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North America » Mexico » Quintana Roo » Playa del Carmen August 30th 2015

Travel Companions - Lorraine (aka 'Loco') and Erum (Aka 'E') Duration – 9 nights Movies Watched – cannot remember Sitting next to - the girls So, after my Turkey travels I spent a few days in London before heading back to Gatwick South to meet my good friends Lorraine (Loco) and Erum (E). We had organised a girly trip to Playa Del Carmen, Mexico. My good mate Saul had already prepped me on where to go and what to do. Lorraine and I met at the designated spot - 'in front of Virgin check-in'. Erum had already texted us to say she had arrived but when we got there she was nowhere to be seen. We waited and waited then called her mobile....she was waiting for us in front of a business class lounge. This just ... read more
En route to Cozumel

Water is the driving force of all nature I started this travel blog many years ago to send out "one" update with pics to all of our family & friends. Never in my wildest dreams would I think anyone other than my family & friends would feel any obligation to read these blogs. When I was awarded "blogger of the week" this past year I can only tell you how very honored and thrilled and blown away I was. It sure was humbling because they are SO many fantastic bloggers on this site, and they all have amazing adventure stories. The honor was all mine & I'm still tickled pink about it. With all the fantastic bloggers on here it's no wonder I feel honored. I'm not hiking the "El Camino" like our friend Keith did ... read more
Lunch at the park
Look at that sand
Float with me Ava!

OPTIMIST - Someone who figures taking a step backward after taking a step forward is not a disaster, it's more like a 'cha cha'. Top o' the morning to you all. Enjoying a cup of coffee on one of the nicest mornings we've had here so far. The humidity has lifted a bit, a warm gentle breeze is in the air, and I'm enjoying a cup of java while overlooking the sea. It's quiet enough to put thoughts to paper (or thoughts to laptop). The expanse of the ocean with the sun hitting it brings out a palette of colors which changes from second to second. In these moments I find total peace - just sitting watching life go by. And not being part of the rat race is wonderful. This "rat" (moi) just wants to ... read more
(I've looked better) Oh well
Family times
Amazing art in Playa

"The greatest wealth is to live content with little". ~ Hola hombres y mujeres! (Men & women!). So I've come to terms with the fact that I won't be getting adopted by Oprah and I'm probably not going to be Brad & Angelina's next nanny, so I will just have to go back to living my simple life. And for a few times a year I can revel in my tropical vacation, (like now) living it up in the lap of luxury and while I pretend I'm one of those rich cats. I do have a lottery ticket back home to still check, so hey maybe I'll hear the ringing of bells & win the big $50 million Lotto draw and bring you all on vacation with us. (I'll even buy the margaritas). Or I may ... read more
Now that's a tree
Miss Ava
Cold beer & great sandwiches

Life could NOT get any better unless Oprah adopted me, or Brad and Angelina hired me as their nanny & I got to travel the world in style. Yeehaw. We are really enjoying our time here, (when do we not though?) and of course we've had amazing weather since we arrived. Ray & Pat (Al's parents) arrived late yesterday afternoon. We greeted them with cold beer and a plate of deli meats & cheese (no foie gras, no Champagne, and that won't happen till Oprah adopts me, but hey, it was tasty) and they seemed very happy to be by the ocean too and side-by-side their grandchildren. We got caught up on the goings on in the past year since we've seen them, all the while eventually seeing the sun set over the sea. Fabulous. Later ... read more
The gang's all here!
Happy times
Happy swing

"The Voice of the Sea Speaks to the Soul" ~ Well Prince Charming, myself & the girls arrived in paradise today back to good old Playa del Carmen & we're about as happy as clams at high tide. And thanks to our wonderful friend John for driving us to the airport at 5:30 this morning. We have THE best friends ever - thanks John & Manon! Ahhhh, we are grateful to be back here in our happy place and I'm also happy to report we did not get off on the wrong foot of vacation like last time when one bag got left behind at the airport with Al turning around and making the trip back to retrieve it. However, for the first time ever, we got a "red light" at the airport which means your ... read more
Now that's service!
See how far we are from the border towns?
Tis the life

North America » Mexico » Quintana Roo » Playa del Carmen February 28th 2015

Lots of rain this morning. Breakfast, then up to the roof to read our books under the covered area. Very fresh this morning with the rain. Unfortunately, even when the rain stopped, the hammocks were still wet. Poor Bob! Long walk today down south past the main pier, then inland a bit. Hit an area of very elite shops, then walked by Xaman-Ha, a park area with twisted mangrove trees, tropical plants, and archaeological ruins. Paths through this area led us to the beach. Walked the white sand beach for a long distance. Then back inland and back up north along the main road through an area called Condominio Playacar. Beautifully landscaped hacienda-style rental properties here. Gorgeous tropical plants in several shades of green and red. Back at the hotel, the pedometer read 4.6 miles. At ... read more
Xaman-Ha ruins
Mexican flowers are beautiful
Dinner at La Pesca in Carmen

North America » Mexico » Quintana Roo » Playa del Carmen February 27th 2015

Coffee on the roof after breakfast. Quite a bit of rain but sunny skies. A huge rainbow extended over one pier and the two Norwegian Cruise Line ships in port in Cozumel. Two other ships were at another pier. Lots of visitors in Cozumel today. We left at noon, and returned to Playa del Carmen by ferry. This boat took 40 minutes, about 10 minutes longer than our initial trip. We sat in the open back, got a fantastic view of Cozumel as we were leaving. The couple in front of us saw a black and white fish jump up, thought it might have been a tarpin. Back in Carmen, we headed to our hostel, The Yak, and stored luggage until check-in time. Off to our favorite Tortas y Tacos for a burrito, tacos, and drinks. ... read more
Rooftop at Carmen hostel

North America » Mexico » Quintana Roo » Playa del Carmen February 23rd 2015

Greetings family & friends. Just when you thought it was safe to go back online, here I am! So we've had enough time now to shake the sand out of our suitcases, put away our flip flops and WAH, wash loads of laundry AND put it all away. Although "someone" had to whine about the whole life isn't fair nonsense i.e. "Isn't it bad enough that we have to come back to the freezing cold but we're expected to do laundry AND put it away"? And if you thought that was the kids complaining, you were wrong. It was me... Double WAH. And yes I would like some cheese with my WHINE (make it an aged cheddar!) While having to come back to reality is an adjustment, returning home to almost "record-breaking, freeze the ... read more
Hard day's work
_0 (66)

North America » Mexico » Quintana Roo » Playa del Carmen February 22nd 2015

This morning we walked north along the beach past the smaller pier. There is a huge spa hotel down by this pier. More guys raking up the kelp. We wondered what they do with all this kelp, and we saw that they dig a big hole and bury it on the beach. Saw that many of the luxury hotels up in this area have sun beds, with a thick mattress, pillow, and overhanging canopy. We took our books down to the main hostel area and both grabbed a hammock. Bob was now in his element! Thought we might come back to the Yak Hostel after our time in Cozumel. Asked if there might be a quieter room. Last night, Saturday night, was very noisy, with music going until about 5am. This wasn't from within the hostel ... read more
A favorite spot
Burying kelp on the beach in Carmen
Hanging out

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