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North America » Mexico » Campeche » Campeche September 27th 2019

Breakfast at Santa Rosa is lovely. We interrupt the Monday team meeting as we arrive. Seems to me that there are about 5 staff per guest assuming we are the only guests which seems likely as we haven’t seen anyone else since we’ve been here. With Wilko navigating we head off for Uxmal. The roads we have experienced in Mexico have generally been very good and the drivers are also easy to deal with. There are a lot of motorcyclists and also a lot of 3 wheeled motorcycle things that usually contain a whole family or just your mate who you can talk to as you cruise along. The only issue is that they do about 5kph. We arrive at Uxmal and as per usual there are very few people here. Again you require two tickets ... read more
Flat out
Wilko's fish

North America » Mexico » Campeche » Campeche September 27th 2019

It’s our last day in Campeche and second last day in Mexico. Despite being by the sea the humidity is very high. We have a leisurely start at around 9 and by 5 past I’m soaked in sweat. Breakfast of scrambled eggs and then a walk around the square. The girls go to the market and a museum. A dog befriends them and waits for them outside the market and follows them till he buys them a hamburger. They name him Ratty. I head back to the hotel to work on the blog and my photos. Wilko is very keen to see the sunset. First he has identified a cantina for a beer. I’m sceptical as it doesn’t look overly inviting for foreigners, but I am proved wrong and our host is clearly very excited to ... read more
Catherine nails it again

North America » Mexico » Campeche » Campeche February 3rd 2017

Headed out at noon leaving our heaven spot at Isla Aguada. Campeche city the capitol of the state a population of 750,000. The state has a large indigenous population which is scattered through the interier and north along the Yucatan border and center areas. Unlike states like Chiapis that has smaller population. The topography is basically flat with small hills . The coastal areas are very dry but surprisingly heavily wooded jungle in the Interior that is hot and humid. Arrived mid afternoon and found a nice spot on the grass at Kintta Parque Aquatica, after a short smooth trip over good roads and only one toll 180 pesos. Needs less to say a dip in the pool on this hot hot day was all one needed to feel fabulous. As they do in Mexico, Manana. ... read more
Note the tropical vegetation
Mex 180
Leaving the Isla

North America » Mexico » Campeche » Campeche February 1st 2017

We left by truck leaving our RVs behind that could not make the roads to Calcakmul. Our goal Escarcega in the state of Campeche and find a hotel room for the night. All 12 of us and 5 dogs , in 2 pickup and a jeep. The trip there in day light was hot and scenic, the mood was exciting for a mystery venture . But as usual in Mexico after 3 shots we found a hotel with enough rooms (7) that we needed and the dogs were welcome. Now reminding you this is a small city in Mexico from 1 room to almost full for a price of 600 peos, they served the cervezas, they made us dinner and to boot............Breakfast. sent us off in the morning with nothing but good feelings and smiles. Still ... read more
yaaknah hotel
Our hotel

North America » Mexico » Campeche » Campeche November 17th 2015

Today was a long hot day approximately 350 km passing from Chiapas province to the Yucatan province. First stop was the Palenque archaeological ruins, one of the most important sites of the Maya World. The ruins date from ca. 226 BC to ca. AD 799 but flourished in the 7th century before declining over the last 100 odd years and absorbed back into its jungle origins & remained undiscovered until 1952. This peak was under the reign of King Pikel 2 for 80 years from the age of 12 & passed to K'an Balam (pronounced Cham Balom) a relative of the king as his sons had died. Pikel planned his own immortality by having his own tomb constructed while alive & now known as the Temple of the Inscriptions. The temple is huge with an internal ... read more
King Pikel's tomb
Observation Tower
Palace of the Sun

