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"The greatest wealth is to live content with little". ~ Hola hombres y mujeres! (Men & women!). So I've come to terms with the fact that I won't be getting adopted by Oprah and I'm probably not going to be Brad & Angelina's next nanny, so I will just have to go back to living my simple life. And for a few times a year I can revel in my tropical vacation, (like now) living it up in the lap of luxury and while I pretend I'm one of those rich cats. I do have a lottery ticket back home to still check, so hey maybe I'll hear the ringing of bells & win the big $50 million Lotto draw and bring you all on vacation with us. (I'll even buy the margaritas). Or I may ... read more
Now that's a tree
Miss Ava
Cold beer & great sandwiches

Life could NOT get any better unless Oprah adopted me, or Brad and Angelina hired me as their nanny & I got to travel the world in style. Yeehaw. We are really enjoying our time here, (when do we not though?) and of course we've had amazing weather since we arrived. Ray & Pat (Al's parents) arrived late yesterday afternoon. We greeted them with cold beer and a plate of deli meats & cheese (no foie gras, no Champagne, and that won't happen till Oprah adopts me, but hey, it was tasty) and they seemed very happy to be by the ocean too and side-by-side their grandchildren. We got caught up on the goings on in the past year since we've seen them, all the while eventually seeing the sun set over the sea. Fabulous. Later ... read more
The gang's all here!
Happy times
Happy swing

"The Voice of the Sea Speaks to the Soul" ~ Well Prince Charming, myself & the girls arrived in paradise today back to good old Playa del Carmen & we're about as happy as clams at high tide. And thanks to our wonderful friend John for driving us to the airport at 5:30 this morning. We have THE best friends ever - thanks John & Manon! Ahhhh, we are grateful to be back here in our happy place and I'm also happy to report we did not get off on the wrong foot of vacation like last time when one bag got left behind at the airport with Al turning around and making the trip back to retrieve it. However, for the first time ever, we got a "red light" at the airport which means your ... read more
Now that's service!
See how far we are from the border towns?
Tis the life

The blue of this place is, without doubt, the original blue. The primordial blue, the blue goo that always was and ever shall be. This blue emits a soft, sensual sigh and raises an eyebrow (an illicit blue of back alley transactions and lifted skirts.) This is the blue that takes your blues away. This is not, as they say, your mama’s blue. The walls of Frida Kahlo’s home are painted an effervescent, rich shade of sapphire that exists nowhere else on Earth. I know this not from extensive research of house painting trends, but because my heart tells me so. Even in her own neighborhood of Coyoacán, now a bustling borough in Mexico City, folks attempted to copy her hue. Strolling through the streets became a grown-up version of “I Spy.” Anything attempting that vivid ... read more

North America » Mexico » Oaxaca » San Andres Huayapam July 6th 2015

Hello there. I did not include in any of my last blog posts my visit to San Jose del Pacifico on the way to Masunte. Which worked out well actually because I passed through again with a little more exploration, so now I´ll recount both enchanted visits. And enchanted they certainly were. San Jose Part I: The Fog A group of young hooligans and I left Cielo Rojo in Oaxaca a few weeks ago (Mid June) to head to the coast. The group consisted of a couple english blokes and some nice young ladies from Nebraska. It was a fun crowd. The coast is about 7 hours from Oaxaca. Many people break it up by stopping half-way through in a small, magical town high the mountains called San Jose del Pacifico. San Jose was breathtaking, both ... read more

North America » Mexico » Oaxaca » Mazunte June 30th 2015

Buen dia. Ive been thinking of some of my favorite things and experiences of Mazunte. Ill be leaving probably tomorrow or the next day and have a lot of free time to reminisce on what Ive really loved here. Im gonna break it down. 1. Swimming everyday. At least once, probably twice. The waves are just big enough to be super fun to play in but not big enough to be dangerous. Go farther up the coast and they get big enough that people arent supposed to swim, only experienced surfers. These waves still get big enough though that if youre not watching, they can catch you can have you rolling up the beach. It was scary for me at first but once I realized they werent actually taking me anywhere, it was fun. Expcept for ... read more

Gotta confess. There was nothing dangerous about it. Mostly, it felt like cheating. We were armchair builders, watching our Mexican house happen in photos, two borders and 5000 kilometres away from us. All summer long, we sat in a double armchair up north, supervising complicated instalments as if they were easy, destroying and reconstructing like we were gods. But let me back up. I was the one who, after a year of looking, found the spot. Stumbling onto it, I felt goose bumps rise on the back of my neck. The house was tall and dilapidated, with a magnificent jungle in the backyard, the kind that holds promise. There was nothing redeemable about the house itself and it didn’t take much persuading to have it torn down. But the land was something else. A double lot ... read more
Painting the Facade
Rooftop Solar Collection

North America » Mexico » Oaxaca » Huatulco June 28th 2015

The ship arrived at 7:00 a.m. this morning but we didn’t rush to go out as we didn’t have a tour planned. When we finally went ashore we strolled around the shopping area adjacent to the pier and bought vanilla extract and beer. One had alcohol in it and the other did not. We met up with some friends from the ship who were swimming and all decided to go to a restaurant right on the beach and have some drinks. Three margaritas later (Jerry had beer, of course) we headed back to the ship (it was only 1:30p.m) because we were sailing at 2:00. I immediately headed for bed where I slept for 3 hours. As we prepared for dinner, I was still feeling those drinks. That was the first time I drank margaritas this ... read more
Watching Our Home
Tottering Back to The Ship

North America » Mexico » Oaxaca » Mazunte June 27th 2015

Hey guys. Hows it going? Im probably going to keep this short and sweet since Im kind of out of it and need to go find a restroom (internet cafes dont usually have one). Im out of it because I was pretty sick last night. Yesteray around midday started feeling funky and it ended up with me half-passed out in my hammock the rest of the day and is sucky fever. I thought it was from some bad tacos, but ended up feeling like a bad cold or flu. Who knows, these Mexican bacteria mystify me continuously. The day before yesterday the taco lady came by more times than usualy. There are numerous kinds of treats both sweet and savory, traveling by foot all over the beach and outer areas. Its awesome because youll just be ... read more

North America » Mexico » Yucatán » Merida June 27th 2015

We had been psychologically preparing for Mayan ruins for most of a week in Mexico before we actually saw one, so when we finally arrived in Palenque as part of a bandit-proof convoy of tour buses, MC and I were both at high pitch of excitement. It was torture then when, rather than heading straight to the ruins, we had to endure a lunch with our tour group at a nearby hotel, al fresco by a pool in tropical humidity, ambience provided by two musicians playing an excessively loud xylophone. After that rather irritating interlude, we finally arrived at the ruins proper, and along with the only other two English speakers hired a guide. We emerged from a path in the jungle into a large grass courtyard framed by pyramids. Palenque's special atmosphere derives from being ... read more
Hammock Action
Merida by night
MC and Chichen Itza

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