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"Leave nothing but footprints. Take nothing but pictures. Kill nothing but time". ~ Our journey continues and we have been treated pretty darn good here. Where did I leave off...? SUNDAY/DOMINGO Sunday was a lovely day started off by watching the men's final at Wimbledon (what a white knuckle game!) Afterwards, Al & I went shopping for a few items, and our allotment of tequila to bring home as you can guess, tequila is much cheaper here than at home. Playa is a big town, and given we are in a private community of McMansions :>, we have about a 5 minute or so walk to the entrance of Playa. These neighborhoods are gorgeous; lined with palm trees and shrubs and flowers. Each villa is bigger and more beautiful than the next. There are a few ... read more

"Your mind will answer most questions if you learn to relax and wait for the answer." Buenos dias family & friends! And happy birthday (July 6th) to my dear friend Zully!!! Sending you birthday greetings & hugs. Another hot sunny day happy to report. We've had heavy rain both nights which is awesome, then we wake up and it's fresh and over with. I think it's safe to say we are all relaxing and enjoying this amazing house. Just when you think it can't get better, the manager Dan came by on Sa. and unlocked this big box on the wall (that we had no idea what was in it) on the terrace and lo and behold it's a large flat screen TV reserved only for the owner. But he felt he could trust us to ... read more
margarita chicken
Dinner table
Watching TV outside

"Seafood + sun + sea + cerveza = paradise"! Thank you family & friends for all the birthday well wishes. I tell you, July 4, 2014 may go down as one of the best birthdays ever, and hey, I've had more than a few. Our first official day here yesterday was spent relaxing & enjoying each other's company. (Rory greatly improved by around noon which was great after having this flu.) After a day of being sloths, swimming, floating, eating, having drinks, well we were just in a zen mode. It could not be better and one would be selfish to expect any more. I had to beat people off my floaty chair :) It was very hot and required mucho pool time. This pool is amazing, with the waterfalls, is large enough for everyone to ... read more
Lovely birthday
Going for dinner

Good morning to you all! Before I forget, for those that enjoy nature pics, here are a few Al has been taking around the property. It is so lush and green and tropical, and brimming with nature. I wish you all could be here to see it! Will check in later... Hasta Luego (See you later)... read more

"Anywhere is paradise, it's up to you". The girls, Martha and Ray & Pat all arrived safe and sound yesterday. I was so happy to see each and everyone of their faces. Dang it I missed my kids...Ava was fighting a cold, and had a sick tummy before their flight, but she's got her sea legs now. Ray & Pat arrived a few hours after us, and all went great with their flights/arrival too! Whew, isn't it great to arrive at your destination not looking like your passport picture. Unfortunately as I woke on my birthday, I found out Rory is quite ill with the flu Ava had. She's been vomiting since early morning, with a bad headache. Now I'm feeling queasy but perhaps it's the celebration drinks last night of family coming together. She just ... read more
US :)

Family . We may not have it all together, but together we have it all. ~ Are you guys still reading these blogs? If so, put down your laptop and call 911 or I don't know, but go get help for your boredom. OK, well if you don't get any help, I'll still be here writing :) Today we pick up the family at the Cancun Airport, and Jaime our wonderful driver will meet Al & I at the Isla ferry at 10:30 am. It will be fun to be at the airport seeing the kids get off the plane. Then it's off to Villa La Vida Loca; the beautiful custom-built 5 bedroom/5 bath with private pool we've rented in Playa del Carmen. It will be hard to say goodbye to Casa Marchon, but we will ... read more
Enjoying our drink by the sea
Amazing views
Amazing rocks

Stayed at Secrets Capri... read more

Our Arrival The collectivo from Tulum arrived at 11:55 on calle 2 and avenue 20 in the middle of town. Where We Stayed Hostal Colores Mexico - Avenue 15 and calle 2. M$300 for a double room with bathroom and TV. Internet in common areas, share kitchen and share balcony. Posada Del Carmen - Avenue 45 and calle 50. M$1500 for a week. Double room with bathroom, TV, aircon and internet. Share kitchen but the owner was quite fussy about what bit of fridge space we could use. A bit out of the way but did a cheaper weekly rate. Still within walking distance to shops and the beach. What We Did Went to the beach and walked 5th avenue. Visited the Sunday market on calle 54 between avenue 10 and 30. A mix of goods ... read more

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Hola, quiet night in with free wifi so catching up on blogs. Left Cancun on the ADO bus which have all been really easy to work out and book. They are really comfy although they crank the aircon. Only took about an hour to Playa. We had booked an awesome place run by a couple of hippies which was really quiet while being close to everything. 5th Ave is the main walking street full of restaurants, bars and shops. We fell in love with the place straight away. There are cheapish places right on the beach which is what Cancun lacked cos it was all resorts. We walked from one end of 5th ave to the other and then back via the beach. At one end you can watch the guys play beach volleyball. We sat ... read more
5th Ave
Worlds Largest Tequila Collection

March 2 - Today I explored the opening in the fence by Senior Frogs at the pier and walked down the beaches of Playacar a bit. The public access to the Playacar Beaches from Playa is a gap in the fence between Senior Frogs and the Ferry Pier. After I checked out the beach a bit I came back and watched the parade on 5th street again. March 3, 2014 - I stopped at a seafood restaurant today and ordered some seafood soup. I really wasn’t impressed with it so I ordered some rice to go with it. Much better. After eating I went over to 30th avenue to watch the parade again. I did what the locals do and watched it on 30th street by the Wal- Mart. It was a much larger parade than ... read more
Here's the beer
Public access to Playacar beaches by Senior Frogs.
Seafood soup

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