North America » Mexico » Campeche » Campeche May 13th 2014

Our Arrival We arrived at 6pm at the ADO bus station. To get to the centre of town we took a taxi from the rank outside to the Plaza Principal. It was a set fare of M$30 total for us both and took about 15mins. Where We Stayed Hospedaje Teresita - Calle 53 near Calle 14. M$180 for a double room with bathroom. The room was set off a courtyard with lines for drying clothes. Could have been a bit cleaner but the price was good. No internet. What We Did Walked around the city. It cost M$10 to go up the city wall at the Puerta de Tierra and included admission to a small pirate museum. There is a long waterfront promenade which gets busy in the evenings. Where We Ate We couldn't find anyway ... read more

North America » Mexico » Campeche » Campeche May 13th 2014

This is how we crossed the border from Corozal in Belize to Campeche Mexico via Chetumal. 1. From the bus station in Corozal next to the market we caught a bus to Chetumal. The bus left at 8:20am and cost B$5. It arrived at the border at 8:40am. 2. Go through Belizean migration. (When we got off the bus many people left their bags on the bus so we did too thinking that the bus will wait. The bus doesn't wait but runs back and forward shuttling several people to the Mexican side of the border on different trips. The same bus did pick us up in the end but it definately would have been better to have our backpacks in our possession). First there is a desk where you have to pay B$37.50 exit fee ... read more

North America » Mexico » Campeche » Campeche November 26th 2013

I left the unforgettable Riviera Maya to head to the Gulf coast of the marvellous and quiet Campeche city. The city is one of the most beautiful I have seen so far in Mexico and oddly with no signs of foreign tourists. It is also a town with history since that the local timber, silver, and gold were traded to Europe I love the Campeche repainted colonial houses with their original pastel colour, especially at sunset it becomes more charming. Campeche’s ambiance is improved by the long promenade, stretching along the Gulf of Mexico with wonderful lines of palm trees along the way and characteristic artistic sculptures. Especially at sunset with many people crowding the restaurants and bars to enjoy this spectacle. Not only the coastline but also the walled city, the fascinating narrow alleys and ... read more
Pretty artistic structure
Sunset walk along the pretty Malecon

North America » Mexico » Campeche » Campeche October 22nd 2012

Rather than driving directly to our next stop, Campeche, we decided to make a detour by Uxmal, another major Mayan ruin. It´s actually quite very well maintained, and a beautiful site - it´s said to be matched only by Palenque in beauty of the architecture. We also noticed that as we were beyond day trip distance from the Cancun region, tourist numbers were much lower, which of course was another big bonus. Then Campeche - a city much less visited by tourists than Merida or in particular the riviera Maya. To cut a long story short, it's lovely! Let me start of with our hotel. We had booked ourselves with the help of hotel points into the Hacienda Puerta Campeche, which was supposed to be the nicest hotels in town. I can believe that! The building ... read more
Naomi reading in Uxmal
View from up top
Campeche buildings

North America » Mexico » Campeche » Campeche August 4th 2012

haliho meg mindig ok minden, bar mar 2.napja egymagam. deettolmegjol vagyok. a varos kisi, kevesebb a turista, a hotelben tegnap alig voltunkparan.. tegnap miutan irtam ettem egy jo, majd haza a hotelbe. igazabol elvoltam- irtam a naplomat, olvasgattam,aztan aludtaM.SEMMI EXTRA MA 8KORUL KELTEM, ESMIVEL TEGNAP VEGIGJARTAM AZEGESZ VAROST,GONDOLTAM ma megnezem azedznai romokat. megerte isteni volt, jol ereztemmagam. annyiravi8szont nemvolt konnyueljutni aromokhoz. eloszoremg kellett talalni apiacon aztahelyet,ahonnan a buszok indulnak. ugyanis a szervezett tura 50 usd lett volna. rohej.. hosszaskeresgelesesszentsegeles utanmegtalatam vegre a buszt,es elindultunk.igy megjartam az egeszet 6 dolalrbol.. azertnemmindegy..2x 1oratutaztamh lassamaromokat.maszkaltam,megmasztamamelyiket leehtett. kb masfelorat toltottem ott. ja dog meleg van. esonek se hire se hamva. szo szerint OML... read more

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