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January 8th 2017
Published: June 25th 2017
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Bev Zizzy Live Moments of Kindness Bev Zizzy Live Moments of Kindness Bev Zizzy Live Moments of Kindness

Officially released on January 13 2017, this album is a selection of six tracks from the live release concert for my album Standing on a Platform of Kindness. Its release completes a musical adventure that spanned over a year and a half of my life, and signifies my commitment to seek moments of kindness in all adventures upcoming.
Compared to last year, when I was up at my computer completing promotional music projects right until the moment we left for the airport, getting ZERO sleep, this year's departure prep was much more chill. I actually got to sleep the night before we left! On the music front, I had only to pre-schedule a posting for the release of my latest album - Bev Zizzy Live Moments of Kindness - on January 13th 2017 - exactly one year from the date of my first of five consecutive monthly promotional video and sound releases on the 13th of the month - all designed to promote the June 2016 CD release of my 2016 album "Standing on a Platform of Kindness". It was a project with which I was intensely occupied for thirteen months, from May 2015 until the album release in June 2016, and with which I was often consumed with promoting while overseas.

This latest album " Bev Zizzy Live Moments of Kindness", is a selection of six tracks from the release concert recorded on June 25 2016. Its release is intended as a gesture of appreciation to my audience for the beautiful experience of smiles, connection, and compassion they provided me with that evening, which I feel is a testimony to reaching the goals I aspire to most as a performer. I wanted to share some of that vibrant energy, the little imperfections, and the special moments of kindness from the live concert album release. Equally importantly, it completes the cycle for this stage of my music career, so I will not, this year, need to be dividing my energies between travels on one side of the world, and promoting music on the other. It has been both a challenging and a rewarding experience, but I look forward now to a return to a simpler life style and the joys of being in the moment, pursuing my musical growth as inspiration moves me - which I have no doubt it will.

First stop, an overnight in Vancouver Canada, then off to Bangkok, seeking warmer temperatures, new travel adventures, and more live moments of kindness.


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