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North America » Canada » Ontario » Toronto August 8th 2005

So I need to tell you all about the last two weekends here in Canada. I have got myself a nice cushy 8.30-4.30 reception job so for the first time ever I have the weekends off. And man have we been making the most of them! Last night we got back to Toronto at 1am after a great weekend rock climbing at a beautiful place called Bon Echo. But more about that in a moment. Fist I need to tell you about the long weekend before that. I managed to get myself invited along on a great canoeing trip with Adam, Peggy and four of their friends. We went to a lovely lake in Massasaugua and set up camp on a remote little camp site. The canoeing was a nice way to travel but with three ... read more
Poo Rock
Quick smart clean up

North America » Canada » Ontario » Toronto July 31st 2005

I'm leaving on a JET plane... Japan here I come! I left Toronto with great excitment, and many tears. I don't do very well with goodbyes, so it was an emotional exit at the airport. There was a group of about 130 JETs leaving Toronto, and some of them I met for the first time with teary, puffy eyes. Quite the first impression! We flew with Air Canada to Tokyo. The flight was long and exhausting! Thirteen and a half hours later, I had eaten two of the same meal, tried desperately to sleep but was totally unsuccessful, and finally hit ground in Japan. When we got off the airplane, the heat hit me like a ton of bricks! Wow! I made it through customs (phew) and was shuffled to a bus. It seemed like there ... read more
Saying goodbye
Bedford Ballroom goodness
Birthday party

North America » Canada » Ontario » Toronto July 29th 2005

On the evening of Friday 29th of July 2005, I had my farewell bash at the Verandah Bar in the City, it got underway straight after work at 5:30 and much to my supprise, ended up filling the front bar untill stumps, around 11ish, then we weaved our way up Pitt Street to the old favorite, the Edinburgh Castle, to carry on with the lads from 1 "D", who were also having a farewell gathering. The pictures tell a fairly accurate history of events ranging from me being, early evening articulate late night drunken ameoba, being cared for by compasionate friends. As a migrant that has spent a relitively short time in Australia, to be surrounded by such a number of close personal friends, was truly astonishing and a memory that I will always hold ... read more
S.O. Pat "Phar Lap" Sullivan ( & Son ! )
Farewell at the Verandah Bar.
Carl Raymond @ 4A & Jeremy Stubbs @ Workplace  Assessor Region North

North America » Canada » Ontario » Toronto July 27th 2005

The philosophy of the firefighter exchange program is to enable firefighters from all over the world to cross boarders, both nationally and internationally, so as they can both study a specifically nominated Standard Operational Guideline from their host fire service. As one of the participants in the International Firefighter Exchange Program between Canada and Australia, spearheaded by New South Wales Fire Brigades Superintendant Marcus Baker and Deputy Chief Gary Largerquist of the Brampton Fire and Emergency Services. Canadian Senior Firefighter Chad Fiegehen and Australian Senior Firefighter David Simms have "traded places", to the effect of fire stations (fire halls as they are called in Canada), accomadation, friends, surf boards for Ice hockey gear, singlets for skiing apparel. This is quite simply my journal of the exchange, not in any way to be reflected upon as an ... read more

North America » Canada » Ontario » Toronto July 27th 2005

HI all, hope everyone is well....this is my last canadian journal for quite some time....i am just hanging out waiting to head to the airport for a crazy long flight....but the beaches and beers await for me half way around the my next entires will be from overseas...i will try and keep them take care and keep in touch...guys at the hall "thats my life and thats how i am living" inside joke...cheers... read more

North America » Canada » Ontario » Toronto July 27th 2005

I've been in Toronto for a week now and have been having a great time. I arrived at Toronto airport with my enormous board bag and my back pack and Peggy (my cousin's partner) was there waiting for me. When she saw my head poking out from behind all my stuff I'm sure she was glad she had brought Adams truck to pick me up. Adam and Peggy live in a beautiful part of Toronto called the Beaches. For my fellow Aucklanders it's a lots like Devonport. Quiet, tree lined streets; pretty, little old houses and it's a ten minute walk down to lake Ontario. Which is like the sea except fresh water and freezing cold. The weekend just been was the Beaches Jazz festival and it was so much fun. The main street gets blocked ... read more
Adam and I
Shawn Kellerman
Mae Cromwell

North America » Canada » Ontario » Toronto July 24th 2005

So I arrived in Toronto on Sunday August 10th, and boy has it been exciting! I have gone rock climbing, I went to see some live music, I learned how to ride a motorbike, I spent a day at Niagara falls and the surrounding area, I went to a Zambian cultural night with the other four volunteers, got chewed on by bed bugs in the hostel… And I have had my brain packed to the point of bleeding with information during all the training sessions. The goal of the training is to cover five areas of learning. The levels from the bottom to the top are: Health and Safety, Having the right approach, Understanding of livelihoods, Understanding of the development sector, and Understanding how to create change. They try to give us some time off (thus ... read more
The Bikers

North America » Canada » Ontario » Toronto July 23rd 2005

Hey guys! Just trying out the site. I know you guys demanded emails and lots of pictures so hopefully I can update this often enough to satisfy the mom+dad that I am safe and sound as well as satisfy you kids that I have Sam under control. JUST KIDDING! I leave tomorrow and I'm still not packed. Yes, I am procrastinating because I don't have Alia here ironing all of my clothes and packing for me (because I do it wrong...apparently). Love you guys! Thanks for coming out and saying goodbye last night! Jen... read more

North America » Canada » Ontario » Toronto July 19th 2005

Well i just want to say I have 1 week left and time is flying by, so for those of you i don't get a chance to see before i leave "chees" have a great year and we will keep in touch....Mom, dad, sis and Dave, especially mom and sis, dont worry it will fly by, be back before you know it....boys at the Hall have a safe year!!!! don't worry i will send pics to keep you to everyone else happy travels and have a great year....i will miss everyone Chad... read more

North America » Canada » Ontario » Toronto July 7th 2005

Day 5! Last day in Toronto! We spent it going to the zoo, which was actually a long bus ride out there. At least we saw polar bears! Later on we went out and had a night in the town with Dan and Dee, our hostel mates. We stayed up pretty late. I take an early flight out to New York City early in the morning while Tony will stay in Toronto a day by himself and then fly home. It’s been fun thus far!... read more
Cichlid Heaven

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