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North America » Canada » Quebec » Montréal » Old Montréal September 22nd 2019

Day 5 dawned yet again hot but with a scent of the rain to come. A little overcast. Tonight, we take the overnight train to Halifax, but we have a last day in Montreal so we take it easy and don't get out till just before 11 when the Archaeological Museum opens. We walk down the old narrow streets to the waterfront and buy our tickets. There is a movie about old Montreal starting in 7 minutes so we scoot right in to learn about the immigrants who risked everything to leave their homelands to make a new life in Canada. Today Canada is comprised of English - 18.34% Scottish - 13.93% French - 13.55% Irish - 13.43% German - 9.64% Italian - 4.61% First Nations - 4.43% Canada's history is so very intertwined with the ... read more
On St. Laurant Street
Museum lunch
Proper way to set a table

North America » Canada » Quebec » Montréal » Old Montréal September 21st 2019

Day 4: After our long day in Quebec City, we didn't get out in the town today until late morning. We wandered around, had lunch at an outdoor pizza place near the Old Town docks and Old Montreal. The table next to us ordered an XXXL pizza for the 4 of them. When it arrived, it was the largest pizza we have ever seen. We were amazed, the 4 of them ate almost all of it. We had been gawking at their pizza and sharing smiles now and then so, after they finished, they offered a gigantic slice to us. NIce! It was exactly like the pizzas you get in Rome. Extremely thin crust, not many toppings and crisp, crisp, crisp. What nice people to share their lunch. Turns out they are from Nebraska and Iowa ... read more
Waterfront at Old port
Cope on Tour Boat
St. Jean Cartier Bridge

North America » Canada » Quebec » Montréal » Old Montréal September 19th 2019

Day 1: Bonjour! The weather gods are with us! This whole week is going to be sunny and beautiful. I cannot believe we waited so long to come to Montreal. It is a beautiful, friendly, safe, island community of about 2 million people (4 million total in the surrounding areas)... about the size of Phoenix. The evening we got to our hotel in Old Montreal, we decided to talk a walk around and find dinner. Everywhere we looked had so much history as this was the beginning of Montreal 400 years ago. Since we do so much genealogy it was fun to overlay our heritage with the founding of Montreal. Cope's family, Norcross, was in Maine by the 1600's and my family, Maddox was in Jamestown, Virginia. Everything was new on this side of the ocean. ... read more
Notre Dame Basilica
Crew Collective & Cafe
Cookie Stefanie Gluten Free & Sugar Free

North America » Canada » Quebec » Montréal » Old Montréal May 16th 2018

Today's tour was led by Michel who was assisted by Mario. It was mostly walking, with a few short bus hops. Mario was only with us part of the time; the rest of the time was running ahead to get our tasty-tastings set up at the next locale. What a variety of offerings! We started in the Portuguese section of Montreal (who knew there was a Portuguese neighborhood there!?) and ended up at the farmer's market, which was (to me) very similar to Cleveland's West Side Market. On our way to the first stop at Padaria Portuguesia Cafe, Michel talked about the early settlers in the area. Young girls (some native, some French, aged 12-15) would choose from the available male suitors. These young girls (especially the natives) taught the men to survive. The commitment was ... read more
Fairmount Bagel
Mural Fest
Chapelle du Notre Dame du Bon Secours

North America » Canada » Quebec » Montréal » Old Montréal May 14th 2018

After breakfast buffet at the hotel, Sylvie introduced Marie who would lead us on a walking-history and culture tour; in the afternoon we would have the rest of the day to explore. The potential difficulty is the fact that nearly all the museums are closed on Mondays, so with the beautiful weather, we planned to spend the afternoon in the Botanical Gardens, but that was not to be, since THEY are also closed on Monday! Marie promised to be entertaining and she was! she started out by telling us that Montreal is on an island, with its own "mountain," Mount Royale (get it? MontReal). It's really more of a huge hill, but we learned during the tour that Montreal's tallest building cannot exceed the height of their mountain! The a park surrounding and including Mount Royal ... read more
Marche Bonsecours
Updated Coat of Arms

North America » Canada » Quebec » Montréal » Old Montréal May 13th 2018

We awoke in Gananoque, ON, ready to head for Montreal. Though we didn't have time to visit the Antique Boat Museum in Clayton, NY, we decided to try the Great Lakes Maritime Museum in Gananoque. FAIL. It apparently had been a large and interesting museum, but they had to move to a different location, and have not yet opened at the final location. What we did find was a) REALLY hard to find and b) a room about 10' x 20' that was part of the yacht club office! Maybe next time! We hit the road for Montreal to meet up with our Road Scholar travelers. But on the way, we stopped in a small town, determined to eat in a local place (I think there was a Subway in every place we went, and in ... read more
Detailed Stone Work
les Chuchoteuses - The Whisperers

North America » Canada » Quebec » Montréal » Old Montréal June 20th 2016

Montreal with a baby So, here comes a new experience. Traveling with a 2 month old surely brings a different vibe. Accomplishing 1-2 things a day is an achievement. Sitting through an hour long lunch or dinner would be a gift. It's all about how to calm your baby, so let us say - we appreciated cobblestone streets of old Montreal. Honestly, it felt like we were torturing her, but it we rolled nice and slow and it worked like a charm! For one reason or the other, our little ones falls asleep on seconds! A few things to note: - air bnb rocks especially when travelling with a baby. We stayed a couple of blocks from Notre Dam cathedral. Great location. - we planned 1 to 2 things a day. First day, we quickly visited ... read more
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North America » Canada » Quebec » Montréal » Old Montréal December 31st 2015

This would be my 2nd destination New Years trip. Last years in New York was so good I decided to make it a tradition. Coming with me this would be my girlfriend Tamara. We have been dating for 3 months and this would be our first trip together. She is a wonderful lady and we have a lot of fun together. It would also be a good test for our relationship because we would only have each other for 2 days+. I chose Montreal partly for geography and partly because the Montreal people I spoke to heavily recommending it for New Years. We would be staying at the Chateau Versailles which is a hotel located in Old Montreal. Thursday morning I found myself at Tamara's house. After a greeting with her dog Buffy we packed up ... read more
Erotic massage parlour
Crowd at Old Port

North America » Canada » Quebec » Montréal » Old Montréal August 13th 2015

My name is Jonathan Truong and I will be a new Travel Blogger since I've been traveling so much and I will be traveling in the future. I'm new to Travel Blogging so it will take time for me to get adjusted to the Travel Blog. I was recommended by a family member to do Travel Blogging or something like a journal. So I've been attempting to budget my time to share my thoughts about my travels and places I've been to. So I will be blogging more about travel as I will be traveling a lot and as I'm doing that, I will be showing you where and what I've done as well in creating reminisce about those places. So here's the first blog in Montreal, Quebec. For first-timers or those who are interested into ... read more

North America » Canada » Quebec » Montréal » Old Montréal July 4th 2015

So another few weeks have passed by and I am late on the updates again. I am currently in Montreal but I will leave that update until next time. So without any more delay, my adventuring continues Niagara Falls Niagara Fallswas so close to my hostel, less than 15 minute walk. I could see the huge cloud of mist that hangs over Horseshoe Falls from the hostel door. At the visitor center I found a map of the walking trails to the whirlpool and devils rapids as well as getting my first glimpse of the falls! On Thursday morning I decided to walk north away from the falls along the Niagara River to see the whirlpool, as I had... read more

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