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September 27th 2019
Published: September 27th 2019
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It’s our last day in Campeche and second last day in Mexico. Despite being by the sea the humidity is very high. We have a leisurely start at around 9 and by 5 past I’m soaked in sweat. Breakfast of scrambled eggs and then a walk around the square.

The girls go to the market and a museum. A dog befriends them and waits for them outside the market and follows them till he buys them a hamburger. They name him Ratty.

I head back to the hotel to work on the blog and my photos.

Wilko is very keen to see the sunset. First he has identified a cantina for a beer. I’m sceptical as it doesn’t look overly inviting for foreigners, but I am proved wrong and our host is clearly very excited to have us. Ice cold beers and bar snacks. I think he is disappointed when we leave after one beer. The sunset is a slight fizzer as it is cloudy but we aren’t the only ones and there are a bunch of locals out including Ratty who completely ignores the girls.

Up at the square we watch a Mexican band in the rotunda and then have dinner Casa Vieja. The waiter is very nice, food is OK. He gives us a spinach Margherita which is surprisingly good. At the end of the meal he pulls the old “visa not working routine”. We tough it out and wouldn’t you know it works.

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