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North America » Canada » Ontario » Toronto July 3rd 2006

After much cajoling, my bags are packed and I'm ready to go. I bought a bigger bag, a 35 litre, which will fall under 'carry-on', julie toole helped out with weeding out the unnecessary items. I hung out with my fat god-daughter, who is taking her first steps and more animated every day. Swimming yesterday was a perfect activity for a 36 degree Toronto summer day. It's 7am and I fly at noon. Best have some food and get out of here. Buenos Aires (via Dallas) here I come! ... read more

North America » Canada » Ontario » Toronto June 29th 2006

Where to begin the blog? Tonight as the time passes midnight and I try not to think off all the items on the checklist I forgot to check off and the 8 books that do not seem to fit in my bag, I try only to keep myself from jumping up and down with excitement. Tomorrow is my departure to well a number of stops (London, Dubai, Accra.. and than Tamale). For the next 11 months I will be working NORPREP (Northern Poverty Reduction Programme) in Tamale through an Engineers Without Borders ( internship. My position within the organization is still dynamic and I will meet with NORPREP later this month to discuss the projects. NORPREP works to improve the living conditions of poor rural communities, with emphasis on women and other vulnerable groups. From the ... read more

North America » Canada » Ontario » Toronto June 28th 2006

This entry is short and sweet since I spent too much time uploading and sorting photos from my camera :p Recap of what we did today: - Sleep in until 11:30 except Candy has a lunch date with her mentor at noon - EEK! Mom and I went to soak in the hot tub while Candy went for lunch, and I watched the Brazil-Ghana game. 3-0 Brazil! It's unfortunate Ghana had to meet Brazil and lose instead of another team, they were utterly charming and kicked USA's butt which is another plus - fantastic first showing! I still can't find a nice Brazil shirt that fits to buy, boohoo =( And I wanted to put a flag on my car but the World Cup's over when I get back meh. - Went shopping on Queen Street ... read more
View from Sheraton
Another view from Sheraton
Our long-lost relatives!

North America » Canada » Ontario » Toronto June 27th 2006

Hello world, My day of stairs consisted of: 1. Climbing up and down a very narrow and scary winding staircase at Casa Loma (a mansion aka "castle" built in the early 1900's) to reach the top tower with a great view... but I went weak in the knees about halfway up when I realized how many flights there were and how small the steps are. 2. Walking down the stairs from the CN Tower revolving restaurant to the observatory deck and experiencing the glass floor... you can look about 50 stories down through the glass beneath your feet... AHHHHH!!! 3. Walking up (well, elevatoring up) three floors to find a vending machine that isn't out of water or broken. I finally called housekeeping for a toothbrush for my Mom and asked where I could buy water ... read more

North America » Canada » Ontario » Toronto June 26th 2006

I visited the island with one of my friends and her daughter in June of 2006. If you plan on visiting Toronto in the summertime, try to get to the Island. I find it to be a truly peaceful respite away from the city's chaos. It is only a short Ferry ride away from Toronto. Ferries leave every 15 minutes from Bay St. and Queens Quay at Harbourfront, just south of Union Station. The Toronto Islands consist of Ward's Island, Center Island and Hanlan's Point. The majority of attractions are on Center Island. Centerville is the small amusement park portion of the island. Food and souvenirs can be expensive so be prepared. It is easy to spend a whole day there when the weather is pleasant. Pack a picnic or head to the beaches for some ... read more
Pretty Swan Boats
Pricey Rides
The Abandoned Sky Ride

North America » Canada » Ontario » Toronto June 26th 2006

Good evening, or should I say good morning since it's now 12:14 am Toronto time? I should be in bed by now but it's only 9:14 Vancouver time so I'm NOT sleepy and very refreshed after a shower... I love the shower here at Sheraton, it has hot water and a high pressure showerhead, just what my body needed after a delayed flight stuck in the middle of three seats. Travel Lesson #1: Hold on to your boarding pass and passport for dear life! We were boarding the plane and the passenger in front of us dropped his boarding pass through the small gap between the plane and the end of the corridor from the boarding gate as we watched in horror!!! They let him on since he passed the boarding gate already, but imagine the ... read more

North America » Canada » Ontario » Toronto June 26th 2006

Having traveled too often with excess luggage, useless items, or awkward equipment, I've decided to work harder at traveling lightly. Minimizing my baggage by paring down my essentials and finding the right "travel friendly" gear has begun to help me towards my eventual goal of traveling using only carry-on luggage. (It's still only a goal - I'm not there yet.) For overseas trips of 3 to 6 weeks, JB and I generally stay in hotels so carrying camping/sleeping gear is not an issue. JB has told me I've taken minimalism too far. He has more of a boy scout approach to our touring adventures - BE PREPARED! He has no problem with a large suitcase or an extra bag. In order to convince him of my righteous cause, I've listed my supporting arguements as well as ... read more

North America » Canada » Ontario » Toronto June 15th 2006

Hello, we are writing this at precisely 9:30pm, so that means it's about 2:30am in the UK. So we can safely say what you guys are up to :-) Right, as for us. We arrived yesterday after a seven hour flight. To ease ourselves into this backpacking thing, we decided to stay at my rellies house. We have had a busy day - fighting off jet lag and going up the tallest building in the WORLD - CN TOWER!!!!! Here's a little bit of useless information for you - it 1815 feet tall, that's 553 metres. After that we went window shopping in Eaton Mall - only window shopping as we can't buy anything as it won't fit in our backpacks, which is a bummer as it's really cheap over here. Then we had a little ... read more
On top of the world
Toronto's Skyline
Mand & a 1500ft drop

North America » Canada » Ontario » Toronto June 13th 2006

Our last evening we spend in Toronto again.. It was stunning to see how much nicer the city looked now the rain was replaced by sunshine (again..), all the people have drinks and dinner outside.. Since we stayed in East Toronto we coincidently got to see another part of Toronto, the beaches. This was a really nice area, packed beaches, nice restaurants, bars and shops along the streets.. So we decided to have the last dinner of our travels somewhere around here. We sat down on the terrace that looked nice and seemed to have good food for a decent price.. This time something else than the firkin’ pub that I'd visited so many times by now. Imagine my surprise when I saw exactly the same menu and discovered they belonged to the same chain! Haha.. ... read more

North America » Canada » Ontario » Toronto June 10th 2006

Today was the start of my Summer Abroad course to Ecuador. It is a course on Tropical ecology and evolution. It lasted a month and I went to the highlands, the Amazon and the Galapagos Islands. And so it begins! We got up early to go to Pearson Airport to get on the flight to Quito. When we got to the airport a representative from UofT was there for us to check in and give us a ribbon so we could recognize other people from our group. Check in went quickly and we had a lot of time to spare. Slowly the group gathered at our gate. We made name tags with post-it notes so we could get to know each other. We finally got on the flight with a stop in Miami. In Miami the ... read more

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