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North America » Mexico » Quintana Roo » Playa del Carmen January 24th 2017

"Don't be easy to define. Let them wonder about you". ~ Hey there, you really cool great looking amigas/amigos! How the heck are you? Missed me at all? Thanks for humoring me. For those of you back home facing snow, I'd like to make you feel better by telling you that we are having freezing cold rainy weather, but I'd be pulling your right leg (and your left one too. :) The beaches are full, music fills the air, and 5th avenue is bustling. It's heartwarming to be back and see how everyone is bouncing back from recent events. The weather has been some of the best weather I've experienced here in January. You'll always get sup-tropical weather here but if it's windy it can feel cool when you're not on the beach. Last few days ... read more
Life from my lounger
Me & Him
Al on his walk

North America » Mexico » Quintana Roo » Playa del Carmen January 21st 2017

"My New Year's resolution is to stop hanging out with people who keep asking me about my New Year's resolutions". ~ Happy New Year to our family & friends, and the wonderful travel blog community that I am happy to be a part of. For the 3rd time since we've had our kids, Al and I are heading off ALONE without the kids. Vive Mexico. (Yep I'm doing the 'Snoopy' happy dance.) I'm actually going for work & pleasure as I'll be arranging a photo & video shoot of a few oceanfront condos my company represents. Trust me, there'll still be lots of time for exploring, diving, margaritas and swinging ourselves silly in a hammock. It's our 20th anniversary this year (Al is such a lucky dog!) so it's a great excuse to get away alone. ... read more
Fun vibrant beach
Happy New year from us!
Gotta love a bar swing on the ocean

North America » Mexico » Quintana Roo » Playa del Carmen November 1st 2016

We had 1 thing in mind when we got to Playa del Carmen - Diving! It took a few days to get around to it - we got distracted as detailed in the last blog. On our first day in Playa we had made some enquiries about diving, but I'd not been impressed by the answers to my questions, and didn't feel too positive about the shops I'd visited. Safety and feeling relaxed and happy are probably the most important things when going diving. Jess found a dive shop online with its own boat to Cozumel, which avoids having to get the ferry over, so we went to find them and see if they were any better. Luckily they were! As soon as we got to Tank-Ha we felt much more confident that they would stick ... read more

North America » Mexico » Quintana Roo » Playa del Carmen October 30th 2016

Sorry for the gap in blog posts, I've been too busy enjoying myself and haven't had much time to sit down and write. After another long overnight bus (potentially the last of the trip!) we arrived in Playa del Carmen. It's much more touristy here than anywhere else we've been so far this trip, but we did expect that. The Main Street is full of tourist shops and expensive restaurants. This does mean that there are a lot of cool air conditioned places to escape the heat though! We had been recommended walking the length of the street to the ferry terminal before going down to the beach, as there are less hotels here and more clear sand to relax on. After a slow walk of stopping in air con and people trying to sell us ... read more
Squeezed in to the treehouse

North America » Mexico » Quintana Roo » Playa del Carmen September 13th 2016

México lindo gone south After having visited the Incas in Peru it was time to visit the Mayas in the south of Mexico. But first, we were to rest and chill. After all 3 weeks in south America had taken a hit on our bodies, specially on Nadine, that cold from Rio had not gone away,it was time to take it easy. We flew from Cusco via Lima to Cancun, a place to, land, get a car and get out, way too touristy for us. After an hour ride we arrived at Playacar, our home to be in Playa del Carmen. Playacar is a big golf club-like closed residential area right next to Playa del Carmen, there only a few hotel-resorts, golf courts,residences snd condo's, all away from the busy city center. The first morning the ... read more

North America » Mexico » Quintana Roo » Playa del Carmen August 28th 2016

Sitting in Walmart scoffing a salad box (fearful Rob insisted we take a break from tacos after learning that Mexico is the one of the world’s fattest nations) I mulled over some of the changes I had seen since my last visit. For one, the busiest aisle in the supermarket was the mobile phone counter. We were pleasantly surprised to see that nowadays nearly everyone here has a smartphone, from the school child at the bus stop, to the lady on the street selling sombreros. Mexico is a huge nation. In fact, the country itself is eight times the size of the UK, with double the number of people. And there is significant wealth here, especially for those involved in the not-so-salubrious world of drugs, crime and corruption. However, around 50% of people still live below ... read more
After a storm
5th Avenue
Pedalling the streets

