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January 17th 2019
Published: January 18th 2019
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"I look best when I'm on holidays"...~

Heh heh. That's my opinion and my opinion only that I look best on holidays. Not sure Al concurs! Happy New Year! Bye bye 2018, and hello 2019.

As I type this blog, there are many angry people at home in -30C weather. I'd like to tell you our weather isn't any great shakes here either but I'd be a big fat liar. We've been here 3 days and it's just perfect. Calm, little humidity, no rain, and lots of sun and about 29C. January can be a bit unpredictable in the Riviera Maya & at times windy. Mother Nature knew I was coming and put in a real nice order of sun for me. Oh what power I yield 😊

I wasn't planning on doing a blog this trip, but with Mom not coming, she likes when I send out the blog so she knows I've not been arrested (haha) and that I haven't decided to stay permanently by getting a job raking the beach. It's an option to ponder because I love the area so much. But I'd be fired my first day on the job after some person comes along and throws a cigarette on my freshly raked beach. I'm sure a rake to the head does not feel good 😉

Pretty nice flight here with few delays other than a line up to de-ice. Traveled with good friends Martha, Linda and Manon...:}The only strange thing that happened was during the flight I went to get my headphones out to listen to music, and my hand comes across an envelope with extra pesos I'd put in my carry on bag till I get to the condo & pop it in the safe. So to my surprise, the envelope is wet and has disintegrated. Some of my pesos are slightly wet too. Now the thing is, I had no water in my bag. Nothing I found was leaking on the plane. The bottom of my bag was dry. I didn't have a glass of anything yet as the food cart had not gone by. Perplexing. I need Columbo the old detective to piece all this together. All I could think of is I had hand wipes in my bag, and perhaps something pressed against them and they leaked? Anyhow, I'm lucky my pesos survived. Otherwise nobody kicked my seat, Martha didn't drool on me when she napped, and it was a very calm flight. Our flight attendant Tyler was a hoot. Told jokes most of the way, and upon landing. We were actually on a Disney decorated plane. Frozen was the theme, including inside the plane!

Our friend Manon was on another flight. So she got there before us, and was waiting by the tikki hut with a margarita in hand. Talk about happy - not only did she arrive early, she was met with a sign that didn't say Sally but said MANON! Was she ever excited over that. She says people at home mangle her name, and so when she saw it in big letters on a sign in Mexico, well I think she thought she'd won the lottery the way she went on about it! I love how little things can make someone's day. But the real big thing is, she got to fly first class! (No wonder she was happy with all that free booze!) Long story but she enjoyed herself immensely, and it was the warmest welcome I've ever had landing in Cancun! None of us got first class treatment. Al are you reading this? Actually Al stuck a lovely card in my bag with some nice words in it which I was pretty thrilled about. That was UNTIL I heard about this first class thing. Grumble grumble. (I still loved the card hon 😊 xo


Given winter started for us in November, it's sure welcoming to be getting away to the sunny south. (Thanks to my friend & neighbor Pierrette for offering her notary services for paperwork for travel consent for our children! You're da best!) Thanks to family who help allow me to get away. 😊

One of the many perks of my job is to be able to round up a group of friends or family to join me on vacation. Never have I had so many friends in my life. Heh heh. You're popular when you have something others want! And boy do I get emails asking about deals here. I'm happy to make suggestions, but I have no real influence on how things run in regards to vacation rentals. The owners set their price bracket, and my company works within it. It is sweet though to be able to bring those I love to share the wonderful accommodations & beauty of this land. Every once in awhile you need to grab a group of girls like this trip, and pack a bag and go on an adventure!

So the first leg of 2019 vacation on the sunny shores of the Mexican Caribbean is with some girlfriends. A great chance for a group of tired Moms who've run themselves ragged over the Christmas holidays and have ensured everyone else was happy, now get the opportunity to stretch out on a lounger and soak up some rays. I of course will have a bit of work to do while I am here but will also lasso up some R&R.

Speaking of working while my girlfriends relax here, I remember when I was probably around 17/18 years old, and proudly rented my own little apartment and invited some high school friends to visit. While I worked they played. At that time I worked 2 shifts at good old Canadian Tire. 7am to 3pm or 3pm till 11pm. So while I was at work, they would get to party it up. My apartment building had a nice pool, so they got up to no good quite often. One time I came home from my day shift, and they'd put a few bottles of Baby Duck sparkling wine (now does that take some of you back to the old days?) in my freezer. And then they forgot about it. I got home and there was this purple fizziness dripping all down my fridge. Yep they had forgotten about them, and POW they exploded all over the place. Lord love a duck alright!

Next time they invited some neighbors in and the party was swinging as I put my key in the door lock. It's pulled open by some big lanky pimple-faced guy on his way out. He asked me who I was. Who am I? He didn't stay long if you get my drift. Another time after one of these parties while I was out, they broke my toilet and caused nothing but trouble for me. But when I look back...good times! HEH HEH.

