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North America » Mexico » Colima » Colima March 11th 2015

Colima (city of the Palms) where the volcano resides active for several centuries fusing at its own discretion as early as March of 2015. Original settlers have been note from the early 1500 BC with many artifacts for history of a large population. When Cortez arrived in Mexico he destroyed 93% of this states population before San Miguel was able to release the slaves and free mexico of the Spanish. April of 1941 the state was again destroyed by an earthquake. It is now rebuilt with a population of 130,000 but is not a main tourist attraction as it has very little old or heritage sites left. The picture posted of the Volcano is a recent explosion, the next taken today from as close as they would allow us which was several miles away.... read more

North America » Mexico » Colima » Colima December 1st 2010

Today I just feel it, I dont know what it is maybe the lack of sleep (5 hours versus 12 hours yesterday which turned out to be a total shit day). Mexicans say you have to feel it, to be able to dance, to be able to enjoy the food. I am slowliy getting it, what they dont feel is the difference between a "b" and a "v". Ask them if they hear a difference between "vivo" and "bibo" they will look at you as if something was wrong with you. There is no difference they say... it is hilarious. So today, I feel it. I am alive and I love it. I dont care that I look like taki fuego, that I sweat waterfalls, that I take pictures of everything remotely interesting and that I ... read more
nice piece in colima
the 4000m volcano
street sculpture

North America » Mexico » Colima » Colima November 30th 2010

I have been in Colima for almost 2 weeks now. Why you will ask, you have probably never known that this town even existed (it is about a three hour bus drive west of Guadalajara) and very well off any kind of tourist track. I think I havent seen any tourist since I arrived here. So it is not very surprising that everyone stares at the tall red-skinned dude. "Are you always so red" is probablyt the question I have heard to most. Hell yes, I am white dude (not a gringo!) that gets too much sun, call me Taki fuego por favor, just like the very hot chips :). Orginially I thought about going to Oaxaca to learn spanish for a week but instead I stayed here, my good friend Lee is teaching me and ... read more
hmmm breakfast a la casa des abuelos

North America » Mexico » Colima » Colima April 2nd 2010

Today we were in Manzanillo. It is our final time in this port and our final time visiting what has been our regular ports. Starting next cruise, we’ll have different itineraries for the next couple of months. For our day out, I went with a few friends to a resort. They’d gone last week (when I was working) and really enjoyed it. I quickly saw why. It’s unfortunate we discovered it so late - I would have come more often had I known of it earlier! There was no fee to go to the hotel. We purchased our food and drinks - and it was really good food and drinks. There was wireless internet. I was able to sit in their lobby for a bit and take care of a few things I needed to catch ... read more
The Beach
Around the Resort

North America » Mexico » Colima » Colima March 20th 2010

Loreto, B.C.S., a 26 de marzo del 2010. Saludos a la family. Aprovecho el descanso de mis obligaciones docentes para mandarles fotos pendientes de la ciudad de Colima, capital del Estado del mismo nombre que es el tercer Estado con menor extensión territorial del país (por arriba de Tlaxcala y Morelos). A la ciudad de Colima le dicen la "ciudad de las palmeras" y tiene arriba de las 120 mil almas colimenses. Llegué aquí la mañana del domingo 29 de noviembre proveniente de Uruapan. Como las corridas de autobús de esa ciudad hacia Colima sólo eran de mañana, tomé un autobús nocturno hacia Guadalajara y de ahí, de madrugada, otro hacia Colima. Para ir hacia Guadalajara elegí viajar por los autobuses de "La Línea Plus": No lo vuelvo a hacer. Al principio uno recibió su lonche ... read more
Photo 3
Photo 4
Photo 5

North America » Mexico » Colima » Colima March 12th 2010

The city of Colima is in the small inland state of the same name. The state of Colima is home to two towering volcanoes, the active and constantly steaming Volcan de Fuego (3820m), and the extinct snowcapped Volcan Nevado de Colima (4240m). Three different tribes lived here: the Otomi, the Toltecs, and the Chichimecs, all of whom left behind exceptional pottery, mostly in tombs buried with their dead. The most famous of these are the plump hairless dogs called xoloitzcuintles. These dog statues were thought to accompany and help guide the dead to their final destination. The city of Colima, even though inland, has subtropical weather like the coast: very warm and humid. Volcan de Fuego is just 30 km to the north, and the city has been hit by several major earthquakes - the most ... read more
02 - Murals in the stiarwell of the government palace
03 - The Plaza Principal in Colima as seen from the balcony of our room
04 - Las Campanas archaeological site

North America » Mexico » Colima » Colima November 10th 2009

During our travels in west/central Mexico we take the oppertunity to vist some of the ancient pyramids in the area. In Colima, we visit "La Compana" site and are treated to an eruption to the nearby volcano while we are looking around. In Jalisco, about 1 and 1/2 hours outside of Guadalajara we visit Guachimontones site. This is on the south side of the volcano of Tequila. Here we see what are clamed to be the only round ancient pyramids in the world. Le learn about how aguave has been a source of food, fiber for clothing and shelter & source of alcohol for over 2000 years in this region. The nearby obsidian mine by the volcano was also a source of wealth for this community. Guachimontones is easy to get to one the bus, to ... read more
La Compana
Volcano Going off
La Compana

North America » Mexico » Colima » Colima November 1st 2009

The day of the Dead is a happy time to remember ancestors and loved ones & to feed their spirits. We spent the eve of the Day of the dead in Comala, in the state of Colima. We stayed at a WONDERFUL inn (or Bed-and-breakfast) called Hostel Casa Blanca. Comals is a beautiful, friendly, little town, & the perfect place to unwind after 2 weeks in the big city. On Sunday morning we decide to walk up the road a ways to a small museum in Nogueras. The climate here is definatly tropical, much warmer & more humid then Guadalajara, but also, we are to find out, cooler than on the coast. Our walk takes us thru a forest of Mango, avacato, bananna, & citrus trees & to a litte "eco-garden" at the cultural center. We ... read more
on the Plaza
Altar in Guadalajara
ceremony in GDL

North America » Mexico » Colima » Colima April 21st 2008

Lake Louise? What is this place you speak of?? We’re in Mexico! That’s right, Manzanillo, Mexico. Lake Louise finally got the better of us (well, me in particular) and we packed our stuff and left! Not just left, headed south, way south, and we’re now in Mexico on the pacific coast in the heat and sunshine. Maybe a bit of background is required….. I was absolutely hating Lake Louise and everything it stood for. Paul found out he could be laid off and still receive his end of season bonus, and I found out I wasn’t eligible for one. So, we got his bonus and left. We booked a super cheap all inclusive package deal to Mexico leaving from Calgary, drove there, and left the car in long term parking. We’ll head back there next week, ... read more
Colima Volcano
Entry to State Parliament

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