Off to our favorite Tortas y Tacos for a burrito, tacos, and drinks. ... read more
Rooftop at Carmen hostel

North America » Mexico » Quintana Roo » Cozumel February 26th 2015

Coffee on the roof after breakfast. Gorgeous morning! Cruise ship in port. Thunderstorms were predicted, but it turned out to be a perfect day. Took the taxi to Playa Azul. Cab fares are quoted here in pesos and dollars. You get a better deal if you pay by pesos, saving a couple of dollars in this case. Fare was 80p ($5.60), or $8. Dollar prices are usually quoted where there are cruise ship people. The water at the beach was very clear, very aqua blue, true to its name (azul= blue). We walked through a very nice hotel lobby to get to the public beach. Fairly small beach area, but nice soft sand good for walking and hunting for seashells. We saw a couple of tour groups go out on jet-skis, all participants wearing vests and ... read more
Bob swimming at Playa Azul
Tour at Playa Azul
A shady spot at Playa Azul

North America » Mexico » Yucatán » Ek Balam February 25th 2015

We took our time waking up today, but we were still up by 0700hrs. We headed to Ek'Balam via a taxi colectivo from Calle 44, between Calle 35 and 37. We were summoned from across the intersection by the driver. The price to Ek'Balam was fixed at MXN160, but we opted to wait for two more passengers (the max they can take being 4) to spread out the cost. It took about 1/2 hr before two locals showed up for the trip. They weren't going to the archeological site, but somewhere beyond. We'd recommend to set up going with other travellers ahead of time to avoid the wait at either end, especially the ruins side since it's more difficult to tell who came with a tour and who might need to share a colectivo back to ... read more
View from the pyramid

North America » Mexico » Quintana Roo » Cozumel February 25th 2015

This morning we discovered the hotel roof, one floor above us. Lounge chairs, tables and chairs, a pool in the open area, and a shaded area with a roof. Perfect for reading and Scrabble! Great view of the ocean from the top. We did some trip planning research up there, and thought Playa Azul would be a good day trip for tomorrow. Back to the room, where our creative maid had made a sailboat and rolling waves out of the towels. We stopped at the Museo Cozumel, just a few blocks along the Malecon from the hotel. $4 per person, very reasonable and very interesting. Dioramas with Cozumel wildlife and trees, climate and weather displays, explanations of cenotes, map with lights designating the reefs, lagoons, ruins, etc. We really enjoyed the photographic display of indigenous wildlife. ... read more
Cozumel Museum
Mexican flag

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