So here's hoping that Marth, Linda and Manon will behave themselves if I'm not around. No damn Baby Duck in the freezer, no broken toilets, and no lanky lads running around. Well...er, maybe a tall dark and handsome lad that can make me a margarita and then I'll reconsider! (Just kidding Al. 😊


The second leg of our trip once my gal friends go home, is my family arriving. We will be joined for the first time by Al's sister and her family who've never been here; along with Al's parents who join us on many of our trips here. I'm lucky to have a sister-in-law I really like, 😊 and she has a top notch husband so it will be a great opportunity to have a family reunion and no doubt many memories will be made.

Coming back here, as you all hear me go on about, always makes me happy. I love exploring new regions, walking around and taking in new views, talking to people, seeing how people live and work. I'm always so happy to see the people who work here. We got some very big hugs and greetings.

Yesterday after Manon and my walk, we stopped for an almost noon-ish drink. Sat on some bar swings and had a margarita. Well my friend is VERY particular about her drinks. We both get the same drink, made in the same shaker, and of course she doesn't like hers quite as well. Mine was darn near perfect. So we asked for more azucar (sugar). That didn't do the trick. So I shared some of mine with her. We chatted with the bartender and staff, and we finished our drink, and the next thing you know, they came over with 2 more margaritas on the house. The bartender could tell Manon was not thrilled with hers, so he thought 2 more on the house might fix the disappointment. Well there she is now loving this new drink (extra Cointreau was the fix) plus she enjoyed my new drink on the house. OMG. I'm a little more seasoned vacation drinker, so by the time she was done she was a very happy French Canadian, high-stepping it down the beach with a huge smile! First day she gets first class on the flight. Second day drinks on the house. What's today going to bring? (Update - 3rd day brought more free drinks on the house and another discount!)

Last night we had a beautiful dinner with Edith the manager (our lovely amiga) in a jungle-like courtyard lit with torches. We had a lot of laughs, and the ONE thing Manon wanted to know in Spanish was how to say "Shut up". OMG all evening, she practiced the word. Kai-ya-tay for you English folks. I'm not sure who she is going to use this on, but watch out! (Note Manon completely forgot how to say 'Shut Up' this morning. We had to be satisfied with good morning instead 😊

Life is great when you've got great friends like I do. The ones here, and the ones who couldn't be here due to many reasons - I miss everyone of you. You can tell I like you when I harass you to join me here. I don't just bring anyone here. I have very high standards you know! I'd like to plan a big group of friends in 2 condos and let loose! Plus a family reunion with my family here. A girl's gotta keep dreaming!

Miss you Mom & Cin. Hope the cold isn't getting you too down. Wish you were both here as well.

Not sure of our next adventures while here. Maybe ancient Mayan ruins, a day trip sightseeing the island by jeep, day trip to Tulum, and studying my eye lids for pinholes while I lie in a hammock. Yeah that works!

So from our sunny shores to your snowbanks, have a great day. We're off to stock up the condo, go to a farmer's market, then hit the beach for lunch. (Yesterday was a banner day. Two restaurants gave me a card to receive 20 percent off food & drink, including my friends bills too. How nice is that? Keep 'er coming! Yep our bill was comped twice for 20 percent off. I'm an official card carrier discounted local lady here!) Friends better be extra nice to me if you know what I'm talkin' about!

Thanks as always for doing your charity work and reading along. Off to get up to no good.

Sal and the Pointer Sisters!


18th January 2019

Sounds like fun girls. Have a great time! Wish I was there. I am off to the gym today to work on my swimsuit body for next time. 😁
18th January 2019

You are very missed my friend! And yes here's to next time. Good for you getting to the gym. Manon & I have a 3km walk ahead of us.
20th January 2019

If I only hear from you once a year, and you're looking for a favor, I'm not your gal.
I'll keep that in mind,Sal. When I retire Denise thinks I can grow a ponytail and walk down any beach as if I own it. I guess you don't need a ponytail to walk down Playa beaches Sal, as the Sal Party Train already owns it!!
20th January 2019

If I only hear from you...
Haha! I'd like to see you in a pony tail Dave!!! I'll say damnit, I'm a very generous person - to the point of my detriment. I am learning boundaries and have no use for those trying to take advantage of me who I don't see or hear from ever! I'll keep enjoying the company of those I love in my little paradise! Thanks for always stopping by for a visit!! :) Sal
22nd January 2019

Hello from the World's Coldest Capital: Ottawa wins Ice Crown
So nice to be there. Wow. I can see Manon after all the free drinks. A true French Canadian woman. I can only hope to go along one day. Oh the fun! ...BTW, Why did you mean when you wrote (MJISSING) for the 20% discounts?. You made me smile big time when you spoke of your cousin 3 times removed from Timbaktu. LOL .So true. So I am a LOT closer tham that. I shall hold hope. Besos a todos y en especial a ti. xo
25th January 2019

Hola desde la Capital no tan fria ahora . :-)
Hi Sal, Martha, Manon and Linda. I know you are having a blast.I am so jealous. lol The smell of the ocean-along great friends- with mixed drinks and yummy food! I can smell it al the way to here. Stay safe. Blessings and love.
26th January 2019

Sadly the gals have returned to the snow. Al's family are here and enjoying the good life!

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