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North America » Canada » Ontario » Toronto December 9th 2009

It's 11am December 9th, and I think all the T's have been crossed, and the I's dotted!! Or at least I hope so anyways, lol! I'm hoping to squeeze in about 5 hours of some shut eye, and then the journey begins. I'll be leaving my house at about 5am. My next entry will be in Bangkok, so with that being said, I'll see you all other side. Nighthy Night!!... read more

North America » Canada » Ontario » Toronto December 3rd 2009

I have one full day in Toronto, so I book myself on a tour to Niagara Falls. This turns out to be massively touristy - as you would expect - but the falls are indeed very impressive. The town surrounding the falls is not so impressive, resembling a small version of a tacky Vegas strip. Somebody later told me it reminded them of Blackpool. We had an hour or two to waste here, so I went into Frankenstein's House of Horror for a laugh. What I got was a sort of stumbling walk in absolute pitch blackness, punctuated by motion sensor-activated displays of corpses, werewolves, monsters etc. And a guy in a costume rattling cages and snarling at me, and then turning on his flashlight for me because it was so dark I couldn't find where ... read more
Niagara Falls
Frankenstein's House of Horror!
Toronto by night

North America » Canada » Ontario » Toronto November 28th 2009

Forget the maple leaf. I think Canada's national symbol might be a coffee shop. On queueing at Canadian immigration, we got talking to a young couple from London (Ontario, not English capital). They were just returning to Canada after two years of living in Ireland. Having absolutely no idea of what to do and see in Toronto, this was the obvious query that we very quickly piped up with. I was hoping that they'd share a favourite arty neighbourhood with us, a quirky studenty cafe, that elusive club where you could stomp the night away to French drum n' bass or something. The girl, dressed head to toe in fleece (on second thoughts maybe she wasn't the best person to ask for such places...), thought for an extended period of time. Finally: "Err... d'you guys know ... read more
Downtown Toronto
Niagara Falls
Bilingual sign in Ottawa

North America » Canada » Ontario » Toronto November 27th 2009

What a disaster! Thanks to American Airlines. Arrived at the airport at 10am for our 11.45am flight, which was cancelled due to ‘mechanical difficulties’?? Were rescheduled on the 1.15pm flight. It got to 1.20pm before they decided to tell us that the flight had been cancelled due to ‘mechanical difficulties’. Turns out that the second flight encountered an emergency landing and was grounded indefinitely. We were rescheduled onto the 4.20pm flight , so we decided to kill a few hours by having lunch and a couple of beers in the airport bar. Laura saw some snow outside, although I believe it was just really light hail! We went to check into our flight, but it turns out that our airline assistant booked us onto the flight, without actually allocating us to a seat. So we were ... read more

North America » Canada » Ontario » Toronto November 26th 2009

What a day!!! Got picked up @ 8:15 for our tour to Nigara Falls. First stop was a Winery for tasting at 10am!!! Winery was a teaching school and was opened by Prince Charles about 2 weeks ago! We got to try 3 wines. The last one was an icewine! So so sweet, they actually wait until the grapes have frozen completely (about mid - late December) and then they crush them. As the juices that make normal wine are frozen they just get the sweet nectars. Very very nice, but costs a fortune, because they can only make 1/10th of what they can out of a normal acre of grapes. Next stop was the town of Niagara-on-the-lake. Very colonial style town, one small main street, with great little shops. Sort of like a country town. ... read more
Canadian Falls - bottom
American Falls
The STEAK!!!

North America » Canada » Ontario » Toronto November 25th 2009

Pretty boring day today. Were up early and made it to the airport to sit around for a couple of hours. Got our 30 seater plane to Toronto. Caught the Subway to our hotel (so easy - but the guy we checked in with at our hotel thought we were uts - probably because it is quite posh and everyone else has turned up in a hire car or cab). But it was good. Strolled through the mains streets of Toronto, But is was dark so couldn’t see a lot. Went to a place for dinner called Eggspectation... they served an odd parma with Linguinue. Anyways it was really nice. Came home via the bottle-o, got 3 Canadian beers (473ml) for $5.70. Andrew is very happy. Boring day today, but nice and relaxing for a change. ... read more

North America » Canada » Ontario » Toronto November 20th 2009

I can't believe its November 20th already. 10 days away from my departure date to England. For the past 3 months I have been working full time at Sportinglife, a retail store by my house, saving up for the next 6 months. I am now at home in Toronto packing a few.... very few things things to bring with me. All I have is a backpack. its a pretty big backpack but if you have ever seen me travel or go to camp you know fitting 6 months of stuff into a big backpack is pretty much impossible. I have received all my vaccines and visas and am ready to take off. Im soooo excited but I'm also getting a bit nervous mostly because I have no idea what to expect. I've read about the places ... read more

North America » Canada » Ontario » Toronto November 9th 2009

Hi! Welcome to Nat & Ve's Peruvian Adventure. Thanks for checking out our travel blog. We're in the final countdown for our trip with 2 days left to go. We leave this Wednesday from Toronto on a direct flight to Lima, Peru. Thanks Air Canada! Love the direct flight! My plan is to post blog entries with photos every few days, but you know how things go when travelling... We'll see... Instead of always checking this site to see if there's a new posting, you can easily click on the 'Subscribe' button on the left hand side of the page and you'll be sent an email whenever I do post. That way you'll never miss any of the awesome photos I'm going to take. This trip has been a long time coming and I'm really excited ... read more

North America » Canada » Ontario » Toronto November 8th 2009

Hi from TORONTO . Canada (and from the plane) We still can’t believe we’re going on this amazing voyage… Forty days onboard the Oceania Nautica with 23 stops in some fabulous ports,... which is, literally, the “Route of the Ancient Traders”…We’ve been to some of these places before, but look forward to seeing them all again, as well as the new cities in India, U.A.E., Malaysia , Thailand, and Singapore…and afterwards, we will spend some time in Shanghai ! Getting quite excited. We’ve been packing…(and then taking stuff out of the suitcase) and preparing (researching and reading) and practicing (our foreign language skills) , more packing and more researching and finally we’re ready for our adventure….which we now refer to as the “Noah Cruise” (Forty days and forty nights). First stop, ….Istanbul for a few days, ... read more
Just before take off,  NY sunset
Harvey's travelin' shoes
Above the clouds

North America » Canada » Ontario » Toronto November 7th 2009

Hey Everyone!!!!! Rudi and I are all packed and ready to embark on our South American adventure to Argentina and Brazil! Just like last year on our trip to Cambodia, we will be blogging throughout our trip, so long as there is internet available. Our entries will automatically post to Facebook so you'll know when we have had a chance to share our vacation with you!! Next time you hear from us we'll be in the southern hemisphere!! See ya!! Amy and Rudi... read more

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