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13th September 2019

Start as you mean to continue. Great blog.
Love the Wilko SMH reference.
2nd December 2018

It was always highly probable that on this trip, Wilko would chase some-one around a trailer, for what-ever reason ..... but to give money away! Really Chris??
From Blog: Day 1
5th December 2018

Be Aware
Please note that all characters are fictional and bear no resemblance to real people alive or dead.
From Blog: Day 1
19th May 2018

New passenger
Ledlin has hopped on board today 19/5/18. Just got your debriefing from the previous days and your travels from Roper bar to Darwin and all the encounters with crocodiles and waywood greys. I have joined your expedition at the Bungle Bungles am confronted with an image of someone stuck in between a couple of big rocks. Is that Whittle I ask, I would hazard a guess that there would not be many of his friends that could fit through that one. Well done if he got out. I am presuming that you are up on the plateau. That is one of the most spectacular and remote areas and it is saved for those of us that drive a Toyota. I know that we might share it with the occasional Nissan owner. It is also one of those areas where the effort, the planning and the risk of breakdown and running behind schedule is ever present. I look forward to hearing your stories of your time up there. .
21st May 2018

Slight mishap
Toyota has gone well but we did lose a wheel in the way (probably should have checked those nuts). All fixed though and made it to the falls which are the best I’ve seen!
8th May 2018

Will have to agree that the pub at Karumba is an absolute ripper . Especially the view at sunset . Plus the sign that says don't swim here as the water is full of man eating crocks.
From Blog: Day 12 Karumba
24th April 2018

Good Luck and travel safely
Hopefully you will be able to use stubbie holders soon. Is the De Bortoli cardboard Shiraz?
22nd April 2018

Really - Now!
Who goes away during footy season? June 9th Darwin - Eels v Cowboys. Your welcome. Drive safely Chris - we care about Adam, Wilko and Becs:) Enjoy, JB
7th December 2017

Moroccan Customs
Yep....knew my call not to attempt a “one night” visit to Marrakesh was the right tight bum says thanks too!!
8th December 2017

Perhaps even more inappropriate than my blog!!
4th December 2017

1) I thought Gus was a St Aloysius alumnus too? 2) Getting worries about Constance’s constant weeping.... shame u r not in Switzerland by her namesake puddle of tears as my alliterative tongue twister would then be complete! 3) Any Catalan sedition trial protests? Sure that wasn’t the queue you saw?!
From Blog: Day 3 - Madrid
4th December 2017

Not sure what Aloys have been doing.
From Blog: Day 3 - Madrid
4th December 2017

To Gus & Constance
Gus: MADONNA; Madonna Louise Ciccone (born August 16, 1958) is an American singer, songwriter, actress, and businesswoman Connie: See yesterdays notes of navagation
From Blog: Day 3 - Madrid
4th December 2017

Red thank you for your continued interest in the education of my son. NB heel not heal, navigation not navigation, wait not weight.
From Blog: Day 3 - Madrid
4th December 2017

Wishing you well
Chris. Seriously I cant weight for more on the thrilling adventures of the ''Oz family Whittle". I think if you want to be really adventurous you should let Bex navigate using her Bata Scout compass in the heal of her shoe. Remember however that the sun is now in the "SOUTH"....tha'ts generally the bottom of the globe. Red
From Blog: Day 2 - Madrid
4th December 2017

Menendez theory
Anna and I watched the documentary on the Menendez brothers who killed their wealthy parents about 20 years ago. Apparently the murder took place a couple of days after the family had travelled together on holidays with the parents sitting in business class and the two boys being made to sit in economy. Personally I thought that should have provided a complete defence. Apparently authorities had extract a half empty bottle of Dom Perignon from the father's back passage (enjoy your drink Chris, but dispose of your empties carefully).
2nd December 2017

Delighted that the delay in your first telegram was not because you were enjoying the hospitality of Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum....and I don’t mean the Emirates’ First Class Lounge! Plenty of blog material in liberal Europe I suggest! Looking forward to the debate amongst your fans as to the family politics of flying with adult children. I convinced my brother that he should pay (cash!) for him and his wife and two adult children to fly Emirates’ Business Class from the U.K. to Africa.......... Salud!
21st May 2017

business class camping
Like the qantas business class PJ top with the black tights. New trend in Birdsville!
21st May 2017

they were given to me!
16th May 2017

Things we learnt
- Next time take a Nespresso machine - Please tell me you visited the Papunya Tula Gallery in Alice Springs... - and you really are Grey Nomads in disguise. That said, keep up the good work!
17th May 2017

If a good friend had recommended a gallery we would have gone!
16th May 2017

You can never escape souths
10th May 2017

Am I follower yet
Still want to know how you dissuade close campers?

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