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North America » Canada » Saskatchewan » Regina January 4th 2020

It is late December. We are about to start our 2020 travel adventures, and as we all know, traveling can be very stressful at times. Just days before we are set to depart, Mother Universe decides that we need a refresher course on controlling our emotions and anxieties, to prepare us for our journeys. And so it is that the roller coaster ride of emotions begins. Six days before our December 31st departure we wake up to a cold house. The furnace had stopped working during the night. For those of you reading this from elsewhere in the world, we live in central Canada, in one of the coldest regions of the country, and this is our winter season. Worry and anxiety begin to take hold. A non functioning furnace is the worst nightmare to experience ... read more
Mercury Tower, Bangkok
Bangkok - Chana Songkhram
Bangkok Lumphini

North America » Canada » Saskatchewan » Regina May 26th 2019

Saturday 25th May 2019 The Riding Mountain National Park sits on First Nation treaty territory so the park works closely with a coalition of First Nations, mostly Ojibwe and Cree. It is an amazing place with an abundance of wildlife. Riding Mountain is renowned for the diversity of its wildlife including moose, bear, elk, deer, grey wolf, cougar, coyote, lynx, badger, otter, mink, ermine, fox, rabbit, hare and birds of prey. In our short two-night stay we saw a fox, two Douglas squirrels, several white-tailed deer, two bears and eleven bison as well as numerous birds including a little bright orange “Orio”. We left our B and B early to journey to the Bison Range where a herd of about thirty are to be found. It is about 50 kilometres from the hotel. Bison graze out ... read more
John walking towards the bear (top right of photo)

North America » Canada » Saskatchewan » Regina January 1st 2019

You definitely have your beautiful moments, Saskatchewan, Canada, and there is something very peaceful and restful about your winter months, which allow us to slow down a bit, watch movies, read books, and me, perhaps play a little more guitar, as there are no lawns to cut, no gardens to tend to, and no compelling urge to be outside every day just to enjoy your beautiful Saskatchewan sunshine and extensive “living skies”. The vast spaciousness of this province alone is a thing of beauty. We have tried and failed on many occasions to convey to our Asian friends the possibility of driving down a country road in our province for twenty minutes without seeing another vehicle or any sign of human habitation - an incomprehensible concept in Asia, where in Indonesia alone, 260 million people live. ... read more
Forest of White
Winter Road
Saskatchewan Wide Open Spaces

North America » Canada » Saskatchewan » Regina February 13th 2018

One more time I am trying to pack for a broad range of temperatures and still fit it into one bag . Morocco and Spain will be moving into spring like weather , current temps are in the mid teens , but the mountain areas of Morocco could see snow and freezing temps . Packing is so much fun...NOT I am getting excited . Discovering new territory and cultures are stimulating . I smile just thinking about it . I shall try to post as I go . I bought a tablet so I do not have to rely on internet cafes this time . Who knows I might even be able to post photos this time .... read more

North America » Canada » Saskatchewan » Regina August 4th 2017

Bonjour à tous, La Saskatchewan est une province de l'ouest du Canada, situé dans la région des prairies, avec au sud les états américain du Montana et du Dakota du nord. Elle est plus grande la France de 100 000 km2, avec 1 080 000 habitants. La plus grande ville est Saskatoon, 272 000 habitants et la capitale Régina 210 000 habitants. L'économie, principalement l'agriculture et le bois. Elle est la deuxième province, après l'Alberta, en production de pétrole et gaz. C'est pour ça qu'ici un plein n'est pas trop chère avec un litre d'essence à 0.90$ cad ou 0.60 cts d'euro. L'hôtel d'hier au soir, plein centre de Saskatoon, construit en 1908, était l'hôtel de sénateur Flanagan, aujourd'hui c'est simplement le Senator. Je vous en parle car pour moi c'est un gros changement, du à ... read more
beau totem
une vue du jour

North America » Canada » Saskatchewan » Regina July 22nd 2017

Long drive through SK. Not much for scenery. Saw alot of cows and fields. Arrived in Regina about 2:00 checked out the Robin's donuts. Then the Bushwakker brewery. Very nice place with decent beer. Manitoba tomorrow. Staying at a motel 6. Very nice.... read more

North America » Canada » Saskatchewan » Regina May 4th 2017

It is always strange to leave one side of the planet, in the southern hemisphere, on a particular date, travel for eighteen hours, and arrive on the other side on the planet, in the northern hemisphere, relatively early in the day on the same date that we departed. It is also still a little shocking every year to adjust to the cooler climate upon arrival. And it is always a delight to rediscover that daylight hours here don't end at 6:30 p.m., but go on long into the evening, delivering the dramatic beautiful prairie sunsets for which my home province, Saskatchewan, whose vehicle license plate reads "Land of the Living Skies", is renowned. All things come and go, and the Dreamchasers adventures are no exception. Another season of global travel is over. After a few days ... read more
We are The Dreamchasers
Vancouver Sunset Rider
Cherry Blossom Beauty: Springtime in Vancouver

North America » Canada » Saskatchewan » Regina January 8th 2017

Compared to last year, when I was up at my computer completing promotional music projects right until the moment we left for the airport, getting ZERO sleep, this year's departure prep was much more chill. I actually got to sleep the night before we left! On the music front, I had only to pre-schedule a posting for the release of my latest album - Bev Zizzy Live Moments of Kindness - on January 13th 2017 - exactly one year from the date of my first of five consecutive monthly promotional video and sound releases on the 13th of the month - all designed to promote the June 2016 CD release of my 2016 album "Standing on a Platform of Kindness". It was a project with which I was intensely occupied for thirteen months, from May 2015 ... read more

North America » Canada » Saskatchewan » Regina August 3rd 2016

Geo: 50.448, -104.595We left Winnipeg this morning at 8:10 AM and 66 degrees. Winnipeg is the capitol of Manitoba. Since our hotel was on the west side of the city, and we got in late last night in rush hour traffic, we never did get to the Legislative Building (we call them Capitol Buildings in the US), or into the city proper. Poor planning on our part. Heading east this morning was not in the plan, so we hit the road and pointed the car west. Most of the day we were in farm country…very flat farm country. Montana would call this "big sky" country. We saw more of the same thing that we saw yesterday…golden fields of wheat, dark green fields of soy beans, an occasional field of corn, one field of asparagus, many fields ... read more
West Winnipeg, Manitoba
West Winnipeg, Manitoba
Canada is into wind turbines big time

North America » Canada » Saskatchewan » Regina July 19th 2016

Bennett fondly admits that it's Brie's garden so that's what I"ll call it. Brie belongs to the local horticulture society & her garden was one of the gardens chosen for a garden tour a couple weekends ago. I'm so glad I went. I was thoroughly impressed with her environment-friendly gardening techniques & knowledge. I also love their home. I had never visited before (tsk...)... read more
The yard's histoy
Main garden

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