North America » Mexico » Quintana Roo » Playa del Carmen August 22nd 2016

Der erste wirkliche Urlaubstag. Unser Hotel Mexicana Aventura war echt eine gute Wahl. Guter Kaffee zum Starten der Kreislauffunktionen, mexikanische Küche oder Früchte mit Müsli und Joghurt. Ich bleibe bei letzterem, das fühlt sich zwar ein wenig wie Dienstreise an, schont aber das Kalorienbudget. Mit dem Joggen wird es hier wohl schwierig werden, Tagestemperatur 31°C, in der Nacht kühlt es auf sagenhafte 25°C ab, das Ganze bei 90% Luftfeuchtigkeit. Am Vormittag geht’s zum Strand, am Morgen ist deutlich weniger los und wir finden einen guten Platz. Der Strand ist inzwischen fest in der Hand von verschieden Beach Clubs, Atmosphäre wie in Italien zur Hochsaison. Von Backpacker-Eldorado vor 16 Jahren ist nichts mehr da. Wir liegen direkt am Strand des Grand Hyatt Hotel. Aaron bevorzugt eher die Pool-Anlagen des Hotels. Infinity-Pool und direkter Barzugang im Wasser scheinen ... read more
Coole Outfits
Margharita Time!

North America » Mexico » Quintana Roo » Playa del Carmen August 21st 2016

Wir sind auf den ersten Morgenflug nach Cancun gebucht, das heißt früh raus aus dem Hotel und vor 6 Uhr am Flughafen sein, kein Problem mit unserer Zeitverschiebung. Es ist schon ziemlich viel los, jede Menge Touristen mit noch mehr Gepäck. Die restlichen Gutscheine von American Airlines setzen wir in Frühstück und Bagels um. Aaron braucht inzwischen immer doppelte Rationen, wir müssen uns echt überlegen wie wir ihn für den Rest des Urlaubs durchgehend satt bekommen. 8 Uhr, wir sind in der Luft, zackiger Start und ein steiler Anstieg in den Morgenhimmel über Philadelphia. Der Pilot ist sportlich unterwegs. Aaron sitzt am Fenster, ich daneben, Annett etwas weiter weg. Fast 4h später - endlich sehen wir den endlosen smaragdgrünen Dschungel von Yucatan und das türkisblaue Meer. Die Einreise geht zackig, Gepäck ist auch sehr schnell abgeholt, ... read more
Getting closer - Yucatan Küste
Local art

"Take a quiet walk with Mother Nature. It will nurture your mind, body and soul'. ~ Come away with me, to a place that is serene, filled with nature, and overflowing with beauty. Brimming with flora and fauna (plants & animals), teeming with ponds, lagoons, underground rivers, cenotes, wildlife, & luscious mangroves. The air filled with hummingbirds, bees, and dragonflies; dragonflies in almost every color of the rainbow - red, purple, blue, green...(Did you know that dragonflies follow the same flyways as migrating birds, often traveling 100 miles in one day?) Poor dragonflies - "don't get no respect" as per comedian Rodney Dangerfield 😂 Being in the Riviera Maya is like being revitalized. Perhaps it's the glorious tangerine sunrises, or the way the sun sashays in for a final appearance at sunset and has the clouds ... read more
A pool over a quiet lagoon. sigh
Drying its wings
Coasting through the waterways

"The earth has its music for those who will listen". ~ Our big Mayan Adventure continues...Honestly I almost am out of superlatives and adjectives & big fancy words to say how fantastic this summer trip has been. First with my family: Al and our girls Rory and Ava, along with Al's parents, and now Marth. We are so blessed to enjoy stays in a spectacular oceanfront condo in Playa, and wake to eye-candy views of the ocean every day. I'm completely rejuventated, recharged and revamped! :) Almost a week has passed since Martha arrived to join me here when Allan and the girls went home. I tell you, she settled in like she owned the place ;) I'm calling her Gumby for the level of relaxation she's taking this to! She deserves it after starting a ... read more
fish out water
A lagoon pool for adults
My birthday cake... :)

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